Is Warcraft 3 Reforged any good now in 2023?

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The bnet ist more or less now what it should have been - however i still like much more the Interface layout of WC3 Champions which resembles the classic Warcraft 3-Bnet at its best. Its just comfortable to read and checkout, who is in the channels - not so downsized and tiny.

But well…the problem is now, that Communitys are split up between W3Champion Players and official bnet players. And of course a lot of other stuff - the graphics, are still a problem.

I still like the game very much. But just new graphics, even if done right - i think they should have brought new support for new maps, mb even a new campaing with a new race - or new heros for the tavern or new raceunits/heroes some new mechanics or buildings - what ever.

The hope was not just to get the same again, but mb also they revive the community with some nice new content…and i am not talking about the ingame cinematics. They just eat up time for nothing good in the end.

They were fine back then, and still can be acceptable today with new models…id rather see more engagement to improve the actual gameplay experience.

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dont buy this sh1t in 2023, a big scope of bugs in BNET ladder, no ability to ban maps, a lot of failures for now


Damn… no blue update?

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My answer to the question is: it more or less will be once they give us an update that actually restores the performance levels that we had prior to the current patch:

Except for multiplayer game saves, all of the lost functionality at W3R’s launch has been restored. Outside of the reforged campaign having high rates of crashing in some missions, the game more or less plays as expected, barring the current performance issues. If you don’t stress the small stuff, you can enjoy the game right now IMO Numerous bugs and issues do still exist and do still need to be addressed, of course, most notably the ranked backend is still wonky at best. While some of the stupider issues are gone, the system often still takes a very long time to record the results form ranked matches, which is the most annoying issue for me outside of lower than expected framerates.

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You should specify that you mean high-level lost features (custom campaign, ladder, etc), not lost game components in the system fundamentals.

There are still tons of bugs introduced by Reforged – for example in custom map systems – that are not fixed.

Edit: In my opinion, the game feels like a paid programmer was told to check the boxes, so that some attempt was made to add legitimacy to the replacement of Warcraft 3 rather than leaving it in a state comically inferior to the original with major game systems lost. Basically to have plausible deniability with regards to the old 2020 lists of “removed” features in the Reforged hate videos on social media.

But it’s not as if the Reforged codebase was actually loved in the same way as the original 2003 Frozen Throne title, so surely if a player spends long enough with the Reforged engine they will hit a wall of nuisance frustration and end up wanting to get the fully functioning, polished AAA game title “The Frozen Throne” from a third party site for example if they wanted to build and play advanced custom games.

It would be a fair argument to say maybe what I mean by the above isn’t really a dissing of Reforged, but rather a praise for Frozen Throne.

I’m not talking about bugs, I’m talking about features. The only actual feature that is straight up still missing is multiplayer game saves.

Yes, there’s still problems. I’m (Very) aware of the problems. But the game lacking core features it originally had before being updated was essentially the single biggest complaint we all had.

Right now the biggest issue facing a lot of us is the game performs considerably more poorly than it really should. Yeah, there’s some other bugs, but most people can play the game and locate some enjoyment to be had.


It is good, but if they fix some issues, in 2024 will be much more better!

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They need a WarCraft 3 Reforged Remastered released at this point. A complete 180 overall of everything in order to give everyone what they wanted (Starcraft remasters / D2 resurrected )

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They need to Reforge it again, this time in Mount Doom, also known as Orodruin a volcano in Mordor!

Good thing is that there are still Software Developers who know how to re-work Warcraft3 (generally Blizzard) games. The finest of them are in Volantis!

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Is it fine if you just want to play the campaign and maybe some vs. AI for a bit?

Check the dates on posts before you reply to them

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Does Reforged have an Expiry Date?

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no but forum comments do

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If only that was true. :frowning:

Currently the performance of the game is really wonky from system to system and recent patches have introduced crushes in several campaign missions that happen randomly.

Sadly I wish I could say the game is OK for campaign\skirmish, but in it’s current state is simply isn’t. The patches seem to break more things than they fix and there is no telling where the next one will be ready.

Really unfortunate.

