How can offline players help?


Since I love the story of warcraft 3 I tend to just play the campaign or against the computer. I wondered how us “offline” players can help the developers improve the game. Is there any way for us to help or is it ultimately only online players’ feedback that you need?

I’m asking this because I’m not very good at the game and I feel like my feedback wouldn’t be very helpful compared to the ones that have been playing online for the last 15 years :pensive:

Anyways, looking forward to Reforged :grin:

Pre-Purchase the game to support the developing i guess it’s all what we offline (storyline) players can help.


ehh pre purchasing is a bit iffy, referring to recent history of game developers abuse of consumers in pre purchased games, i have never been so excited for a game in my life, but I cant bring myself to trust any game enough to pre purchase it.

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^I agree with this. Even if it’s some company you really trust, the recent happenings in the industry have made sure that the customer is not going to have the optimal service if they throw money around before being presented with the final product.

You can always give feedback and suggestions about new models, art, the changes they made for Culling mission. Ask for some additional stuff, suggest how World Editor can improve. Since you love campaign, maybe comment on what you would like to see changed or what must stay the same, share your opinion on Blizzard’s comments about giving more space to Sylvanas and Jaina etc.

Look at threads like these:

I’m also an offline and custom rpg maps player, so I asked will some characters get unique models:

There’s always a way you can contribute, that is, as long as some of devs read these threads.


What sorts of changes would you like to see in the campaign?