I don't want a refund, i want the game that was advertised

The title says it all.


Don’t we all?


That’s why I asked for the refund.
I hope everyone does the same and maybe they will fix the game and keep the promise.

Once the game will be the same as the promised one I will buy the game again. But not before !!!


If you do not get a refund you will not get the money to buy the game that you wanted to buy initially.

Right now you payed for a game you didn’t want… A Glorified Skin Pack


“A glorified skin pack”, wow really underselling 2,000+ new HD models.

Get a refund if you don’t like it.



So this makes it not a skin pack how?


Because you’re getting so much more??! LMAO. Models are amazing btw, y’all can spend $20-30 On a skin in league of legends, but feel the need to tell blizzard they’re horrible when they give you 2,000+. And yes, you’re getting so much more than just skins. These trolls are hilarious. Go look at the plethora of updates, I’m not going to list them all here.

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Yeh… Models are amazing…

There are tons of other examples of high quality 40dolar work at play.

No, not “y’all” spend money on skin packs. Mostly you probably.


i’ve never played league of legends. Looks stupid in my opinion.


Same !!! I dont want the money back,they are gone for nearly 2 years so I dont care so much about em !!! I want and demand on what was promised !!!

We’re on PC, sugar, and the direct point of comparison here are the graphics mods. There are fanmade overhauls that do far better than Reforged did when it comes to updating models and textures of the entire game. Hell, some of them were even in the works for W3 before Reforged got announced. Comparing Reforged favorably to League of Legends is both hilarious and extremely sad and emblematic of what a disgusting time we live in.


To see how bad you have done, check the WC3 mod for SC2 that some people did in their free time 4 years ago!

It is much better than Blizzard reforged !!!


Yes wonderful 2,000+ outsourced models that look like something out of raid shadow legends… brilliant.
Complete with awful portraits missing audio and all that censorship we we’re just begging for…

Don’t want a bloody refund I want what i paid for, twice.
Now I can’t even go back to my old copy that I picked up years ago thanks to this forced update…
But hey original players if you don’t like it… kiss off because apparently we just don’t matter.

So yeah it’s more than a skin pack, it’s also a great big blue blizzard style middle finger to it’s own players.


well thid statement is contradictory,]

you DO want a refund so that they are forced to kill or fix it. :slight_smile:

We all do.

joining you here too :+1:

Well you’re not going to get the game that was advertised, thats literally what they told you straight to your face in the pinned topic by Kaivax.

So get the refund while you still can. The dream is dead.


Same, and I debated requesting a refund for awhile- like should I hold out hope they’ll eventually deliver what they promised? But this afternoon I decided to request the refund after seeing their lackluster response to the current backlash. They don’t sound like they intend to give us what we paid $40 for and frankly, the texture pack we got is not worth that much! Money is tight these days and I can put it to better use elsewhere.

I am honestly sad about doing it, but Blizz needs to know how bad they f’d up.


I completely agree, I want them to fix this and if they have to take another year to do it, they do it, but they do a reforged accordingly, I DON’T WANT THE REFUND I WANT THE WARCRAFT 3: REFORGED.


I agree, i want this game fixed, take another year, but FIX IT!!! reFORGE IT!!!