I hope they release game asap

I for one am not trying to bring anything to WC3, I’m trying get Blizz to do what they said they would do originally for WC3 REFORGED, which by definition is different to the original.


I am really looking forward to the game and the new campaign which is cleaned of any Loreconflicts and enriched by 25 Years of History of the Warcraft Universe.


GGTeMpLaR You’re the ones who need to go play WoW instead of trying to bring it into WC3.

This response is stupid. You view people are the WoW bunch. Stop it it’s embarrassing. And nothing will change.

Vanvan Just because you don’t like wow doesn’t mean others don’t.

Sadly some people do, that’s true. There is nothing against bad taste or liking a horrible story. No one is taking this away from you. But don’t come any near to the RTS with it.

No. You really want to change it to some stupid WoW fanfic. Blizzard has chosen the right way. Keeping the campaign as it was. You really want more WoW nonsense in there. Fans don’t cares for this. Blizzard made the right call on this.

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I don’t think they can keep the original WC3 storyline. Mal’Ganis & Bronzebeard can testify


They have chosen the right way to appeal to purists like yourself, the minority of the community.


I’m not really taking any sides here, but Chasing the Dawn, Shadows of Hatred, Curse of the Forsaken, Rise of the Blood Elves, Kalimdor the Aftermath, Lordaeron the Aftermath, and Lordaeron the Foremath, and Ultimate Battle are all popular custom games/campaigns.

It’s not really a good idea to rush this game yet, as we have lots of bugs, animation problems, and crashes. Remember that a rushed game will forever be bad.

Also, they will need to fix a lot of inconsistencies like the one I listed here:

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Ignoring WoW babies like you. Fixed it for you.

There isn’t any point in arguing with someone like you, you’re not much different to a brick wall.

This week I went to a game testing for a company. First thing I wanted to test was that the game can run normally that is the game is playable before I find bugs on less important things.

When I made my 1st War3R game, I saw low FPS and crash/freeze during the 1v1 ladder game…

Like seriously that in a beta? That has to be fixed ASAP

Everything else including War3 vs WoW story is lower priority. So, game should be released when no such crashes occur at common game modes.


That’s because you are not here to argue. You have your demand and that’s it. You’re ignoring the fans. You’re also ignoring we say dlcs are great.

Assumptions built on assumptions, that’s all you can do really. I am here to show my opinion, yet all you do is sh** on me because I have a different opinion than your own. It’s not like I didn’t expect it but it’s hard to imagine that you could be so shameless.

Your opinion is bad. you are only here to say the same thing over and over again.

Okay Mr Troll

If the game needs more time to be polished, lets wait and no hurry till the game be perfect polished till the release

Right way is not necessarily a profitable way or a creative way. WoW based contents could be added as optional bonus campaigns. If you don’t like it, then don’t play it, problem solved. People don’t wanna play for just a massive reskin project.

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Learn to read before you comment.

No one said anything against bonus, or dlc. Even ignoring the fact WoW’s writing is bad.

No it was practically implied yet you didn’t see the obvious.

Your ignorant of this entire situation… 1 wow expansion can make more money than WC3 ever did, therefore it’s not as bad as your mind projects it to be.

We will see if they delay it by 2020 or release it by the end of this month or year.

Feel free to share your opinion here: https://strawpoll.com/g54dxp4s

Hahahahahahahaha no.