[Main Thread] Campaign is perma crashing on various missions

I’m having similar issues plus crashing in other areas… this game is extremely buggy

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Howdy! We are currently aware of a known issue with older Intel CPUs resulting in the game crashing. Our team is on top of this but wanted to see if your issue was related or not. Can you please collect your Dxdiag, upload it to a site like https://pastebin.com/ then use the following code to link it back here for review:

`Link Here`

Thank you.

Hey, not the original OP but I am having crashes at the exact frequency they mentioned. Same campaigns are bad and same missions are impossible. Here’s my dxdiag until they get back to you with theirs.
Here’s the link: https://pastebin.com/xtvi2KW7
The pass is bnetPass so people won’t just stumble upon it.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help out the process!

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Old intel CPUs? I’m running an amd from 2020 on a rig that should be able to run this game on 240 fps with no hiccups. That your team thinks this is a problem with specific hardware is a joke. How on earth do you manage to release such a buggy patch on a remastered version of one of the greatest games ever made? Does anyone on your team or in Blizzard have any sense of shame?

I’ve seen trash indie titles get better support than this, yet the most influential game ever made cannot even get a functioning remaster 2 years after launch. What a joke.

It’s not a problem with certain hardware when literally everyone is experiencing these crashes. It’s atrocious coding so please fix it.

Im having the same issue, but would not say that I am using an “old” Intel CPU, although I do have an Intel i7-8750H, which was first launched 4 years ago (which really is not old to me).

Here is my dxdiag if it helps:

pw: 7CvqY2vA2t

They aren’t saying it’s something wrong with our hardware, QǗAVO.

They are saying that they found a bug… in the code… that they wrote… that is conflicting with specific CPUs. Literally a bug with the game.

If you’re not running Intel, then all you have to say is say so.


Try updating BIOS/UEFI to the latest supported by your processor and motherboard. Those can include microcode patches that fix various processor bugs and instability.

From my computer science understanding of processors there are few cases where you might want to change the logic executed based on the CPU.

  • To use an instruction set extension that is only available on some processors. For example AVX vector extension which is not available on older Intel and AMD processors.
  • For CPU specific optimisations. For example on AMD Bulldozer processors avoiding every alternative logical thread due to the shared FPU. Another example would be on Intel 12th gen and newer locking out the critical path threads from E cores. Can also apply to slow instructions such as on early Zen processors avoiding the use of various vector bit scatter instructions that are emulated.
  • To mitigate a CPU specific bug. An example of this is the infamous Pentium FDIV bug (1990s). Or the more recent Zen2 rdrand bug on unpached systems.
  • Various DRM and anti cheat reasons. If the CPU changes during execution chances are something funny is happening.

My suspects would be either something AVX related or a specific x86-64 optimisation for older CPUs which were less optimised for x86-64 code throughput.

This is something that is neither rare or unusual. There are literally hundreds of CPU models, countless numbers of every other kind of hardware out there. Conflicts are inevitable. And in this case, they aren’t even saying it’s a hardware failiure, they said it’s an issue they are having with the game that is triggered by certain CPUS. in no way does this mean that they’re blaming you or your CPU.


I’m having crashes on campaigns and also on single player game saves. And my rig is less than a year old which cost 3k. It’s not my cpu being old.

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The problem is also present on AMD Ryzen CPUs (at least this is how it looks in my case). One of the users discovered that lowering the particle effects to a minimum prevents the crash:

I haven’t yet tested removing the Warcraft 3 documents folder which is supposed to help in some cases (primarily because it forces to start the campaign from the very beginning).

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I have encountered this, as well. Running an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core processor.

Mutliple times I have had the game crash in the middle of a campaign level. I have finally given up after attempting “Frostmourne” 5 times and having it crash about 45 minutes in. Please roll the game back to a point where I can play it offline…

EDIT: Also have graphics at lowest settings, confirmed crashed on windowed fullscreen and fullscreen.

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Having the same problems here and it really grinds my gears. I can’t play the game in my sick days… It worked until a certain mission and now it keeps crahsing after couple of minutes. I did all the recommendations to avoid crashing, e.g. lower graphics, run as admin etc.


I am also experiencing the exact same issue specially on the NE campaign as described in the first post. My laptop has an AMD Ryzen 5600H (not an old Intel proc).
Hopefully this will be corrected - I had much less issues back in the days on the original version.

Crash here aswell with 2020 MacBook Pro 16“ with i9 and 5600m amd under bootcamp/W10 in various missions

I am having the same crash issue here after trying to continue from the last chapter on single player campaign. my 3k laptop is less than a year old so it cannot be my system.
Please advise how to fix this issue as ive paid full price for warcraft 3 just like everyone else here and the game is unplayable. thanks

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I am having this same issue. in 6th campaign night elves same spot try 4 times rebooted computer, and reinstalled to a different drive .

This is so sad i cant finish the campgain

Exact same issue, DXDiag - Pastebin.com is my DXDiag. Not sure about “Older” Intel CPU but yea, Undead 5 is just a constant crash

Issue has not been resolved as of the 09/14/2022 mini patch (that had no patch notes…)

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As of 9.17.22 the issue still stands. I’ve been hyped to sink my teeth back into Warcraft 3 as it was my childhood. I have both the OG version and Reforged. Unfortunately, while playing Reforged, during the Undead campaign, Mission 5 (The one where they send the runner to silvermoon) is crashing as I’m fighting the said Base. Very, very disappointing. I’ve been very loyal to Blizzard for years. Played World of Warcraft during the vanilla days, Big fan of Diablo 2 & 3 but this issue right here hurts. 30$ for a game that ruins your childhood…

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I can’t even get through the second mission of the first undead campaign. As soon as I try to build a necropolis, the program freezes. It doesn’t fully crash, but it doesn’t do anything else either.