List of things that are wrong with Reforged

1 LAN removed.

2 Region locking for custom games.

3 TFT balance changes are applied to RoC campaign playthroughs.

4 TFT/RoC Bnet 1.0 is shut down. If you have them applied to your Bnet account, you now own the “free” ‘Classic’ version of Reforged on the Bnet launcher, which has shadows locked to Reforged owners only, lacks shaders, and has off-color saturdation.

5 “Problematic voice lines have been removed.” (ex. Dryad’s I’m so wasted)

6 For 0 reason, Thrall now never says “Grom” but always “Hellscream”.

7 All non-English voices have been entirely re-cast. English Arthas has been replaced with WoW Arthas. Translations/Localizations are reportedly bad/full of errors.

8 Animations and Models have been outsourced to Lemonsky Studios (Who have worked on SC:R, Gears 5, FF14 expansions, and a host of other games, so its not a question of skill).

9 Unit movement locked to 20 FPS (The units move as badly and as clunky as BW units did.)

10 Only 1 CGI was changed (Intro) and only a few in-game cinematics were changed (Sylvanas Banshee/Illidan VS Arthas/One Other I forget)

11 No new campaigns or story lines (They promised expanded content on Jaina, Sylvanas, and how Arthas got his horse).

12 New UI was scrapped, game uses old blocky 4:3 UI with no control group UI.

13 Keybindings can only be changed by editing the ini file.

14 Charging money for extra/new models

15 Custom Campaigns have been removed.

16 3D animated Campaign Backgrounds and Portraits are gone.

17 Clans are gone.

18 Automated tournaments are gone.

19 Profiles are gone.

20 Ladders are gone.

21 Communal chat listings are gone. Also, you’re always stuck in general chat in the bottom right. Cannot hide/opt out/remove it. Chat functionalities are missing, disabled, or removed.

22 Always online.

23 ToS change to map editor that all IP/ideas made in map maker now belong to Blizzard. This means anything you create within WC3 can never be recreated.

24 Old menu and UI designs have been replaced with Reforged’s designs.

25 Arranged teams has been removed.

26 Reconnection via GProxy has been removed.

27 Desyncs and crashes in custom games had become a thing of the past by 2018 with WC3 modernization patches

28 Bot features removed include Online Lobby Listings and In-game chat available from a browser and Competitive Custom Games (auto balance and matchmaking ELO systems for each custom map)

29 Censorship of Lobby/Map names. So for example, if you name your Lobby ‘Booty Bay’ after the map called Booty Bay, claims are you get kicked or can’t create lobbies.

30 When bots were removed, they gave people the ability to ban someone permanently from entering games you hosted. Now with reforged patch, you have to reban someone after every game.

31 Ping/Latency are worse in Reforged patch.

32 Hack/maphack protections have been reduced or removed.

33 Anti-spam protection has been reduced or removed.

34 Game/replay archives are supposedly being hampered in some way according to forum posts (but not sure how/to what extent)

35 You can no longer create/host private offline skirmishes for yourself vs AI. Which means limited pausing skirmishes. They must be a ‘custom game’ as apart of the ‘custom game lobby’ and marked as private.

36 This could be taken any number of ways, but in their “Special Thanks” section they give thanks to Metzen, Morhaime, Pardo…and Kotick. But NOT Sam Didier, whose art style is responsible for Warcraft 3’s art and indeed a lot of Blizzard’s 00s/10s art style being what it is. This is revealed as the song he sings (Power of the Horde) plays in the background.

37 They removed the original Error Icon with Sam Didier’s young face on it and replaced it, some say with Kim Phan, who was a part of SC2’s esports scene and left the company long before WC3:R was likely even an idea.

38 The menu is in HTML/a web browser functionality.

39 If you do not have internet access, you can ONLY PLAY CAMPAIGN. Period. That’s it.

40 ‘Custom’ setting of keybinds still directs players to manually edit the .ini for bindings and lists game as being in Beta.

41 If your original WC3/TFT installation is updated via Bnet, it deletes your existing folder of custom maps. New Lines Found After Covering On Podcast

42 Reporting a user does not block/mute them. There is no block/mute function in WC3:R chat.

43 Cheats only work on campaign mode now. Because there is no offline skirmish mode, even if you only have bots in a private online custom games, you cannot use cheats.

44 They removed the Cutscene Editor from World Editor in Reforged.

45 Reforged and “Classic” campaign play-throughs have their own save files. They are wholly incompatible, and invisible, to each other. To experience the campaign on both graphics, you have to play it through in its entirety twice.

