Is Warcraft 3 Reforged any good now in 2023?

2023 isn’t over yet so the thread is deff relevant

So for $15? Worth it?

If you launch it and dont gey a black screen or crash, yeah, its worth it. If that hqppens get a refund.

As long as you use the “classic” graphics mode its okay (toggle in main menu, bottom left corner).
If ur into melee then w3champions can make it even better with superior opponents & matchmaking.

The “reforged” graphics are painfully obviously unfinished, especially the 3D portraits.
Reforged models in combat are visually difficult to read and follow more the aesthetics of modern WoW than Warcraft 3.

Modders have done better job with the graphical overhaul.
So no, absolutely no point.

No issues with Reforged mode here. Also it is required for the campaign portraits.

There’s nothing “unfinished” about the graphics, it’s the least problematic part of the entire game. And I have no problems visually following them. You may not like the graphics, but that doesn’t make them “unfinished.”

matter of opinion. You also still need to buy the game if you don’t have an RoC CD key on your account, whether you like the Reforged graphics or not.

Reforged graphics are fine. It’s the lack of remastered cutscenes that ruins it for me. Every time I play D2R watching cutscenes make me hate that SCR and WCR didn’t get such treatment.

For Warcraft 3 its my view that its practically mandatory for the game to run at those high fps levels so that when you do get to a situation that an RTS game like War3 naturally goes into, it doesn’t suddenly nosedive into a mess.

Whether its custom games or melee, and i dont care how much blizzard cares for custom people, its simply true that if it were not for custom folks war3 would lose like 70% of its value and would currently be dead.

It seems to me that providing an optimal experience for those people would be great, i’m personally not a fan of sticking to an argument that just because we and the people who make our computer hardware are advancing, blizzard shouldn’t go back and make sure the game runs well on the timeline of its release and then some.

I keep seeing anyone who plays Reforged on youtube with an FPS counter on, if their experience is not some super controlled calm RPG scenario it keeps giving them 50-56 fps, that means the game cant even hold a solid 60 and that even if it could, people who have higher hertz monitors anywhere from 70, 90 or 140, they’re out of luck.

We can have many opinions on the artistic side of the Reforged visual project, but one thing that stands objective is that making models that require PBR, ORM and have reflections and shading are simply not the best choice for War3 (and most RTS games especially if they’re being remastered).

I played StormGate the other day and it has 2 ENTIRE factions with models ready to go and the game is 4GB and runs mighty fine for a beta. if Reforged was cut to 2 factions only it would be roughly 14GB. that just goes to show how careless was the model making process of this game, especially when War3 is NOT a sequel and it was never intended to be a remake, it was simply a remaster that was “marketted” as a remake because blizzard marketting team passed masters in deception.

Now just to track some ground back to the hardware issue and the date 2018, when a video game releases, what do we usually expect ? we usually expect people to be able to run it with “atleast” hardware from 4 years ago.

Not only is this mostly untrue for Reforged, whats funny is that the games minirequirement pass is actually hilarious… look at this stuff…

This is from an official blizzard website:

Minimum Requirements:

Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 64-bit (latest version)
Intel® Core® i3-530 or AMD™ Phenom™ II X4 910 or better
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 450 or AMD Radeon™ HD 5750 or better


Intel® Core™ i5-6400 or AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700X or better
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960 or AMD Radeon™ R9 280X or better

These requirements are so false that it isn’t even funny its just sad, people who have the minimum requirements would be able to play on SD but with that hardware they’d run into issues trying to get passed the main menus let alone everything else.

And people with recommended requirements wouldn’t even be able to maintain a proper FPS, friendly reminder that we are talking about people trying to run this game with 1050TI’s 1080TI’s, 20 series and 30 series GPUs running into issues, issues ? what ? anyone with hardware above recommended requirements should be running the game so smooth that it feels like ice skating. and yet, here we are.

Captain Jack: matter of opinion.

Modders and model makers for HD projects can and have been able to take Reforged models and make custom versions of them that are objectively more efficient and less demanding, and thats still with trying to use the mostly flawed Reforged HD basis, as for what people have been able to do outside of burdening themselves with that, i can only say if one doesn’t know they simply haven’t looked deep enough.

The argument of opinions and subjectivity that you use to rebuttal criticism of the graphics is simply an out of date opinion that mostly dates back to the type of conversations people had regarding the visuals when it was still 2020.

If you take LemonSkys models for Reforged, outside of the game, and look at it in model editors and try it out in things like unreal engine, they may seem to be standard high def models with decent quality and not much to complain about, which is where your argument of “opinions and subjectivity” reigns supreme, but the moment you put them in the context of Warcraft 3 as a game, or in the context of any game with different needs, different audiences, different in terms of whether or not its a sequel, a remaster, a remake like resident evil or a brand new game is the moment where objectivity introduces itself with a top hat shedding light on the verity of interesting and beneficial things that are better to do given the circumstances that said game has.

As for artstyle, that one can be viewed as a subjective matter but for Warcraft 3 i think it would’ve been better if it were mostly faithful to how the original models looked so mapmakers could quickly transition their work with little effort and accept the changes. Sadly we didn’t get that. Mostly because Brian Sousa as an art director was pretty much one of those “higher ups” that was not really all ears on concerns.

Modders and model makers for HD projects can and have been able to take Reforged models and make custom versions of them that are objectively more efficient and less demanding,

I’m not talking about efficency, poly count, or anything like that. I’m speaking about how they look. Which is subjective, and, as I said, a matter of opinion. It’s great that modders have made technical improvements, but I’m not talking about performance issues here.

Mandatory? If anything, RTS games like this get the least benefit out of high frame rates compared to other kinds of 3-D games with first and third person views, where quick motion demands high framerates for you to be able to aim and look around smoothly and accurately. in Warcraft III, you’re just clicking on what are effectively large blobs on the screen (the selection hitboxes) or dragging boxes around them. This is not nearly as demanding of high frame rates. And for the record, War3 has been around for decades at this point- it comes from a time where 60hz was a near universal standard. Meaning that gamers have had and have been used to 60 FPS for years and years, to the point that even if a higher refresh rate is meaningfully benefical, even the most seasoned pros should be doing just fine in a 60Hz environment. So I wholly disagree with your argument here. Your view isn’t just a matter of opinion, it’s arguably straight up incorrect, as even serious competition in War3’s heyday was done at 60fps. And if people could do it back then, they can certainly do it now.

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It’s still complete garbage in 2024 and Blizzard is still full of the most incompetent people the video game industry.

Sorry you’re not having fun, but I am. :slight_smile:

The answer to “is it worth it” is largely going to depend on if the game actually opens and runs on your system. If it does, great, it might be “any good” for you. If it doesn’t, well you can refund it.