J Allen Brack's Disastrous Response

People blame Activision because Activision ruined Blizzard and made most of their creative minds and founders leave the company. Now Blizzard is run mostly by Activision’s managers. Whoever is left from the original Blizzard team probably have no say over how to run their studios.

Yep it is not only about reforged, it seems like Blizzard totally has lost track on all their products (besides classic WoW, but im sure they manage to screw that over aswell at some point…goldtokens).

They need to step back from business talk and practice and get back to beeing nerds who like to do gud videogames.
But that would require them to get out of activisions hold.

I very much doubt players asked for the original game to be annihilated and the newer game to have less content than the original had a few weeks ago.

Fantasy in what way? They sent the majority of the work to a third party half way across the world, that’s them literally cutting corners. That alone should speak volumes.

The man has been running games into the ground since Star Wars Galaxies. Who’s surprised?

I think most of you have completely missed where this response even came from. An investor (Suntrust Bank) asked, there has been negative press, how do you plan on fixing that?

They responded with ‘updating and supporting the game’. It was 2 seconds and the audience isn’t fans…it was a bank.

(The bigger question Suntrust actually asked was how are WoW subscriptions in Q4 and 2020…aka player retention in classic).


Yes, but it was still relativizing/diverting their responsibility in the matter. Anyway, what I find much more problematic is the response to the players (Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update). This does reveal a warped apprehension, lack of reflection or unwillingness to communicate sincerely.

To investors their responsibility is to make bad press go away. Currently that would require them to support and update the game.

What would be more scary would be if they had just said, “yeah didn’t meet expeditions on WCIII, we will do better on the next game”.

And for that he used the players as an excuse, which happens when you steer into a conflict of interests, which quite easily happens when you cut back on honesty/integrity somewhere on the path.

I wouldn’t ever have to give that response because I wouldn’t have sold my soul to Bobby Kotick. Assuming my brain got taken over by satan and I was forced into the position I would tell the truth and refund the game for everyone who purchased up to that point while allowing them to keep the game. I would tell them that we will do better in the future and all promises will be delivered before the end of the year and all known bugs fixed.

This is what an honorable company that cares about its community and wants to grow in the long term would do. A company that doesn’t care about tomorrow and only wants to report quarterly growth to shareholders before tanking and taking a 20 million dollar payout after shutting the company down and putting hundreds of people out of work.

We used to have the first, now we have the second. No king rules forever, but some kings deserve to rot in hell.

Well the first was the one struggling even after creating WoW and sold to the second.

Wouldn’t that make them the morally corrupt people looking for a buyout.

They did exactly this until they got sold down the river to activision. If they cared about their legacy they would take the pay cut and break free. I don’t think there are enough left at blizzard that care. They need to put blizzard to sleep, it’s embarrassing at this point.

I am a bot and I speak for myself and my fellow bots that we are offended that you would slander our bad name. Not even we beep boop would stoop so low to wallow in the mud of blizzard.

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His response is pathetic and he should be fired, nothing but an empty suit


Yes, fans didn’t want the game to change, which includes voice acting.

'Search results for 'retcon category:5' - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums

^^ This is a search of this forum for the word retcon. There are tons of threads from the months prior to Blizzcon regarding the proposed changes to the story. Most (not all) of the discussion was players asking that the story NOT be changed.

Obviously, new story and dialogue would need new voice acting, right? If they’re not changing the story and dialogue, they don’t need to change the voice acting. Pretty straightforward.

I’m sorry if your language / localization is different, I have no idea about that.

My entire point linking the PC gamer article above, and now the forum search, is to show that Blizzard not having a changed story and dialogue is not another example of Blizzard failing to deliver for W3 Reforged.

In fact, abandoning those proposed changes is literally what tons of people were asking them to do.

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<.< All I did was point out a fact and then you accused me of hating a race of people in Asia. I hated their quality of work not them, jeez sjwbro over here going hard.

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But they literally did what players did not want them to do if they changed the voice acting. Moreover, this localization does narrow down the distance to WoW. I don’t know what the opinion was in that case but the standard tenor I experienced in the past was that players always liked to see WoW non-canon from Warcraft III perspective.

edit: It’s supposedly redone in multiple languages.

I have no idea about localization. The people posting asking for no changes to the story (and therefore voice acting) were talking about the English version of the game, and they were posting in English.

I have no idea about your still unnamed localization.

If you’re unhappy about your localization, let blizzard know about it. Responding to me trying to disprove the fact that player feedback and preference pushed Blizzard to abandon plans to change the story and dialogue is laughable.

There is no discussion to have here. They were going to change WC3 to better align with 15 years of World of Warcraft lore, and people said they didnt want that, and then Blizzard didn’t change WC3 for the Reforged update. That’s it.

Welcome to age of corporatocracy. They have no limits. Only scary thing is what is next ???.. They will have your dna at sooner or later point…

I believe the ones who truly cared at blizz have already left. And activision filled their empty spots with their own goonies to try and give us the impression that blizz is still around while in reality, it’s just activision in disguise.

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Just refunded mine, thanks.

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