IMPORTANT: For Anyone Who Loves WCIII , Please Read!

A bad opinion about the game means a bad future for the game
We must help this game if we want it to be better

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If we shut up Blizzard will believe that it does a good job and will never change.

I wanted to make a personalized campaign but now I have to do it in a pirated version. wtf?


How? I tried to load up basic TFT and it force installed Reforged… And I’m pretty sure I had it up to date.

That’s true, but I am not in favor with the mis-leading until now. I will not be paying for futures updates I will pay for a entire game. In the future is possible to me be death.

Ladder has been confirmed to come. Don’t know when but it’s coming

They already know about them doing not so well job. But hating them wouldn’t make the game better - it will kill it

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He didn’t say don’t say anything, posting honest, thoughtful critisms do a way better job then the refund posts or the great job screwing up this game post


This! He isn’t saying don’t critique the game. But if you, think it through! Just spamming the same post over and over does jack for the game


well, they have known for a long time that they do a bad job with the Kaldorei in the wow and they didn’t care. until they pulled the rope around their neck and had to go out to apologize. and yet I doubt that they correct it.

By giving this game a bad reviews,opinions and Metacritic you aren’t making it better - You’re basically telling Activision investors that this game doesn’t worth the money or updates for something good - You’re making them only kill the entire game

Just play,give a positive feedback for them,wait for something just stop hate


You can give the game a bad review. But be smart about it

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Agree,a smart review,not the “Game is s&^%! This company is mess! So dissapointed!”
Even a bad review must be objective and constructive instead of filled with blind rage and no feedback


If you don’t like something then you should say that you don’t like it. That’s your opinion. Companies are supposed to make customers like what they make. The idea that customers should refrain from sharing their opinion because they’re scared that the company will abandon it is ridiculous.

The idea that reviews should only be constructive is also silly. Customers are not all constructive, therefor not all reviews should be constructive. It is on the company to look at the reviews to get a feeling of the entire customer base, constructive or otherwise.


When they announced it, I bought it daily and told my friends to buy it.
and Activision sucked an egg and cut the contents.
Why would they care now?

and the game is not that it is bad that some bugs remain. is that they cut the development in half.


And they did - they made a game purists asked for them a while ago. Now people need to point out what should be fixed if they really want this game to be better

Want to write a bad review? - Write a quality one that will show the developers how you want the game to be
Agressive reviews doesn’t have profit at all.Only hate

about constructive criticism. How the hundreds who asked to leave the campaign changes and ignored them?

Content was cut during a lot of things. Purists,time,a small team. They even announced how the final product will look like a 3 months ago
Give them a feedback if you want this game update

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That’s not how the real world works. If you disregard all reviews that you consider “hateful” or “non-constructive”, then you’re disregarding the entire portion of the population who are hateful and/or non-constructive. Their money is worth just as much as the polite and constructive people.

What you’re saying sounds lovely, but it is not the real world.


and I do that I give you my feedback. That this all wrong is not my fault.

and wait for it to arrive at Maiev’s campaign to see that they didn’t even put new animations in the dialogues.
from what I saw is literally that of the three with a graphic layer.

And why then hateful and/or non-constructive people deserve something good,if all they do is talking about how they refunded?