Infernal model is crap


I can live with this infernal. It’s not the current cartoonish WoW infernal they use now, instead it’s more like the older WoW version. Looking back at the war3 design and early wow design seems kind of funny to me because everything was smooth rock. The only thing evil about war3 was the immolation fire, not the rock creature.

I appreciate the jagged edges to give it some bite. I agree that the head or mouth needs to be reworked.

Here is what I see when I look at this infernal.

  1. It’s not hard to edit the model to upgrade into a more menacing abyssal.
  2. Less fire can mean more. When you give the unit a greater immolation ability as clickable, you’ll be able show when it’s active over the passive one.


I mean… need is a strong word but… Yeah I’m on board with this. I like my sorcs busty.
I feel this design is just a little bit too safe.
There’s plenty of female units and characters we can give a safe or modest design but lets give the sorc, with her delightfully salacious voice acting, some sizable knockers.
We’re starting to hit the point where we’re shaming women with large bosoms.
Sexy isn’t evil. Just don’t have every female in a game rocking double Ds. Have the full range of busts and body types. The sorc though, has always had strong sex appeal, no need to dial that back.


curious what Frost Wyrm will look like, and dragons


I like both, dont know why they don’t just make both and have the models trade out just like the female variant models for the heroes.


If its anything like in world of Warcraft then they will look hot… I mean like alexstrasza when she is not in her elf form…


Yeah so this is how it looks like … seriously what the …


What it looks like without any lighting or fire effects.
There’s plenty of ingame footage and finish your sentence.
Then, give actual constructive feedback. What specifically would you like to see changed?
Shapes? colours? what?


I’m really surprised they deformed the infernal to look the way it does on reforged… None of the infernals in wc3 or WoW look like this.


Like absolutely everything, why do they have that stupid sunken head, that thing bothers me since they came up with that in vanilla first time, why those stupid xboxhueg pauldrons (sort of get this one, but its still stupid) and whats up with that smiley face … srsly …

Even with effects on it, its still going to look like an ugly doll, instead of that badass mountain of fiery rock we used to have …

Did they lose copyrights on proper abyssal design ?


There we go, that’s way more useful.
Specifics are helpful.


WoW did the sunken head style infernal… but it still looks badass, unlike the reforged model:



some models look too skinny. like felhunters and felguards.
but then other models looks totally awesome like all the orc models ive seen so far.
the undead abomination looks wrong especially around the legs.
but the worst thing so far is definitely the infernal