I don't want a refund, i want the game that was advertised

Links and stuff don’t work here and I’m not gonna bother with the workarounds

Look up ‘Alex Dexter Warcraft Reforged’ and you should be able to find videos and download links.

LOL, the game that was advertised? The one cinematic that they changed?

Wrong. The trailer (which is still up on Youtube and the official War3 page) and the gameplay streaming (of the Reforged “The Culling” map) were one thing, but multiple times the developers appeared in interviews saying the plan was to reforged/redo every map of the campaign and to added extra maps scrapped during original the development, plus many other unfulfilled promises… way to appealing to engage preorder sales. And this is without even touch on the removed features present on the original War3.


Wow that is amazing work! Cant believe a fan is able to do something like this, yet blizzard has so much excuses to not it, this lazy company deserved the refunds. Furthermore, now blizzard get to steal this guy’s work and include it into their campaign cos of the new EULA =-=

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Well there’s a few things to the EULA issue

1- The EULA is not new, it’s been around for at least 10 years now; it just never applied to WC3 because it was so old. It’s the reason the whole DOTA lawsuit thing happened and it’s obvious Blizz doesn’t want to revisit that.

2- It’s more about protecting Blizzard’s assets. At the end of the day despite being one fan’s hard work, it’s also Blizzard’s assets and in this case, Blizzard’s IP. It’s not like that guy could do anything with it outside of WC3 Reforged. As modders, we gotta know what we’re going into knowing that anything we create is not gonna be our own. As a modder, I tell people if you want to create something that is your own, use Unity or Unreal. There’s no reason to use WC3:R outside of the passion of working in the community for the community.

3- If Blizzard ‘steals’ this idea, there’d be backlash. Most they could really do is contact the guy and spotlight it, or potentially hire him and get him to do the same treatment in an official matter like they have with other mapmakers. They don’t need to steal anything knowing that shady practices like that will only give them more trouble than its worth. Look at Starcraft Universe mod for SC2.