I finally refunded :/

I really did not want to. I played through the entire campaign, played custom games, had genuine fun — but the response we got from Blizzard really disappointed me.
Not here to tell anyone else to refund or to express anger at the devs or community managers or players.
This game meant a lot to me, as I am sure it did for many of you. This game helped me learn English as a kid because I used to play RP maps and learned proper sentence structure, fancy new words, etc. I made a lot of friends here and I will always look upon WC3 with tremendous fondness.
I am really disappointed to say that all of those feelings are no longer there. I know this is not unlike how many of you feel. I gave this game my best effort in trying to enjoy. I did have fun and I did enjoy moments of gameplay. The campaign just felt tainted—used to turn a profit with such blatant anti-consumerism. You know WC3 was made out of passion and with love. People really cared about the player experience. I cannot say the same for Reforged.
I’m not angry. I’m not full of hate. I’m disappointed.
I may come back after updates/patches but this game wasn’t just developed wrong or managed incorrectly; the legacy will always be stained. You can’t patch that.
See ya.


Er… you played hours worth of content, enjoyed it, then returned the game? Because feelings?

Yeah, that is why they have no refund policies.


I had to form an opinion and by the end of the full campaign I just wasn’t feeling it. If you disagree then that’s your own view.


Having been a huge fan of Blizzard games for the last 25 years, it’s sad to be in a situation where they’ve so botched a game release that I can confidently assert we, the players, would be better off if Reforged had never been announced. Seriously. The classic game client experience was fine the way it was and given the new licensing agreement, with Blizzard taking complete ownership of all custom content, it seems more likely than not that the best days of Warcraft III are in the past rather than the future. They’ve ruined the foundation of one of the greatest games ever made.


Same, dude. Maybe not 25 years but I played WC2 with my dad as a little kid and my parents played the Lost Vikings in their younger years. The whole thing really is sad. :frowning: I was so hyped and told myself that they wouldn’t botch the launch of WC3 all throughout the beta. Oh well…


Buy yourself something nice this time.


The hero of an ally has fallen.


lol playing the campaign for hours and the refunding is pretty lame. that shouldnt be made possible. customers will just abuse that.


What a waste of time. You’re just going to rebuy the game.


I don’t think I will, but we will see.


I will wait for a discount and new patch and if I feel it deserves my money I will pay for it of course


They accepted your refund even after you played the entire campaign? Like, all nine of them?


I have played the whole campaign and some vs matches, yeah thanks for letting me know i can still refund.


Yep. All nine.


It’s automated now.

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Refunded after completing the game? Not sure how you didn’t get your 30 bucks worth of value…


Personally think its hilarious and awesome you played the entire campaign and then refunded. stick it to the man brotha


I played through the entire campaign, played custom games, had genuine fun — but the response we got from Blizzard really disappointed me.

Bro that’s grimey af. Shame on you, how you gonna play the whole campaign then refund it? I hope thats not true.

Thais like going to a restaurant, ordering food and not paying because it didnt taste good but ate all of it.


Yeah, this is… Really not okay. At all.

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Blizzard has gotten more than enough money from me over the years. Sorry if you disagree, but I think they’ll be fine without my 39.99$.