Keep Characters As They Were in WC3 not WoW

some examples I want to point out are:
-Jaina who is now covered in heavy plate armor,before she used “cloth” and only one shoulder pad. her hair was also changed.
-Kael’thas as I saw in the page portrait,he also looks like hes being modeled after his WoW appereance,his hair slightly different,and his face looks old,like in wow and heroes of the storm whilst in Warcraft 3 he looks younger than other characters,he’s even called young prince if I recall correctly
Aditionally I just realized his eyes are green… Which is not consistent with the lore.

so as I’m seeing characters instead of being modeled after Warcraft 3 as is supposed to,they are modeled to look like they do in WoW. which is not great I’m sure there’s a lot of old fans that will not like these changes, made only to appeal to new gamers,lets be clear on that.
I personally would hate to see Maiev one of my favorite characters,with that heave armor she has in wow that doesn’t even let her face show,which is not the case as I saw,but is still a good example,(I also want to point out in the portrait from the page,her lips are natural skin color,whilst in Warcraft 3 she has green lipstick that always stood out from her appearance,at least for me).

I want to give Blizzard my thanks,this is a dream come true,all my childhood was spent playing Warcraft 3,and the fact that now is coming back,i cried while i was watching the trailer,how could anyone forget the introduction to the game.

but with that said,I want to point out something that I don’t like, and that is,that I’ve noticed character appearances have sadly been changed,not slightly but drastically,one thing is to change the entrance from which Arthas entered Stratholme to resemble that of WoW,not many would notice,as locations where not landmark,however characters very specific looks,would not go unnoticed by veterans.

So I please ask you blizzard,do not change Characters appearance to make them look like they do in wow, the characters somehow even looked,younger,do u really expect Jaina using the same clothing for more than 10 years? before and after the war?.


The appearances are subject to change, so it’s good to get this feedback out of the way. For Kael’thas, keep in mind that the promo art isn’t neccesarily representative. There’s various pieces of art that disagree with each other on the site already on how Arthas’ face looks. In the promo-art of him using Frostmourne, he looks a lot older than he does in-game. That’s just what happens.

I personally agree wholeheartedly that Maiev needs to actually show her face in this one. It allows her personality to shine through. With the face covered, you don’t get the feeling that you get from playing the original campaign of being resentful. You get no emotion out of her.


Yeah I totally agree with you,this is all subject to change, Hopefully blizzard gets it right… for me is not too much of the faces,but from what I’ve seen art direction is pointing towards WoW,which I don’t like too much,if this was warcraft 4 i would still not like it,but i wouldn’t complain,cause it is what it is, but since this is warcraft 3,i dont like they are completely changing characters appereance from the original warcraft 3 ones.


I prefer the art style they have decided on. The WoW look is more more refined and appealing than the the original look. That’s probably also why the artists decided to use it for WoW itself. It’s improved and more aesthetically pleasing to look at, in my opinion.


I was’t talking about the art style,I also like it…characters like orcs and knights look awesome,I’m only speak about,the clothing,and faces of the key characters. they had very recognizable traits,even with the graphics of those times.


Ah, I see. Well, I could go either way on that. I could see why long time pro players would like to keep the current clothing to make it more recognizeable, but I could also see the appeal to having the newer clothing from the movie and WoW. I could go either way as long as the new dark and serious art style stays.

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YES!!! They should NOT model these off of WORLD OF WARCRAFT characters!! Remodeling it into WoW-like is a slap in the face! I can almost foresee this being a disaster like they did to Diablo 3! Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction was perfect! Diablo 3 BOOL on it! I have this DREADFUL feeling that Blizzard is about to slaughter our beloved Warcraft 3 with those changes! When they say remaster JUST UPDATE THE GRAPHICS, THAT’S IT!!! LITERALLY! … come on Blizzard please don’t harm this game, Otherwise we’ll have to all just resort to private servers and pirated copies of the original. Teek

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Just curious, Teeky, but what’s your opinion on the models we’ve seen so far?

Agreed. And while we’re talking about specific examples as well, I see that tyrande’s hair in the portrait is green. needs to be blue in-game, just like the original.


I totally agree! It should be Warcraft III Reforged, not WOW RTS Reforged!


