Metacrit can we get the 0.1 ?!

Guys lets show blizzard how we feel !

It will not be the best game ever BUT MAYBE THE WORST !

Lets do this X____


Past mistakes never taught them anything. What makes thou think anything’s gonna change now?


I’m conflicted because I personally have 0* problems with Reforged (okay, there’s a few bad bugs, but I only care about the campaign looking better [relative] than the original) but I hate what Blizzard has become under Activision and want to see them burn.

Best wishes, review-bombers!


0.8 right now!


This is why nobody takes user reviews seriously.


If I were a random player looking for a new game and had to choose between a game rated 7+ and <1, which one do you think I would pick?

Games don’t get ratings that low for no reason.


Look, a 0.0 out of hundreds of user votes may not mean much. You can think its just some nerdy haters from reddit or whatever.

But 0.8 out of almost 6000 user reviews is totally representative of a real problem.

No words you can write to undermine that reality will change the perception of others.

Almost 6 thousand opinions, where both haters and fanboys can vote, with a 0.8 rating?

clear as water, totally trustable, im sure there are as many haters rating it with a 0 than fanboyish white knights rating it a 10.

The result?

A 0.8/10 and going down


ps: I sense this post will get me the 3rd 24h ban since release / refund, as they heavily censor posts full of logic that dont praise their product.

Sooo…screenshotted! mega post about CMs censor incoming…? :wink:


I just gave it a 10 out of 10. Thanks for bringing meta critic to my attention lol.


You are just cringy at this point. If people would rate it normally a 4/10 could be taken seriously not this “Jump on the hate wagon to bring as low as we can get”


Oh nooo!!! hahahaha

As I just said, of course fanboys are rating it a 10…

still, the global rating is a 0.8.

Try to make 500 fake accounts and give it a 10! maybe this way it gets beyond a 1/10 and you “ruin our lifes” xDD


You do know that Blizzard might interpret this as either no one wants RTS anymore or no one wants a Warcraft RTS anymore.

So this might not help Warcraft’s future.


Great, now it’s 353 positive vs 5160 negative reviews.

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too be honest. if this is the quality of games blizzard is gonna make from now on, I don’t want blizzard to make another blizzard game again, ever.

I am definitely not going to pre order shadowlands, after the trash fire that BFA and W3R have been. Pretty sure after I get AOTC and my mount that is gonna be it for me, and I am gonna unsub and stay that way until I see that the company has done a 180.


I’d pray for your soul, but I doubt there’s much there left to pray for.


I could have sworn I heard Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition was bad and had problems?

I’ll get on that good idea!

Lol after I get my mount I’ll quit… Thatl show them! If your done with wow why does getting another item then quiting a game help you in anyway?

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Did you red the 10er user reviews?

Gosh how blind can a person to find this game awesome?


We’re nerdy haters from the official forums thank you very much.

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Lmao what do you think you are going to achieve with these troll review bombs?