"It's just review bombing"

I’ve read on so many places people posting about how the reviews are all unjustified and it’s just review bombing, trying to justify that no game deserves a 0/10.

I want people who say this to understand one thing. Refunded directly impacted and destroyed Classic WC3.
Those of us who didn’t want or buy refunded have had the game we loved removed and butchered.

Not every one of those 0/10s are just butthurt people who got their refund declined, quite a lot of those 0/10 reviews are from pissed off original wc3 players who have had their game stripped away, 40gb of wasted disc space added, CERTAIN GRAPHICAL SETTINGS AND CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS among many other things STRAIGHT UP REMOVED.

Yes, refunded doesn’t deserve a 0/10 from 100% of the reviews it’s getting, but it damn sure does deserve the 0/10 from a significant chunk of people.

Edit: I wanna throw in this edit part, specifically about their new stupid EULA changes,
Blizzard, we all know you made these EULA changes because of that court case loss when you tried to claim the rights to DotA.

The irony is, if original WC3 released with these new EULA changes, you would have banned DotA almost instantly from bnet before it could even build popularity.

Reforged was going to be a love letter to WC3? It was the game that made you want to be a game dev and work for Blizzard? Fk off Pete ShillWell


even ignoring the user reviews WC3 Reforged is the worst reviewed Blizzard game of all time


Review bombing is a terrible tactic. It makes the score worthless and unimportant.
It drowns out valid criticism of the game with petty rage spam. Its drowning out your own voice. Taking away your own arguments. It makes everyone take your complaints far less seriously.

“look at the user score, people hate this game!!!”
“it was review bombed that number is meaningless”

It’s such a bad tactic that it works against you. But we live in the age of gamer rage and youtubers who profit off stirring the pot and getting gamers angry. So w/e.


If anyone reviews it 0/10 legitimately, they are review bombing, period.

I hate the current state of reforged, I refunded, and I still realize it is 3-4/10 if you consider the game is actually playable and it is still WC3 without major changes to gameplay. It COULD be worse, and that is why it doesn’t deserve 0.

Users are reacting to others being negative. Giving a Zero is review bombing, period. Its how outrage culture works, and theres no defending it by saying ’ but game is legit bad’ because if that were true then give it what it deserves rather than bandwagoning on emotional reaction.

I bet you a majority of reviews are by people who didn’t even play reforged too. There is no defending any zero score because we all know its part of the same knee jerk response when people review and give 10/10s. Reviews aren’t binary.


Review bombing is a terrible tactic. It makes the score worthless and unimportant.

no it does not, it sends a message.

Plus this “reforged” deserves a 0/10, because it fails on everything.

This Reforged literally has negative value.

It is not the original game anyone is reviewing, it is the remaster aspect. And they only remastered models, everything else is buggy or got removed. Thats why a 0/10 is totally justified.


What message does it send other than ‘the fanbase is volatile’?

This is legit worse than Sonic fans.


The message: Blizzard, finally leave Activsion.


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Review bombing or brigading expressions are primarily used in a negative context and it is very irresponsible of news outlets to use the terms within the context or recent events because it’s just consumers fighting for their rights. The feedback is realistic and appropriate to the product delivered.

F this kind of journalism and people with no integrity. It’s not surprising that all these people are spineless corporate shills and want to appease certain someone in hope of repeat business or even insider information on an upcoming product.

Be first, be best or be the cheapest. Obviously there is not much money to be made in online articles so they rely on putting information out first, because no one will read what they write based on previous merit or standard of quality.


But classic w3 have i think 8,5… reforged on the other hand as only the things it adds to this old w3 should be 0/10 coz its just visual update and thats not the only thing i payed for…

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I agree, that’s partly the entire point of the post. the other reason is because of people like Triceron who demonstrated exactly what i am talking about.



You had that opinion before you saw any reviews. You are biased so you see what you want to see.

Anyone else looking at it will just see the opposite - a bunch of butthurt fans who are part of the outrage culture. Seen it before, nothing changes.

Did Activision get the message when Diablo Immortal got youtube dislike bombed? I’m sure they got the message with HK boycott too right? Nothing changed. Nothing will with this either.


Than why are you here?

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I understand the concerns. That being stated. When you see in the comments of many of the YouTube videos stating… Push up x game! Make blizzards score lower! In the grand scheme will it help? Metacritic is already treated like rotten tomatoes by some.


Because forums are an echochamber and I love seeing tears.

I don’t come here expecting realistic changes to corporations. That is a fantasy. Forums are for trolling, not change.


But people talk about it… thats all we need… what else we can do?

It had no impact on their plans with W3R whatsoever… so basicaly all that review bombing did was confirming blizzard’s politics shift in the middle of the development that RTS games are not profitable and won’t bring in a lot of money anyway, so it’s not worth the effort.


Well normaly i do the same but this realy made me sad so i needed to say at least something

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Are they talking about it for the right reasons? I would love to see an improvement roadmap. Its obvious however many are jumping on and scoring zero even if they don’t own RF or war3.

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It doesnt send a message. This isn’t a crusade. Its a bad game. Reviews are a tool to inform prospective buyers. When you abuse and break that tool you’re only hurting yourselves. Now since every review is worthless due to rage spam, people are just gonna eye roll at reviews and buy the game based on the trailer alone.

Some people are so stupid.


That is part of the problem.

‘what else do we do’. You have no power over Blizzard execs, so it doesn’t matter what you do, you don’t influence them in positive change.

The best this does is Blizzard never making another RTS Warcraft, because the execs decide the franchise is no longer bankable. Thats it. Will it make better WC RTS in the future? Good luck with that. The message you want to send is not the message they will see, just like you they will see what they want to see. And of course they will just consider this as fans losing faith in the product.

The best thing to do is move on from Blizzard games. I get that this all comes from a place of passion, but execs do not give two shots about metacritic reviews other than to inform them this franchise needs the plug pulled ala Diablo 3 and HOTS.