IMPORTANT: For Anyone Who Loves WCIII , Please Read!

I have a question for you, yes YOU. Warcraft 3 was a major part of my childhood(an amazing one and wc3 was one of the main reasons for it to be this way). Here on this forum I believe many people can say the same thing. Right ? Can YOU ?

I am not here to defend Blizzard(Activision cough cough) or their business model at all, instead I am here to protect and defend the very same thing we LOVE with all our hearts - Warcraft III.

Listen, if we just spill out hate towards the DEVs, nothing good will come out of it! Nothing at all. Most are simply spreading toxicity - we are harming the game LONG TERM.

Did they screw up ? ABSOLUTELY. The Reforged graphics is terrible IMHO and the Malaysian guys did a poor job, but even if it were AMAZING I would still stick to the old models out of nostalgia.

They launched the game without ladder and stats - terrible but they will fix this. Is it full of bugs ? Yes, rushed release because of directors decision but they will fix them sooner or later.

But trust me guys, each and any of us MUST grow up in this key moment in the name of OUR game and take a deep breath. Look at this objectively and find a way to give a valuable feedback to the DEVs. Think it through - What you don’t like and would like to see in the game ? Say it in a moderate intelligent way so they actually listen.

If you think you posted a toxic hate comments or posts that do not contribute to the game, delete them (if you can, don’t know how this forum works, just registered). And make a new one.

Do you really think any of the DEVs wanted to make a shtty game ? Do you think any of them get joy when they read 99% of the comments which are SUPER BAD at the moment ? When you go to work do you want to make a shtty thing in your job ? No. Nobody wants to create something bad and ugly. But sometimes because of money/bad business model of the company or other reasons it happens. Give them time and good feedback guys, this can only help. Everything else is just a mind/ego fart.

What is done in the next few months will be what will be left of WC3 for the rest of our quite short lives.

Do you want to just spill out hate OR fight your internal urge to hate and instead come up with new ideas and suggestions so they can actually improve the game WE ALL LOVE ?

Please guys, come to your sense and lets all try to stop the toxicity and try to help the DEVs do it RIGHT and give us the best possible version of the game WE ALL F*CKING LOVE.


I still don’t understand. If we have the most recent TFT version, are we forced to update it to reforged?


The Reforged graphics is terrible IMHO and the Malaysian guys did a poor job, but even if it were AMAZING I would still stick to the old models out of nostalgia.

Then why have a Remaster at all. Might as well just play the old game in a higher resolution.


Ehhhh, I had a friend who liked the movie series, “Twilight”. She got upset coss people said it sucked. I told her that if you love something, you don’t need other people to also love it. For example, I love the movie “The Big Lebowski”. If 100,000 people told me that The Big Lebowski sucked, I’d be like “Yea, well that’s just like your opinion, man”.


Because we have a new launcher, now we can play with HUGE resolution and having REFORGED guarantees we are going to get new updates and balance fixes and support for the game. Also the game WAS DEAD. Now it is ALIVE again. Not enough of a reason ?


Yes we are if you continue to want playing online. If you just want to play campaign or solo vs AI, you can keep your 1.31.1 TFT Version.


the game was perfectly alive , now its dead, w3r is completely new game.


Thank you


It’s not about opinions man,it about updates. Everyone really should just shut up if they want this game to be good
Otherwise,game will stay like this forever
No campaign changes,graphics changed,lore…If you won’t stop and keep being toxic - it wouldn’t change anything. You’ll just prove activision that this game doesn’t worth attention
This game is pretty good at some things,let’s stop being toxic for a while and calmly show devs that we don’t want to ruin this game,we want a future for it.
Being toxic is only making this game being cancelled soon


It actually ain’t so bad, I played it yesterday online and experience is good overall.
Yes, it’s not completely finished yet (minor details).
The old TFT was dead. There were no updates and no AT opponents in team games. That actually works now with the new game, that is my opinion.


Well I like new models as much as I like old. (except Thrall and Grom, those two look better for me in Original and much more to Classic to WotLK version)
I have mainly a problem with the new voices. As much I like that they tried to give their best I honestly think the original, german, france, russian, and all the other localizators back then did an amazing job. Now it just sound like either all the same gibberish or out of character (I just say Elfpriest is sounding more like a vrykul)

Your welcome.


I disagree. Blizzard took a very long time to release it, probably they didnt spend proper amount of money to finish it fast (and they have the money but they don’t see a big deal investing in WC3 all the way). For me the game should be released in July and not January that was rude.


I completely understand where this is coming from - I wanted this to be successful because I wanted another return to Warcraft 3; I wanted this to actually grow into something that would someday soon turn into Warcraft 4.

I think even in the most aggressive complaints about the game in this forum and in others, it’s easy to gather data on the more significant issues the game presently has: most of which I think are fixable. Not to mention the feedback they’re getting from the pros that we’re not privy to. There’s also a component of this process which sadly probably can’t be fixed and another which describes the behavior Blizzard has had about this project. It’s the latter that I think is the most disheartening for customers - this is a game a lot of us grew up with and to see it shaken down and abused for a cool short-term profit is painful. And not only is this game impacted, but there’s no reason not to assume that future games they develop won’t be treated in a similar matter, even if those projects get more financial backing.

At the end of the day, it helps to remind ourselves this is far and away not the same Blizzard it was nearly twenty years ago. If we keep that in the back of our heads, I think it would be easier going forward with expectations low remembering the recent releases of Blizzard so as to be more cautious about spending money and putting money on preorders.

Particularly, I hope you’ll remember not only this, but to ready your phones and how thankful you are that Diablo 4 is going to be the next best ARPG that everyone should buy (/s).


Or you can play with wc3conects from entgaming site and play it with others peoples who use it until reforged is done more good.(If You don’t want to play solo until reforged is decent)

Damage control?

Do your job GOOD…

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You can’t now that, I’ll start believing when I see it. There is no official response to this terrible launch yet. They promised a lot in 2018 and didn’t deliver anything until now.


I just want to be able to play the frozen throne, but it’s broken because they forced this trashy reforged game on us. I didn’t even purchase reforged but because of it they broke the game I loved.

So no, I won’t be patient. The game I paid to was working fine until this reforged trash.


Thank you but I am fine. I played all those years only campaign. My only problem is, that I can not switch back to old voices. Because many english speakers do not know, as part of bringing back the last three prolog missions, the whole game got a new vocalization for everyone else. Problem is, for many people the old voices sound better and not all the same and perfectly fitting. Another big problem is that part of the voices they translated the original names like Hellscream, Doomhammer, Warsongclan. For some names it whas not even the original meaing for example Proudmoure became Prachtmeer which is english for Seaglory. Mayby it is more fitting for his background but we loved the names we know since back then playing first time a Warcraft game. Another reason we wanted so much back Classic WoW because there they did not translated those names. I know we should speak not Ill but many of us loath the localization team for being back then convincing the bosses, that a hit like WoW need a full done translation because letting original names untranslated make it look like it had been midway stopped. But for us this names had Gravitas instead of the new names.

It is ALWAYS about opinions.
Still accessible if you follow these steps.