It's not acceptable to say "it'll be fixed later"

For everyone who is saying “Oh you see a sign of trouble and running away” or “They’ll support and fix the game later” are in need of a wake up call.

Games can be released and they can be good on release. There are several games that have been released and were good when they came out. The excuse of “release it now fix it later” is something that just kills your player base for the game.

Case and Point Anthem. Game was bad when it released, nearly everyone has quit, granted they are still working on it to add stuff but who knows they may just kill it entirely. It will never recover.

Same thing here, the game isn’t done. I don’t care if the game will get fixed later. if the game is going to get fixed later then you should have delayed the game another year and released a polished product.

This is essentially the same as ordering a burger from a restaurant and they hand you a package of ground beef saying “We’ll cook it for you later.”


Preach, brother. It’s a corny, and easy comparison to make, but Fallout76…Even to this very day, is riddled with bugs and broken promises. Gamers can NOT let this become the norm.


They already have. Their entire “roadmap” of content has been trashed.

It takes an incredibly generous company to completely overhaul a game after its release date has already passed. Most companies won’t even bother; you only get one official release date, and after it passes people aren’t likely to give you much more money. So they usually just move on to the next best thing they’re trying to sell you. I’ve only seen the developers of No Man’s Sky successfully pull off a total rehabilitation for their product.

Warcraft 3 Reforged doesn’t have a dedicated development team; it’s just the classic team (same team that operates Diablo 3 these days) using models obtained through a partnership with a Malaysian studio. Also, their lead artist quit just before the game’s release.

None of this inspires confidence that they will continue to support and repair this product. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s where we stand right now.


At this point im 1000% convinced that all the people saying to stick with it are on the blizzard payroll.

Edit: Sorry, blizzard-activision*

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Except this is palpable, edible, and cooked. The truth is that they forgot to add carmelized onions and you’re gonna let it stop you from enjoying the rest of it, tomatotes and all.


except it isn’t, go look at the bugs/technical issue forums. Quit posting stuff like this and spreading false information.

It doesn’t just kill the player base. With the rise of the internet and the “fix later” mentality, we the customers are getting deliberately inferior products. Young people who don’t remember the 80’s and early 90’s probably don’t comprehend just how hard it was to fix a broken product post-release.

For them it is the norm to accept an incomplete product. For us older neck-beards it is a grave insult that this is the new standard. When I pay for a product I expect it to be at a certain level. Map/game breaking bugs are the sort of thing that should not happen even on first release.


Are you really saying Reforged is “edible and cooked”? The game is UNPLAYABLE for a lot of people. Bugs that prevent you from even starting up the game, or getting past the log in screen, or even getting into a match. In reality, we just wanted a glass of water, and were instead robbed of all our stuff, and given an inedible plate filled to the brim with diarrhea.


Not to mention custom campaign and multiple user profile functionality were both removed from the client, even for people who didn’t buy Reforged.

I’m never going to get over that. That doesn’t sound “cooked” at all. In fact, the chef seems to have come over to my table, stuck his dirty hands into the dish I’ve been happily enjoying, and yanked whole chunks of my food out.


“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”
Shigeru Miyamoto


What’s worse is they did delay it and it’s still bad.


yup, community has to complain if we want changes. Maybe we should all demand refunds and we can purchase it when its actually finished.


No it is not.
The game does not function for me.

I can play new AAA titles with many times more hardware requirements yet this game won’t work at all.

It launches and loads, yet the second the game loads into actual play it crashes.


You have a point here, however, keep in mind that we are talking about minor fixes here and NOT game breaking fixes.

Unless, you or anyone else are away of any major bugs which … I didn’t encounter!


That’s … nothing major here. Sure, it sucks when games crashes, but you are an “isolated” case, which mostly, your issue will be fixed, if it’s not on your side …

Umm, we are NOT talking about minor bugs, a very VERY quick glance at the forums will show there are GAME BREAKING bugs. Way too many people literally can not even get into the game. I’m so happy for you though, so glad YOU can play the “Reforge”.

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Well, please do point them to me then? I am not aware of any MAJOR bugs!

So , go ahead and link me that major bugs…

Are you trolling me here? Can you not navigate the forums yourself? Look to the top left corner of your screen and click “forums”. Then go to the “bug report” section. THERE ARE COUNTLESS EXAMPLES. The major ones include the “insta defeat” bug, where as soon as you start the campaign, you get a defeated screen and cannot continue. Then there’s the “error in handling this request” where people can’t even LOG IN. Unreal. Keep living in your little bubble even though reality is literally 3 clicks away.


They delayed it a month. They should’ve delayed it a year and finish the in-game cinematics.

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You mean here? Bug Report - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums

Now, I’m saying it AGAIN, what exactly have you seen from the Bug Report section, which are MAJOR bugs? All I see are isolated issues, like game crashes, “defeat” bug which I also encounter, language issues, etc.

This are things which will be fixed.

Seriously, stop acting like the above are MAJOR bugs. Major bugs are the ones which are game breaking in a hard way. Not some random disconnects, language issues, etc, on a even less then 24 hours of a RELEASED game.

You now may say, why they didn’t fixed this in Beta. Well , short answer is that right now is a big influx of players with different computer setups. This require some data to be gathered then a fix will come.