I believe they will not change their designs into WOW’s style. They will likely give them their HotS designs, which are even based after their WC3 designs, like we see it on Jaina. And Maiev will probably get her WC3 design, judging from a portrait on the WC3: Reforged website.

I guess tyrandes hair color could be problematic, cause leaving it blue would cause conflict with wows and hots counterparts… But I wish it stays blue like un the original…
And yeah in the case of Jaina, she seems to have the clothing of heroes of the storm… You are right… But still that’s a mix of warcraft 3 and wow design… If u go into warcraft 3 you’d see is still pretty different from what she’s using in the preview videos… Her clothing is pretty more simplistic… She’s not armored in warcraft 3… Also the way her cloak covers her is different… I personally like it more like it was in war3


They can go with every design by Tyrande, since the model of the priestess in WC3 had barely much details, due the big focus on the white tiger both portrait and model.

Yeah correct, althou there’s the promotional poster of the nigh elves portraying tyrande… In which she looks very sexy if u ask me ha hahahah

I hope this is true. I wholeheartedly hope that the story and characters will remain untouched by whomever thinks themselves a writer at Blizzard. I grew up playing Warcraft 3 and seeing it remade with modern day graphics will be a joy for me as I hope it will be for others that will get to experience this unique story and action.
I hope to see the classic hero designs and not an oversexed Tyrandae, Silvanass or Jaina (I wonder if anyone else pointed out that she was missing the runes on her cloak). In the game trailer I loved how Arthas (despite the massive shoulders) and Uther looked so I hope it will be the same for the other characters.

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I’m happy to see another person to think the same and like you I grew up with this game, and yeah talking about Jaina, the first thing I noticed was also her cloak being so different…
About Arthas I have to say I like it alot cause he does look like his high resolution portrait used in the game cover…
And just like him I wish blizzard keeps hthe very particular and specific looks of each character during the third war, if u want to be creative… Don’t do it with heroes who had unique models… Human kelthuzad, shandris, Arthas’ companions they could use some love.


just 1 tiny bity question:
WHY? :smiley:
I mean seriusly is that too big of deal ?
I think they should design characters the way they think looks best.
feeling nostalgia is good… but acting by it only stops progression.
jaina’s plate armor is open to discussion ofcourse whatever(but as I know jainado not wear armor at wow… its old wow model of jaina / hots model current model wears full cloth
so… I think thats actually not a “oh its a wow thing” choice but a design choice instead.

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It would be nice to see that. Sadly it’s up to Blizzard on this matter. In WC3 there were “unique” models for Necromancer Kel’thuzad but sadly he was only a taller and recolored model of the normal Necromancer unit; which I guess is understandable since he shows up only once when he’s alive but after that he plays a deeper role as a spirit when you play the Undead campaign, so yes he would have deserved a unique model.
What bothered me the most was the selling out of characters, as in making Night Elves amazingly sexy , such as giving Tyrandae an even more revealing costume each expansion or update accopanied with a steadily increasing bust size (I think she’s DD cup size in HoS). Not to mention Silvanass that was wearing the same armor like Alexstraza and Ysera but was “upgraded” slightly after she was named Warchief. This sellout of characters and lack of originality in design turned me off greatly.

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That’s a very easy question, because this is not about progression is about the past, as I stated before if this was warcraft 4 I wouldnt mind whatever clothing or face design they want to add to the heroes.
But since this is warcraft 3 this should be a our preserving. During too many expansions story desitions have been taken my merchandising in wow… After all warcraft 3 is the foundation of wow…so having some respect to its design should be a priority… How characters would look better is very subjective, as u can see I think warcraft 3 design was better and u think wows is better so… Developers were probably told making them more recognizable by new players was better… Is all subjective when it comes to opinions…
So as this is a remaster… It should stay the same.


Because it would be loyalty to the original WC3. Because even in the Vanilla version of WoW, Jaina wore an outfit that was somewhat similar to what she was wearing in WC3 and what she now wears in HoS (the runes on the cloak are missing). It’s also for realism since I find it hard to believe that a spell caster has the same mobility and flexibility while wearing plate armor or oversized pieces of gear presumably made out of cloth/leather but look like rusted metal. And it would also be “loyal” to the character progression to the timeline; the changes in aspect with the passing of time and in the way they think (despite taking Jaina a long, long, long time to wake up)