46 Progress earned on campaign while in “offline mode” is not saved/recognized by the game, despite it writing the progress to local text files.

47 Missing visuals, portraits

48 No Ultrawide monitor support

49 Lazy and reused unit animations

50 bad art/textrues (ex ground has no depth, layers, or details compared to the original game)

Comments, additions, corrections?


What is wrong in this? I mean, yes. Now the campaign is easy for the casual player. Bust is just that

It’s already easy enough without removing even more difficulty tbh


This game is a legendary failure.


We didn’t even get an Oceanic Region so we still have to endure 200ms+ latency.

The game is a forced downgrade with no upside which really hurts!


seen lists way longer than that one tbh.

yes reforged was not released in a finished state, but i bet the team is working hard on improving the game.

any comment from blizzard would be nice though…

Would like to add:

  • Certain campaign enemies are missing portraits. Like Nether Dragon.

A small problem in the grand scheme, but even so.

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I’ll add it :slight_smile:


That is half the problem!

Its not ‘OK’ to release an incomplete game full of bugs and on top of that falsy advertising features… Blizzard of all companies should know the value of putting out a polished product. However, this current batch of executives seem to have forgotten what made this company great!


The more lists the better imo, better chance of Blizzard acknowledging and fixing the issues


What not add to it then?

No Ultrawide monitor support


Um… am I misunderstanding something here? I’ve been able to “logout” from the in-game menu and then play the campaigns. I’ve noticed that it helps stabilize the game.

Or do you meant the Battle .net launcher?

Go look in the Starcraft 2’s EULA. The EXACT SAME THING IS THERE.

Actually, I’ll save the trouble since most people won’t know where to go.

[](Blizzard’s EULA from 2018)

Section 2 (Blizzard’s Ownership
Paragraph A:

With the sole exception of the Licensors’ Games, Blizzard is the owner or licensee of all right, title, and interest in and to the Platform, including the Games that are produced and developed by Blizzard (“Blizzard Games”), Custom Games derived from a Blizzard Game, Accounts, and all of the features and components thereof.

So this is nothing new and people shouldn’t be surprised by it at all.

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What? So we are sensitive in 2020. with those lines? WTF is with the world!!!???


it’s getting quite pathetic, isn’t it?


did i miss read it or theres no Removed/Cut 4hour+ Reforge Cutscene in your list? and also for the Custom game Eula, dont forget to mention they also remove your Moral Rights! thats mean they didnt need to credit the creator at all if they did recreate the game.

That’s actually not true, just certain things like upkeep were changed. Unit attack types are ROC. Giving the campaign TFT balance is how it should be, especially with ROC ladder being removed. It doesn’t make sense to teach people the wrong things. I can’t tell you how often I came back to TFT over the years and thought that upkeep started at 40 instead of 50.

Also, there are a ton of changes in the campaign missions that usually make them easier, especially the ROC missions. Whether bugs or intentional, the AI is different, how items stack changed, enemy unit count and production is messed up. Enemy heroes don’t spawn on some maps and are much weaker and missing abilities, levels, items, etc. There’s invisible units and bugs galore according to the people at HIVE. I’m pretty sure that unit stats changed between missions too, where one map might have shamans doing magic damage, and on the next map they do piercing damage. It seems like an unorganized, buggy, poorly thought out campaign, just like everything else in this game.

I don’t see how that’s a problem.

Problems with the game I’d add:

  • Hundreds of graphical, audio, gameplay, client, and critical bugs
  • World Editor is hot garbage and littered with bugs, and requires very unoptimal hacks to simple things that should have been included features.
  • Game and menus are very slow and unoptimized, even on the highest-end hardware.
  • Core gameplay is outdated and received no upgrades, despite the majority of the community asking for improvements.

Nice list. I agree with all of that. I will not refund, mainly coz of nostalgia, but I rly don’t understand what I paid 40 euros for?! What actually did they do to improve a 20 years old game?! How could they be so lazy that they didn’t even conceive an extra episode on the campaign? I expected a prequel or a sequel or smt, the story of the game has so many development options… ofc the expectations were very high, we are talking about one of the most iconic pc game in history. Extra problems, I didn’t notice if they are on ur list: the terrain looks awful, on dota map I find it worse than on dota 1. FPS often dropping dramatically during games from 100 to 0.

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Exactely this.
I got black screens, buggy loading screens and 99% of the times missing audio when a unit is recruited.