[Jan 28] Problems with Logging in or can't join or create Custom games

It works!!!
Before reforge patch, cd-keys are stored in game file.
Now we must use “redeem code” for “link cd-keys to blizzard battle.net account”.

When I try to do that it does not work and just gives me an error message : « we can’t process this code at this time. Please try again later» …
Any solution about this error ?

Same here, just paid for the game and wasn’t able to play it. Spent whole day trying to fix it. Shame, shame, shame.

Same, having problems right and left. Requested a refund, but because my game was considered used over some arbitrary amount of time they said they can’t give me one. I ended up just filing a charge back with my credit card. It’s their problem now, not mine. Really disappointed.

Cant do anything just kicks me out of any game i join or host no crash report i just want to play the game :frowning:

I still can’t start the game… v

Pressing Play from the Battle .net app just provides an error msg:


I’m experiencing exactly the same issue since the release of Reforged.
Everytime I launch the game, a pop-up shows saying “THERE WAS AN ERROR IN HANDLING THE REQUEST.”. I tried all the tips posted by other players here (re-installing, rebooting, etc.)… But still this frustrating message prevents me to even play offline :frowning:
Anyone from the staff can simply keeps us posted about the outcome of this problem ? I mean, are you still taking this into account currently, or should we just try to solve the problem by ourselves ?
Thank you in advance


Closing this thread.

The logging issues from the 28th were resolved. Please make your own thread if you continue to experience any login issues, crashing, or general problems. Remember the Technical Support forums are for information gathering and troubleshooting only, please try to be as detailed as possible about your issue when posting.

Thank you.