Is this an out of season april fools joke?

It looks like they remade the game a year after it originally came out

“DoNT yOu GUyS LiKe WC3? We even got rid of the original for you”


Agree! It is a real MESS!!!

Apart from the graphics which are subjective everything I mentioned in the OP isnt opinion but simple facts. These are easily verified and if you think I am wrong you are more than free to prove them wrong.


Lemon Sky Studio, Chinese developer design this game

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yes indeed. Animation work, 3D etc. Which explains why it looks so cheap, glossy and weird. Nothing 2020 or warcraft about this at all.
The original felt so fun and crazy. This one feels sterile and because of the high res realistic overhaul, combined with bad sync and lacking animations for dialog it just feels bland and well… mass effect andromeda launch like.

Well done, devs. Outsourcing to China and this is what you get. Priceless.

A lot of companies are going that way I fear…


Currently game are looking very bad and downgraded… The 2018 demo looked perfect! But in this 2020 release the game are looking very bad…

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I noticed this too but thought I was going crazy, thanks for confirming. They changed a lot of stuff actually, weird stuff too. Like in the second human mission they attack you with axethrowers instead of spearthrowers. And this is only the second mission.

Caught that myself. Maybe they changed it because it’s really inappropriate to refer to a tribal chieftain by his nickname?

Really weird thing to update, though.

Where are the UI from the 2018 demo? :frowning:

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