Is it only me still low fps even after the hot fix?

I don’t feel any difference in the low fps.
At the very beginning of the game it s ok but after 30sec or a minute, fps starts to go down and game feels so laggy especially when I scroll the screen.
Never experienced this before. I miss the game before the version of 1.36

I’m still pretty low in fps too especially in 4v4. It went from 180 fps before to 30 fps and now 50 fps…

PTR build of 20247 runs much better than live version of 20257. However both are better than previous build of last big “patch”.

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it improved for a lot of people but there are still some complaints, so it seems there is more than one factor at play.

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got allot better with the fps patch a few days ago for me but still stutters a bit
320 bios
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H - 90.4%
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660-Ti (Mobile) - 69.7%
SSD: Kingston OM8PCP3512F-AB 512GB - 160.5%
RAM: Kingston KHX3200C20S4/16GX Samsung M471A2K43DB1-CWE 32GB - 96.4%
MBD: Asus ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506IU_TUF506IU

Today, stuck at 100 fps, no comment there still work to do, its not entirely fixed

It is fixed, this is a different bug. Appears to be a memory leak and seems to be associated with custom maps.

The issue that was fixed in the update has nothing to do with that and affected pretty much everybody.

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I use geforce 3060 and my fps often at 80-90,
while sevearal patches ago it was around 300

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1.35 fps higher than 1.36

what was the point in posting that in a 5 month old thread when everyone already knows that performance took a hit in 1.36?

Bumping old threads and plastering the same statement all over the forum isn’t going to get the next patch out sooner.

Since it doesn’t affect you, can you not comment? It seems to have affected your interests

Correct it, this issue has been ongoing since 1.33, not 5 months ago
FPS Drop Since 1.33 - General Discussion - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums (

Since it does affect me, I will comment. And even if it didn’t, I would still comment, because feedback from all users can help identify and track the source of an issue.

You can not tell me what to do.

Well, you need to correct your fellow affected users, whom are all claiming that this issue has only been present since 1.35. Otherwise, it would simply be an imagined issue, and the game would simply have been not performing as well as they think it should, even though there is no malfunction.

You haven’t shown any videos from beginning to end,like Mengyi,
Upload twitch

I don’t need to show any videos, I already agreed the problem exists. About 50 times already. You are arguing at me for literally no reason.

And Mengyi’s video only proves my position: Performance is improved on the patch currently being tested on the Public Test Realm, and inferior on the live version. Thus, I have nothing to prove, as Mengyi kindly proved it for me. You need to stop representing this person, too. They can speak for themselves.

No, you haven’t seen the latest Mengyi video,

There are a few sentences below the video that you must not have seen


Booty bay fps: 400-500fps

Lordaeron fps: 170-200fps

Booty bay fps: 330-440fps

Lordaeron fps: 90-130fps


Booty bay fps: 200-250fps

Lordaeron fps: 35-65fps

The fps of version 1.35 is much higher than that of version 1.36,

Completely contradicts your viewpoint

If I haven’t seen the “latest” one, then it hasn’t been posted here or you have not linked to it yet. And again, please stop representing other people and speak for yourself.

An edit for clarification due to recent testing:

On the version on the PTR prior to the update on November 9, I observed a performance increase compared to the live version of the game (As did the poster you keep representing when you shouldn’t be). After the update that occured on November 9, this is no longer the case.

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You didn’t see the video, that’s your problem.

ht tps://

No, in fact it is not my problem when you don’t post things where people can see them.

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