Low fps after patch 1.36

Chanji - What version are you running (include patch version)? still had issues yesterday.
Yesterday, PTR had but couldn’t get a game to test if it was any better

You can use single player custom games as long as it’s not something network realted.

No luck for me. Still low fps.
Problem can be reproduced in ‘Single Player’ > ‘Custom Games’ vs Computer for me.
Also obvious when watching replays - speeding up replay to 4x give me 5-10 fps

OS: Windows 10 Pro - 22H2
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
GPU: GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER

patch, the problem is still not solved, i have mouse lag and huge fps drop

new update stole some fps as well, last time in 2 days they pushed a new patch and it fixed my previous fps issue, but now its all over again

Newest hostfix ( does not resolve issue for me either.

Warcraft III: Reforged Hotfixes – Updated May 17 - General Discussion - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums (blizzard.com)

Exactly the same! my fps were fine and suddenly today it start to be low again …

Same for me Mate. Yesterday it was fine and the day before yesterday. Today as awful as last week. I think I have noticed something intersting:

I have noticed that the FPS drops only or mainly taking place when the screen is located on the main building once you are going from the main the FPS are as high as usual, but as we all switch very often to the main something seems to be wrong over there. Can somebody else confirm that?

Check my last comment please, same thing on your end?

Yes mate, if i select and put the mouse on my main : 50 fps - if i put the vison/mouse in the miuddle of the map : 180 fps

Yep, something is wrong around the main building which is causing the lags/fps drops/spikes. Let’s see if blizzard is even noticing that and listen to us or not.

The game is not running smooth after 1.36 anymore. Massive perfomance issues all game long. On this patch 1.36.20231 massive “spike like” behaviour is appearing. Particurarly units are jumping/ leaping forward. Cant control my units anymore. Aswell fps are dropping to 55, which should be usually still total fine for playing smooth.

Win 11, Ryzen 3600, RX6500 XT, 16 Gbyte.

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Not having any “massive” performance issues or spikes. But overall FPS is lower than before the update. (maybe my ryzen 9 7800X is just too awesome)

Massive FPS dip. would get 130 before now drops to 50s and stutters. Never happened before patch.

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same here. before patch constant 300 fps now it stutters between 70 and 250 and a decent legion gaming laptop with RX 6600M

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just update its become worth and worth. i just had a ladder game fsp stutterin 50-70 fps. before it was smooth 300 fps. it was unplayable and felt super laggy. sorry

These hotfixes surely are fixing pressing bugs…

70 fps is not unplayable, and it wasn’t “laggy” unless your ping was also high.

Exaggerating the issue will not get it fixed faster.

You know what? Yes, they are. Matches constantly not getting recorded was very much a pressing bug that was ticking people off for as long as Ranked has existed. And F3 being rebound away from selecting the third hero was also very much a pressing bug. Tournaments being almost completely broken with invisible brackets was also a whole collection of indeed pressing bugs.

While the performance issues should be fixed, framerates dropping from “beyond what any monitor owned by a normal player can display” to “still higher than what most console games run at” is not, in my opinion, a “pressing bug.” I’m sure there will be another hotfix eventually to address this but calling it “unplayable” when that is an absolute falsehood is not going to pressure them to fix it faster.

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@CaptainJack do not quote a portion of his symptom and misrepresent it.
heavySweater stated:
“just update its become worth and worth. i just had a ladder game fsp stutterin 50-70 fps. before it was smooth 300 fps. it was unplayable and felt super laggy. sorry”

He clearly states it is stuttering ranging from 50-70 FPS. He didn’t say that 70 fps was unplayable he stated it was stutterin causing FPS to fluctuate down to 50 FPS. This skipping or lag is the symptom countlessly mentioned in this thread. Your input again is not helpful. Do not minimize his comment

To him and 90 posts+ (-philosophical debate you are having in this thread), including myself, experience gameplay that is exceptionally choppy with this change in FPS to the point it is unplayable.

I’m not misrepresenting anything. 50-70 fps is not “unplayable,” I don’t care how much of a PC gaming elitist you might be. “lag” is an internet connection issue, not a graphical performance issue. “skipping” or “stuttering” is your system not drawing a frame to catch up or keep up, and thus NOT lag behind.

I played WC3 ROC on a minimum requirements system and it was not exactly great, but “not great” and “unplayable” are entirely different things.

This issue is being misrepresented / exaggerated by reporters to pressure them to fix it. It’s that simple. Is it a problem? Yes. But it is nothing like what it is being made out to be. I myself have also observed a performance decrease. But there is no “suttering,” no “lag,”, just a lower FPS number than I’m used to. It’s still totally playable with no technical hiccups of any sort.

There are people in this thread claiming they used to get 300 FPS and then they got 200-250 and called it “unplayable.” Most average gamers fantasize about having frame rates like that and play the game just fine with far slower performance.

Diablo II, either the original or playing Ressurected with the classic graphics, the game is fixed to 25 FPS and no one has ever had trouble with it. I’ve played that game for a decade and a half (at least) and I don’t know how anyone can play a game like that and then come and tell me that 50-70 FPS is totally unplayable.

I challenge the people using this word to please post videos showing how unplayable it is.

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