I hope they release game asap

I hope they just release the game ASAP once everything is working and don’t waste time making inferior campaigns based on WoW lore that no one is going to bother playing


once it is ready, it will likely be released but, if they release it in disc, then they need a little extra time.

  1. They were never talking about entire new campaigns…

  2. No one? I would love play them, like many other. Don‘t project your opinion to others

  3. Inferior? Aaah, you already played them… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … you can‘t know. Maybe they would be better than the old ones… no one knows

  4. World of Warcraft is a MMO… it‘s totally different. They are forced to deliver periodically new content and especially story to discover to keep the game running and keep everything ‚interesting‘. Warcraft III on the other hand is a RTS and as you might know, the time stands still for quiet a while, since Arthas is sitting on the frozen throne. Arthas is frozen and the time also. Nice! :grin:
    And there is nothing to worry about and slightly unfreeze something. And of course those (sometimes bad) decisions which were made during several addons in World of Warcraft, they were forced to decide something in a short period of time, to make stuff interesting, animate people to play, a bad evil to fight against and take credit to the lore. Now in Warcraft III, they already had 17 years of time to think about this and do not need establish a raid or something. The story already exists, they only need some additions to make things interesting again and tell us something we might not know.


Don’t worry, thanks god they scrapped the idea of a wow rectonnect, they won’t waste much time on that.


Why would have that been so bad FFS. WoW is canon, get over it.

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Great, whenever I will feel the need to experience wow’s story, I will know wow story is canon. Thank you.


War 3 shaped Wow story and is partially retconned by it. This hostility is irrational and pointless.


I don’t care of what Wc3 gave birth to. I’m interested in wc3 story, not in addictions caused by a 15 years old mmo.

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Wow isn’t canon at all since alot of things they did in wow was to create raid bosses and balance the 2 f ing factions.


LOTS of people will play this, only a very, very small part of the community agrees with you.


Ah… you are not interested in a 15 year old game, but instead in a 17 year old, time freezed title. Theres nothing be interested in… after 17 years, you really should have seen everything in the campaign. As I said. Some little additions are a chance for you, to discover something new. And I don‘t know what you think could happen? A wedding with Arthas and Jaina?

They can‘t change the personalities of any character. They can‘t make Thrall killing Jaina or something like that. It would all based on their actual feelings, behaviors and decisions they made, which were present in Warcraft III. I don‘t understand what you afraid of?


Maybe. Maybe not.
But the things you might refer to, are happening much later. I don‘t know how maybe N‘zoth, Ragnaros, Deathwing, Sargeras or even Garrosh could have some influence to the things taken place in Warcraft III…

And yes. Maybe they have been created or been pushed to be a raid boss. But thats how a MMO works… they have to keep the game running and add periodical new content. Otherwise no one would play WoW anymore. And of the purpose to be a MMO… they worked well.

they wanted to change sylvanas’s and jaina’s personality. that is big enough.

yeah and should stay in the MMO and doesn’t move over to a RTS.


the purpose with an mmo is to allow people to explore the world without worrying about canon.

As far as I know, nobody said that… and… why the f* would they even do this? This makes no sense… And I really don‘t believe that this is true

I don‘t know where exactly you get your informations from… But there was never, and will never be a plan of replacing Warcraft III with a MMO or make Warcraft III like a MMO!

How did you come up with things like this…

But on the other hand… Rexxar campaign?..
It already happen. But will actually not affect the rest of the game.

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Because they felt they are too submissive prob or feminine idk ask Christie golden .

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They? Who you are talking about? Blizzard never said that and Christie neither.

Please show me your source.
I want to check it.

[citation needed]

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Most players agree with me

you people are just a very loud minority cluttering up the forums

Not me, I don’t think they need to rush the release anymore. I think they need to spend some time and upgrade it.