Hype is gone

Not for most people.


Yeah, it’s pretty sad. Hype died out before the game has even released.


Dude the hype died after a few months, everything new we got was just disappointment for now


(shhh dont tell anyone, there was no hype, noone outside of blizz, wait not even that, noone outside of warcraft 3 community gave a damn for reskin of rts game … but its important to stay happy, keep telling yourself it was important)

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Yea true hype is gone, because me and many people which i know from wc3 community are really disapointed with Reforged, people didn’t expect a new game or something special but atleast a good remaster game, and i would not cry for 40$ how much i did pay for this game if we did get a good remaster but sadly this one is not from judging the beta, we will see tommorow on release will something change but i really dont have alot of hope, it is what it is dont think there will be some huge changes, im really not satisfied with some model how they look especially with neutral creeps, and too recognize units in fight is imposible thats something which is most important in RTS game.


Ah no, the smartass has been you, treating others like complete noobs that dont know about Blizzard / Activision

Sure you had Dune 2…remember which was its anti piracy method? maybe it can be googled but maybe not ^^

So now you know where you can shove all that superiority / condescendence and smartassery :wink:

edit: but also I reacted lil bit too much defensively there, as we had been agreeing till now. Semi-sorry then! xD

I’ll just play the campaign, make a few fun maps and play them and some custom games then I’ll probably forget this game even exists in the first place unless they add dlc or some patches to make me want to come back.

well you’re delusional or have been under a rock the past few years to still think current blizzard delivers anything good. They couldn’t even do classic wow right.


It is not a remaster, it is a skin pack. A proper remaster would improve ingame systems, like pathfinding, upkeep, and the UI.

I think it is good that it is “only” a skin pack and im especially happy there are no changes to the engines code.

This is a highly competetive game and just slight changes to the engine, like u said for example to pathfinding, could have big consequences you often dont expect but could change gameplay. For example techniques like bodyblocking surrounding etc could be affected.

A classic example what happens when u mess arround with the engine can be seen in classic WoW:
There they actually choose to go with 7.3.5 (newer) enginewith old assets instead of the allready existing and working 1.12 client.
And this changed gameplay dramatically. Problems like leeway,(X_______https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3GH5cWPFOE), trick jumps not working, no front backstabbing etc. changed the gameplay very noticeable.

This and many more problems only occured because they essentially rebuild the entire game in the modern clients engine.

Thus, especially from a competetive viewpoint, i say it is a very good thing they did not touch the engine and mechanics of the original wc3 tft.

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Menja-me la de canto una estona va!

I couldnt care less about wow, I expected them to deliver what their website advertises and their gameplay trailer does.

Delusional ta puti mare, desgraciat xD

(sry, tired of keyboard warriors calling names on others cause they are frustrated due to having spent their day at work cleaning toilets lol)

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You are tired of keyboard warriors but you are a keyboard warrior yourself, how does that work?


jesus chrust
“transgender thing”?
you’re being toxic lol, having alt skins isn’t bad, and that’s not a real complaint.


They probably wanted to cater more to the heterosexual male audience, which is greater in numbers than homosexual.

3 days ago

Blizzard has since made Warcraft 3 unavailable for purchase on <blacklisted domain> but will be including a copy with Reforged preorders starting on December 1. So you’ll have to wait until then if you’re hoping to get a Warcraft 3 nostalgia fix.

hmm, ctrl-c ctrl-v fail?

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well it was a year and a half followed by a downgrade to the promotion product followed by poor design choices and REALLY bad balance issue.

Oh forgot the sign of a great product is to have an example for people with a year long date til release followed by last week before release needing more time.

Warcraft reskined


i would of been happier if they left it at that.

None of the things you mentioned require a fix

youre just a newbie asking for the game to take it easy on you on multiplayer.

thankfully not even a single normal person is asking for this. You can complain about the engine, the graphics, the lack of new campaign, but not on the WC3 multiplayer gameplay.

I’m looking forward to replaying the campaigns, very much looking forward to that.

But yeah, true hype is gone.
A whole year of absolute SILENCE from Blizz.
And then three months before launch “Sorry guys but we were really dumb”.

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Are you prepared to handle the hurt when good players slaughter your entire army of conservatism with strong Death Knight and Demon Hunter ladies? :grin:

That aside, I agree with most of everything else you said. The classic gameplay mechanism survived the test of 17 years~~that’s sign of how good it is. So keeping it is fine.

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Wait, so will i be able to play the campaign tomorrow or not? i CAN NOT BELIEVE they moved it back 3 months, and now that they release it tomorrow it ses it will be down from 6am to 3pm, are you kidding me? i will very likely try to get my money back if i cant play it when i wake up tomorrow.