Hotfixes - April 29, 2020

We’ve just released a hotfix patch to address several issues.

April 29, 2020
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Multiplayer win totals for Collections to be set to zero.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players in some regions from joining custom games.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players in some regions from starting any game.
  • Single player custom games can again be created in the Russian locale.
  • Reduced Violence Mode is again enabled where required.

No footprints?


I would congratulate you. But already uninstall until almería next month.

But if this patch works. Thanks for showing that you still have a love for the code. I already assumed that we were going to be like this for a whole month.

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@laststand Those are saved for the major updates


what about europe asia connect play

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How about the bug with the massive lag in chats/menu, no ladder and clan?


fix the size of the letters. some ppl has menu/lobby issues.



also why can’t you pick which regions you want to play ladder with? Dumbest thing ever, why would we willingly want 300 ms over just not even playing

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What happened to the asia server classic id connection?

I can’t play anymore… after the patch client keep have lag spikes within first 30sec of playing a game on Custom Games. Shortly after it disconnects and its not my computer I’ve updated my driver and my computer fully update, even set the graphics too lowest setting still freezes in game and disconnect.

Please fix problem otherwise everyone including myself will be forced to stop playing the game and uninstall and request a refund.

Hey can we please get a patch that addresses the constant disconnects from custom games. It’s become a pretty bad meme at this point every time it boots me from a custom game.

It’s always nice to see a hotfix. There should be way more of this. For example the ping problem should be investigated and fixed asap. If the game runs smooth in the current state, it’s way “easier” to wait for ladder and profiles.


Thanks, this was desperately needed.
If I may suggest: can we re-add some feature to show if someone is in classic graphics or reforged graphics? Perhaps just show it in a corner or so, but at least have some indicator to quickly see.

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I’m having a bug that does not allow me to play any custom games alone. It gives me a NaN number of players and I can’t create the game, select the players and whatnot. I can’t post pics unfortunately :frowning: (I’ll just avoid the system https ://imgur. com /FiiIaj3, remove the spaces and you’ll see what I mean)

Also, I don’t know if there’s already a fix for it, but can we be allowed to change the maps’ directory? I’m using an SSD and I have a ton of Warcraft III custom content, it’s occupying a lot of space on it, but I also have 2 2tb HDD, I’d prefer to use those.

Add please my Ukrainian translation!

I’m also having huge performance issues after the patch. Never had any at all, now in Single Player Campaign (sure it would be the same in Custom Games too) sudden freezes and lag spikes within 20 seconds of playing. Makes it completely unplayable.

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Is it possible to get old voices for european ? You already have all the files you need


Thank you Blizzard <3