Infernal model is crap


there is no way in hell im buying this if they continue to make models that look like stupid retail wow like the infernal model.
make it look more like a HD version of the original or im out.


Make a better one yourself then.


And now translated to constructive:

“Hey Blizzard, thank you for your attempts to update WC3 to HD.
I have a suggestion I’d like you to pay attention to because I’m rather displeased with the Infernal as it appears in the new leaked beta build.
I think it looks too much like the WoW infernal rather than the old infernal. Would you kindly consider changing it to more closely resemble the original?
Maybe make the shoulders smaller, increase the height of the head so it looks less hunched and increase the leg length.”


Reforged models look nothing like retail WoW, lol.
It does seem like Blizzard has a problem with elementals and constructs though; Flesh golem and battle golems are good.
But Golems, Water elementals, and Voidwalkers look really bad imo.
I don’t even need it to look exactly like the original, but at the very least they could look like the new cinematic(Infernals look pretty good there.), the current version I’ve seen in game looks way more rounded and derpy than that one.
(But still, name any other models outside of those that look like retail WoW.)


play the current game you dont need to play reforged if you like so much the old models .


Can anyone post the pic? Did they add some variant of those uglywhatever that trash is supposed to be instead of majestic and glorious abyssals?

Seriously thats one of things that bothered me all the time since wow was released, why the first infernals looked so awful, why they added the original infernals from W3 to wow, the one that looks super badas, and yet you still couldnt use them … and several expansions later you are stuck with … that … thing, warlocks have now …

I doubt they are going to add option to swap skins for every single unit, especially stuff like infernals who are tied to hero ability …


I like reforged models but i have to agree that the infernal is bad.
It looks like a toy and not scary at all. It’s called “Infernal” so it should be a thing that comes from actual hell and should be supposed to be scary.


I feel the head of this infernal could use some work to be just a bit more intimidating and less goofy but aside from that detail I’m actually rather pleased with this new infernal. I feel it’s a strong silhouette that’s very easily recognisable and still conveys the idea of what an Infernal is.
Frankly this new one truly looks more like a demonic automaton, as they are, while the old one was a bit cooler but also seemed less… in tune with the concept of being an unthinking killing machine. Too dignified.

The WC3 one felt more like a person, the new one more like a machine, which while less cool imho, does fit better.


I wish the MMO had the exact same artstyle as Reforged. It’d be a vast improvement.


Bravo,sir. But still , new infernal is dope.


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ON: That’s a fact, Classic warcraft 3 infernals looks way much better than WoW and Reforged one with that part around theyr neck (head, they have no neck).


I think new infernal model looks pretty dece. Nothing wrong with it IMO.


I disagree, I rather like the crater/collar thing they have behind their heads. It makes it feel more as if the head is from the same chunk of rock the torso is made of. It feels more… organic.


It is a pesonally concern of mine about the infernals, but your viewed point is well based.


To each his own sir. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t be upset if they changed to a more classic design to please fans such as yourself.


Not much for me, after we doesn’t got WC4. Single thing i want to be made after classig design are the infernals the rest is good how reforged looks.

Other concern i have with reforged is the HUD, it’s 2019/20 not 2003/4. The hud took to much from the screen, in 2019 Reforged HUD on a FHD 24" monitor the HUD have around 40cm long and 8cm high on the screen. Personally i liked more the HUD from Stratholme Demo last year blizzcon.


Make it more like the golem so its not that ,skinny’’ and i think it would be better.I personaly am more concerned with the icons i saw of the dreadlords ( Fatoroc and Jokerindrius).


Don’t take away my chunky Detheroc! ;_;
Tichondrius though I’m for blood on the chin but I feel they could do something more dignified. He’s kind of a big deal, even among dreadlords.


20 characters of Bye!!


all golems are wrong
they are not bad looking they are just some other unit
and infernal wow retail model yeah…
old one looks way more baddas… he has head on the top and the new one has head position like some 120 years old man

and 1more thing … sorceres boobs need to be bigger
in original w3 she has very big boobs (it looked like triangle but still bigger)
otherwise she looks very good