FPS Drop Since 1.33

Hi, I’m facing huge FPS drops since last update

I’m using i7-11370H with a RTX 3060 and Classic GFX

Before the 1.33 my menu fps was about 60 and my in-game fps was capped at 300, was nice with my 144HZ display

Since 1.33 my in-game fps has dropped from 300 to 80 which is drastically low

The strangest thing is that, task manager indicates that Warcraft3 is using dedicated GPU and not the onboard GPU !

1.32 was used to use GPU 1 - 3D and GPU 1 - Copy

Since the last update, task manager only shows GPU 1 - Copy and no 3D

Also note that I have forced Warcraft Executable and launcher and bnet browser to use Nvidia Card in Windows 11 settings
Also have done the same on Nvidia Control Panel

Also using the latest Intel and Nvidia drivers up to the day

Just what have you done to the game that has dropped 300 fps (50% gpu usage) to 80 fps (90% gpu usage) !

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I apologize for not supporting you in a timely manner