I don't want a refund, i want the game that was advertised

Better get your money back like many of us bud, we won’t getting that in a BILLION years.


right there with you and I will happily pay twice if they give us the game that was advertised.


Aoe2 gave you more and it only cost 15$.

They literally called if “reforged” because it was supposed to be more then a remaster. And it turned out as less then a remaster


If you will not refund now you will never get the game fixed.
They will fix it o ly after mass refunds… or just promise new patches… u til people stop complaining and forget

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Well… if it was old Blizzard, we would have gotten what was advertised but nowadays… old Blizzard is dead so there is no hope for that anymore. 10 Years ago i would have bought it without a second thought. And since i dont play retail anymore (literally dead game, soulless ) i didnt even think about getting it just for the Mount etc. and on release date i decided to wait since THIS is the result i kinda feared but knew it is highly possible for that to happen considering the last few years and in the end… my fears came true and i was happy not to waste my money on this dogpoop.

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The game that was Advertised is never going to come or be “fixed” less you are willing to suspend your expectations and just take what you got.

You know i aint BSing you, kek, you really believe they got the manpower to give what they scratched in 2019 ? for now you can only wish the whole game comes out of this mess alive.

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this forum turn into pure whining, crybaby fest, not worth going through it anymore i see

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You mean the new HD models that were being worked on by fans before this was announced? For free? Yeahhh why should we be thrilled about this exactly?

and these numerous models aren’t even complete and some have errors

get your money back, and if and when they improve the game you buy it again, bad releases shouldnt be supported, get your money back


i want both

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yes! Models are amazing, what complain about in those videos are the ANIMATION! Models are just stiff figures in themselves.

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Give us what you promised back in 2018 or false advertising

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So if I get a Refund I won’t even be able to play classic anymore?

The models are not Warcrafty, they are appealing to the same people who also likes Chinese MMOs. They are bad for a RTS since you see them most of the time top down.

But my comment ,primarily, is intended to scrutinize the horrible animations.

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You can play reforged with the classic textures if you dont buy reforged. That’s what i have since i own the classic game, but it is buggy now and has lost some detail and features.

For example, last time i checked, the wisps looked different, like i dont know how to explain it but it appeared to me that some particles or textures or something was missing.

If you do play classic, i warn you that the new shellidan and shearthas skins are just them in drag xD they are the only thing that is worth something from the update. It’s so bad that atleast it makes you laugh.

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Y, its something wrong with wisps in classic mode

I want this so bad, but i know it will never happen… I just want updated cutscenes and not that reused stuff and i will gladly throw money to get this game.

Look around cuz fans are remaking what you want.

How so?