Is this an out of season april fools joke?

Seriously, what were they thinking? It doesn’t even stack up to other RTS releases.

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

  • 3 new campaigns
  • 4 new civilizations, bringing the total to 35
  • Completely revamped multiplayer and netcode, with proper ranked matchmaking
  • Complete graphical overhaul
  • Numerous QoL features, like auto farm reseeding and tech/unit dual queues
  • Remastered soundtrack with real instruments, as well as revoiced campaigns, and adding narration for campaigns that didnt have it
  • Did not modify original or HD version, they are still playable today if you dont like or cant run the new version
  • $20, discounted if you owned HD

Warcraft 3: Reforged

  • 3 mission prologue that already existed with some improvements
  • Removal of multiplayer features such as P2P and tournaments
  • Graphical overhaul that was not only downgraded, but didnt even encompass all the assets in the game, such as the 30fps animations. Not all cutscenes updated. Work wasnt even done by Blizzard and was outsourced to Lemon Sky
  • Introduced numerous gamebreaking bugs
  • Many of these downgrades were also made to the classic version, effectively ruining that game too
  • $40, no discounts

Actually, the sound was changed to be closer to the original source material, I believe. They did something with it. I was told in school many years ago that I was an auditory learner and I like to think I have a generally pretty good memory for sounds.

I hacked open the game installation and played the files side by side and the Reforged ones are slightly louder and in some cases in my opinion seemed slightly easier to interpret. You do not notice the difference because although I believe they loaded a backup of the original, higher-quality recordings, they are using the same recordings.

So, your claim that they are untouched is actually your brain playing a trick on you. They were touched; you simply clearly don’t care. And that can be your opinion. But please do your research.


Blizzards janitor did the best he could with Reforged, don’t you see that?


From what another user said, they just used uncompressed FLAC instead of compressed MP3. Other than that, it’s the same exact sound. This makes sense because it literally sounds the same, pitch, delay, etc, except very teeny minor difference.

If the voice actors were changed for example, it would be very obvious. But it’s all the same except “higher quality”

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I have atleast 2 new prologue maps so far. The one you save trolls from humans and now murloc prison camp.
These weren’t in the classic. Just in the background story and trolls suddenly appeared in your horde.

(Unless i was playing some bugged version which skipped these parts of the prologue)

they were, man, hey were. Check classic’s custom campaign - they are there by default.


They were in the original Warcraft 3 Demo but weren’t initially added to the official launch. However, you could download them online.

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I can confirm. In 2019 we found a “Mac Addict” demo CD in my parents basement from 2002 that said it included Warcraft 3. I popped it into a disk drive and installed the game. When I played it, it launched a version labelled “1.01 DEMO” and the only menu options that functioned were the Campaign button, which played all 5 prologue missions, including the island with the trolls and the cave with the murlocs.

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Yeah, I remember back in the day, when we got these PC and other tech magazines delivered monthly to us, they usually had some sort of CD with a collection of demos of games in them. Once, it had the just one demo, and it was the Warcraft 3 Demo. I remember installing that and playing the 5 demo campaign missions and then I was bit surprised they weren’t in the retail version.

Thanks, strange since i used digital version from the Blizzard webpage.
Well, i was happy to play them, but now i dont count them as extra content for Reforged :slight_smile:

They did touch the sound also with the dialogue. In the second prologue mission the grunt refers to Grom being captured. In ROC he says “Grom” but in reforged he says “Hellscream” Blizz must have some legal reason they refuse to use Grom. All references to that character since WOD have been Grommash. Never EVER shortened. It’s so bizarre.


Except for the fact that the original prologue in Reign of Chaos was only 2 missions (a third was added in Frozen Throne, the other 3 (2 in Frozen Throne) were part of a demo that was hastily put together and it showed. There were numerous issues with it from no voice acting, to music that was incomplete and wouldn’t play.

The Reforged version of the Prologue is all 5 missions, fully voice acted with music and cinematics. They even gave murlocs human voices so that you could understand them without having to look at ‘MRRRGL’ speak.

Graphical overhaul seems perfectly fine for me when running on max settings. In fact it’s vastly improved over the original Warcraft 3, which was the point of the entire remaster. You are right about the outsourcing though, that was done by Lemon Sky Studios, one of the best art development studios in the world judging by their track record of what games they’ve worked on and their client list.

Sound assets were modified in multiple places, not sure what you’re talking about here. Some of the voices were altered significantly.

Something tells me you haven’t actually bothered to play the game…

Im not retarded enough to buy a $40 product before release only to find out its bad and was a waste of money.

You are right, I never played after reforge dropped, so some of my info is slightly wrong, but at least I am $40 richer and didn’t buy something that was so lazy compared to other companies efforts. I will at least apologize and, unlike blizzard, fix my original post to reflect reality.

This company was famous for having the best RTS offerings in the world. This offering is pathetic and you know it.


Man…custom games are RUINED.I just finished a game of Dota,where the host left and 4 random people got disconnected immediately???Some maps which usually take 10 seconds to load now take extremely long time…like 5++ minutes!!!
Curse you blizzard!CURSE YOU!


Don’t forget they censored audio lines

Bro,the sound feels weird…i just dont know anymore…custom games were about the only thing i played in Warcraft and now it has been turned to p00/


Reforged really looks like it was done by some chinese company for 20$.

The portraits, the shadows, the terrain, the buildings…


As a developer, I can’t imagine releasing such a garbage. Blizzard, I don’t have the words to describe my disappointment. It was the best game of the world and now has just become a piece of sh*t. A dirtbag with no bag.

Thanks for reading, I really feel better after writing this.


Then your opinion is honestly invalid. You haven’t played the game, so you have no experience with what it adds to the title or how it plays.

Go hide under a rock.

Amen, I don’t know what I expected but I expected better. (Shame on me, this is activison we are talking about) If this is what to expect from a remake the rumors of a remastered D2, terrify me.