I finally refunded :/

Oh, they’ll be fine without it, but that’s still a really disgusting move to pull. 9 Campaigns… How many hours did you play it? How much do you make per hour working? Honestly shameful, both that you feel good about choosing to refund when you did and that they’ve been so bullied that their automated system let you after all that time.


“Disgusting” is a dramatic word to use. I don’t know how many hours. It really doesn’t matter anyway. The process is already done. You can feel “disgusted” or you can realize money isn’t everything. We wanna suddenly talk about principle and treat this company with dignity and respect while they crap on us and treat us like piggybanks. So no, I don’t feel bad.


Another irrational. My time is wasted.

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Company lies, scams, denies, steals, treats its customers like worthless human wallets, takes a product you’ve already paid for and strips it of content you paid for and customer service that ignores laws, but damn you’re disgusting if you play a campaign then refund a game through a system they give you.

You should be ashamed Atomsk, so ashamed :wink:


Buying a product and returning it after you have had good use out of it is fraud plain and simple. Shame you guys cant see that…


LoL :rofl: TS should rename theme like:


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fraud plain and simple.

Yeah guys, don’t commit fraud with a game that was sold completely on fraud.

I mean it’s not like it wasn’t possible to beat the game in the few days they were denying refunds and ignoring countries consumer laws or anything…


I’ve refunded only minutes after the final version has released in Germany. Before I only had a short glimpse of the beta, but decided not to play it, because the game seemed to be in a rather early stage - to early to play flawlessly, at least.

When I’ve noticed that little has changed between my beta impression and the final version, I decided to give it back.

Years ago I would have said to myself that Blizzard will surely polish the title, but because of them letting D3 and HOTS die rather than fix the games, I was too insecure to keep it. Maybe I’ll get the game in the future. I tried to have some fun with friends in the classic client, but joining custom games as a group isn’t possible (yet?)

Really funny that you could refund it :joy: and it’s fine. You played the campaign as a kid and they even managed to demaster this. The game is incomplete and an insult for every fan.


Ehh, I still can’t bring myself to refunding it completely. I decided to refund the spoils of war part to send Blizzard the message but I have hopes they will fix the game.

I know they ol’ saying ‘2 wrongs dont make a right’ but Blizzard did do it first…


You refunded after playing through whole Campaign??? Played customs and had fun? and then you REFUNDED? are you stupid? With this kind of action you are no better than them. LOL You are even worse …


LOL You are even worse …

You, a single person, playing through a game that was sold to you under false pretences are even worse than a multi billion dollar company that tries scrape every single cent they can from their consumers through highly unethical, immoral means and treats people as indisposable and fires them to then post the same job with more responsibilities and less of a salary.

You, a single person, refunding $30 after said company wouldn’t let people refund for days even though laws said they have to, are worse than this.

HannyS please, get some perspective.


Perspective??? That’s total trash. he said that he: “had genuine fun” but poor guy is really disappointed with response we got from Blizzard" oh no so now lets hop on train even if I had fun and abuse refund when i can after finishing campaign + other content.

If you don’t understand whats wrong about this then I’m really feeling bad for you.

Go to restaurant buy pizza, eat whole pizza then ask for refund and don’t forget to say i enjoyed your pizza but im disappointed with your waiter not giving me her number I asked for LOL.


Sure it’s not very moral to play the whole campaign, have genuine fun and then refund. But i will take this morality any day over Blizzard’s bait and switch and still failing to acknowledge that properly. Atleast guy is speaking the truth.


Go to restaurant buy pizza, eat whole pizza then ask for refund and don’t forget to say i enjoyed your pizza but im disappointed with your waiter not giving me her number I asked for LOL.

Why do people make such terrible analogies? Did the restaurant in your analogy spend 2 years lying about the pizza? It’s size? It’s ingredients? Did the restaurant when you ordered a meat lovers come out with a pizza with no sauce, no toppings, then say sorry YOU didn’t get what YOU expected? Did the restaurant then go to your house, find previous food you’d paid for and then just take it? Did the restaurant, after doing this to you, continue to advertise their pizza to the public even after doing this to you and others?

What a dumb analogy…

Blizzard LITERALLY SCAMMED PEOPLE, and if you think it’s worse for the consumers to do it back to a company like this, then you need to take a deep look at your moral system.


are you kidding me ? so you had to form an opinion and for that you had to play through the ENTIRE campaign ??

dude, you most likely don’t realize HOW lame this is. You literally scammed blizzard and should be banned for that forever… Its unjustifyable to play through the entire game and then refund it for the laughable reason that you "didn’t like their response to the community). WTF… i’m shocking to read this.

at least now after you told everyone you most likely will get a lifelong ban for your account


What ?!

That’s the most selfish and ignorant attitude i saw in here! So you played the whole game, you had FUN playing it, yet you decide to refund taking advantage of this whole “mess”, because Blizzard is auto-accepting refunds?!

I really, really , have NO sympathy for you!

I really hope that’s “see ya” in the normal way, aka you are moving away from this forums and this game and not lurk around in here like this (mature) kids who didn’t even purchased Reforged.

What you did here, is disgusting !


You literally scammed blizzard

After they scammed their entire player base. These responses are hilarious.


How, because last time I check, everyone and their mother refunded. So , how did they scammed the ENTIRE player base?!

so what ? even IF they scammed people with the release of reforged (and i’m NOT saying they did) its never ok to scam them back… never !

in a perfect world no one should scam anyone !

also thats really pathetic to play through the entire game and then refund it… really worse then what blizzard did because blizzard at least delivered A game… not the game that they promised but they delivered a game where people could play through it completely, as proven by this thread here at the very least…

total nonsense… they didn’t scam their entire userbase. they disappointed their entire userbase. scamming would have been to take the money and not release A GAME at all !!

thats what this one here did… he took the game, played through it and then he refunded it, basically getting it for free… thats a real scam. what blizzard did is not a real scam, its just an disappointement