Online multiplayer is what this game was always about and that works* fine** . Anyone with a modern enough system can overcome the odd performance issues, and the patch that’s currently in testing has improved performance for at least some users.

As far as campaign, the upcoming patch has some fixes there and there are workarounds for most campaign crashes. Melees vs AI work perfectly fine. The upcoming patch is also reverting previous tweaks to the Reforged Campaign to solve the crash issues (which helps, I guess, but I’d rather them actually fix the issues instead of reverting the changes)

* When connecting through the Americas or Asia gateways
** aside from how the matching system works for team games, which has been a major issue for a while

Thing is there’s probably like one or two people working on this. One can only hope that once Microsoft gets things organized and they review the Activision Blizzard back catalog they give this game even the slightest bit more attention.

They are fixing Campaign Crash issues by reverting balance runs and important mission tweaks done to the campaign that also increases its accessibility to newbies.

Basically, their solution to fix crash issues is to just rip things out of the game even if its important.

I like how you highlight people with modern systems can run the game “fine” now, yeah, that’s great, a game that its visual requirements were set in stone in late 2018 requires 30 series Nvidia cards to run “fine”. sounds about right.

I’m well aware and I agree with you on this point.

Yeah, I don’t really approve of their solution to the campaign crashes. While some people complained, if I cared about the campaign at this point i’d be excited by the prospect of Hard mode really testing me.

That being said, it does fix the crashing, and well, for some people at least, being able to play the game at all is more important than how hard or easy it ends up being- I’m sure many people uninstalled after they couldn’t get past a campaign mission due to it consistently crashing. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be properly fixed though, rather than simply reverted.

The point is this isn’t a problem that many people should be having. Yes, I get it, we can’t all buy new gaming PCs on a whim, but even on those 2018 machines, if they were decent machines of the time, should be playable. The PC I built at the beginning of this year has no problem at all and the PC i had before that was built around 2018 like you said, and wasn’t perfect but still entirely playable.

What I’ve found is that people are playing super intensive custom games with hundreds of units on the screen and complaining about low performance. And a very probable reason why it’s taken them so long to even look at this is because for many of us, this is the only time things become a real problem and Custom Games are not officially supported in any way- that is, they aren’t going to test for bugs on custom games (except bugs with the editor and such), only on official content. A QA Tester working for Blizzard is not going to play Footmen Frenzy or Line Tower Wars when evaluating complaints of low performance. They’re only going to look at official modes and maps, and if those are working fine with playable framerates, they’re probably going to say “I can’t replicate this issue.”

This does NOT mean that performance isn’t also lower in those areas- but it does mean that it isn’t low enough that someone not staring at the FPS counter would notice- Many, many people have posted in the FPS issue thread saying their FPS went from something like 300 to 200 or something like that. Yes, that’s a performance decrease, but with few to no monitors capable of refreshing at that rate, it’s not a difference that’s visible without a number on the screen. AGAIN: Yes, I also saw the FPS decrease from the previous (not current) PTR to the live game. But as I noted in the statements that provoked your response, because my FPS was so high to begin with, it didn’t make a practical difference. And like I said in the previous paragraph, your run of the mill QA tester is not going to identify the issue until it actually impacts the gameplay in a clear and visible way. That’s why it’s taken so long for anything to happen on that front. And personally, I saw a performance increase on the newest PTR. Some people say they havent, but my FPS is like 30-40% higher on the new PTR compared with the current live game (same settings on both).

I’m not making excuses for Blizzard here, I’m simply saying, “this is what a QA person will see” And I know because I’ve worked in QA before. It doesn’t mean it deserves to go unaddressed, I’m just pointing out the reality of the situation.

No, not worth it, not even for the campaign, you’ll have random crashes when just playing through the story campaign normally where it just closes to the desktop, if you havn’t saved, too bad buddy, do it over.
If too many magical effects from units etc are going on at the same time, guess what, crash without an error or anything ( Though that might be a PC problem. ).
But considering that the game it replaced had little faults, atleast none with the campaign that outright caused you to crash, it’s not worth it, unless you really, REALLY, wanna play it.

They’re about to revert the 1.33 campaign btw.

Incredibly this game is only going backwards.