Hype is gone

After waiting so long for this game, finaly tommorow it’s out, but really no more hype the beta disapointed me, the silence from blizzard devolpers, the forum got only one guy from blizzard, this project seems wasnt really important for blizzard and the budget aswell was very minimal , this is not a new game its just a remaster and they had like two years too make it good but still its far from good, its just dosent look any good, it feels very rushed and very unfinished, many models in my opinon could be done much better, the game menu looks almost like a mobile game, the ladder will not be out with the game release, all that drama which happened and the devolpers who quit the job had an effect too this “reforged remastered game”.All those cut content and more.

If we dont get some new features like voice ingame especially in teamgames which is very important when you play 2vs2,3vs3,4vs4.Observer game which is connected with twitch so people who got most views in Warcraft Reforged Category are on the top, so we can watch ingame all this famous streamers like grubby,tod,happy,foggy and others…Ingame hotkeys settings.Better Anticheat system so we dont play against maphackers, and better ranking system with mmr, like without all this features in 2020 which even 10 years old game have i will be really disapointed and pissed off.


It is not a remaster, it is a skin pack. A proper remaster would improve ingame systems, like pathfinding, upkeep, and the UI.


Yeah, I was gonna take time off to enjoy, but changed my mind after recent month. Maybe I’ll play this weekend, or squeeze time in later I guess. Without Reforged campaign it’s just same campaign I played a million times.

Multiplayer may be fun but I’ll wait for balance patch/season/ladder start…


One thing which i like with reforged is that they didnt change the game from the classic game, this isn’t a new game it’s not Warcraft4 and it’s not Starcraft2, upkeep is good for the game balance, and pathing can be really annoying but body blocking surrounding all those stuff make the game unique,and for UI it would be better if they made more UI so people can chose on which UI they want too play.
But i will never understand this transgender thing is it really necessary too make this female units i will never get that stuff.


I would never pay this price for a skin pack.

After AoE2 DE, I cannot fathom paying for a remastering/remake of an old game, that neither adds content, nor changes the existing one. At that point, I will just play the old game instead, since it is exactly the sam thing, and I already have it.


I dont play AoE2, i did play it back then but didn’t play the remaster but i did saw videos on youtube and twitch, and the remaster looks very good done, they improved alot stuff i think the devolpers did really good job with remastering AoE2, and its alot cheaper then this Warcraft remaster which is poorly remastered if we look at how it looks in this beta, there are still some conspiracy theory people on this forum saying like maybe this beta isn’t the final version its just for testing i would really like too belive in that but im pretty sure this is 99% what we get with campaign,ladder and bug fixes, and in future balance patches, and i really cant be satisfied with this remaster cause it looks very poorly done.And without all this feauture which i mentioned i will be really disapointed for a 2020 game.


Agreed, btw, Blizzard mentioned a better pathfinding, its in the latest pcgamer article, couple days ago.

But even there, they do expect not only the new UI, but new cinematics from the ground up, and that lore retcon from wow , which we know has all been more or less cut.

Even PCgamer is confused as fuk about what will we get xD
“everything you need to know about w3reforged” LOL



There will be no better pathfinding, as it would counter the body-block issues that Warcraft 3 veterans are so keen on preserving.


" First, Blizzard is looking into reworking unit pathfinding to make it more intuitive so you’re not losing a match because your reinforcements took the long way to a battle."

Being serious, not letting your customers know about the final features is not being honest.


This is Activision now, this is how they operate. Get used to it, and stop buyng their games with your notalgia bucks.


Dont be so smartass, dude, I probably played first warcraft a few decades before you played any of em XD

My bucks are not nostalgia based as I am somebody who is expecting Blizz to deliver what they advertise, a remake of this game with todays graphics and improvements.

go call that to the dozens of fanboys that are ok with a very basic remake.


I don’t understand why, mele people complaing about minor thinks like terain, pathfinding, balance, ladder these are things that you can be sure will be patch up. But campaign, old custom maps who don’t work on this version, map makers who leave those maps beside this things will stay dead!

Everything about Multiplayer is improvable, and after so much focus on campaign and wow story in the end of 2018, in 2019 changed a more than 80% focus on multiplayer so mele players should complain after 2/3 months without improving patches.

I played the first Warcraft on release. I played Dune 2, the first RTS ever, on release. Herzog Zwei too.

You are the one trying to be a smartass here.

That would break the game for many people.

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No it wouldn’t. Resident Evil 2 Remake is fully different than the original, and it did not break the game.

Age of Empires 2 DE is very different from the original, in subtle ways, and did not break the game for anyone either.


RE2 is not a multiplayer game.

Even the old UI could influence the game because it shows more on the screen.

But AoE2 DE is, and it still did not break the game, which is why I also mentioned it.


Well, games are different. People got used to and even came to like the bugs. I’m not one of them but I am also not just thinking about myself.

New and returning player are disappointed with the traditional aproach, which is why you have so much complaining.

Not only have we been lied to, the pricing is also too high for a skin pack.


That’s your opinion. I bought the game specially for the graphics. Each hero has a unique model, each non-playable race has unique buildings, blood elf, dalaran and stratholme doodads, editor improvements. A lot of potential for new campaign content. For me this justifies the price.