[Jan 28] Problems with Logging in or can't join or create Custom games

This a known issue? It occurs every time I try to start the game, it loads but before the cinematic it gives me this error then signs me out. If I try to sign in it gives me this error rinse and repeat. Please Help/


Hey, Omnitruce! Would you be able to provide the crash report ID?

Hi Caterpepi,
The problem is it doesn’t crash. just sits there with that displayed. Here’s a screenshot.


I’m having the same issue and there is no crash happening, simply an error message and a login prompt that always lead back to that error message. If you want us to send you files like logs please explain where we might find them.

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Same problem here, I have the classic version for more than 10 years now, hope I will be able to play again someday… (maybe tonight)


Same here , it just shows that error and nothing happens you can try to type your acc/pass but you get the error again the only option is to leave the game

I am using Classic WC3 after getting the new Battle Net Client, having the same Problem as well.

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Thanks for your reports! Please check that the beta is currently not being launched. If it is the live client,next to the play button, what version is the Warcraft III: Reforged currently showing? It should show

I have exact this version.
The error still remains.

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I also have the latest Version, problem persists.

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here’s a screenshot as well, same thing

Also, the forum prevents me from posting link but I can post it like above, seems a bit useless to have a feature to post link and the website telling you you can’t use it.

I did not have the live version installed. will update when we do!

exact same version for me

Thanks for your reports and checking on that :slight_smile: And also Umineko, thanks for the screenshot! I’m forwarding this over to our team to take a look into this. I’ll update when we have more information.

imgur [DOT] com/a/naOapS4
here are my screenshots. hope you can fix it soon

Thank you for your quick response.

My game currently gives me a complete freeze then crash when I click the ‘downloads’ folder on the ‘Create’ game feature. I know this new version of WC3 isn’t supposed to support all custom game types but I saw quite a few custom games (actually not that many) being hosted so something is clearly wrong here.

The devs are currently looking into the issues logging in and creating games. We put up an announcement on the Battle.net Application about it, and will keep you all posted here as we figure out what’s causing this and get the service working.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the bumpy start. We hope to get you all in and commanding your armies soon!

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Ty Community managers and support. Just a heads up, I reinstalled the live client and now im in. Hope this helps.

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well i hope tomorrow i can log in to classic without problems. thanks for replying