Hello Can you hear us?

Is this game dead or what? will there be a ladder again? tournaments? interface/performance fixes? Hellooooooo?


Maybe in some patch in one year or two


Feels like WC3 Reforged team is one or two persons only, because Blizzard wont spend a lot of money on this


It makes me so sad that Blizzard cannot manage to submit a single post on what the roadmap is… Like they are so full of shame that they rather hide their faces under the blanket instead of speaking up.


Probably because activision blizzard is actual trash and no longer a company of the community.


Yes it is.


I wonder if something changed in late 2019. The SCR team who are also part of the Classics Team, were really good at communication (periodic posts and even videos) but went mostly silent around then.

Hey Classic Team, Blink twice if big brother Actiblizz is abandoning you.

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People give it an abysmal and toxic feedback and expect them to continue working on it as usual? Forget it… now with corona around nobody is going to work on this for a while. There will be more important things to focus on during that hard time. Who knows, small projects like this could even get abandonned since they make no money, but that’s my speculation.

Okay, how do I play custom campaigns?

I think you’ve drank too much of the Blizzard Kool-Aid, kid. The awful feedback Blizzard received over this trash fire was very much deserved.

Hope to God they bring back Patch 1.31 and disable the “Update to 1.32” prompt.

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It’s because what the community wants (a working game) conflicts with their “vision” for the game (to put out a cheaply-made product that is worse than the original game). And before people criticize me for being hyperbolic, this has become a trend with Bli$$ard over the past several years:

The former lead balance guy for SC2 (who was since moved on, thank god… except RIP whatever project they put him on) infamously said (paraphrasing) that worker harassment was critical to SC2. Not macro, not strategy, not engaging your opponent’s army properly, just cheap, easy to execute tactics that are difficult to defend.

Meanwhile, players of all ranks were frustrated at just how much worker harassment potential had been added into the game with HotS. Widow mines, hellbat drops (before they were nerfed), (buffed) mutalisk harass… it was a lot for even high-level players to deal with.

Basically, the point is: Bli$$ard wants to make games “for them”, and damn anyone who disagrees with that. If you disagree with their “vision”, your opinion doesn’t matter. It gets ignored. They stop talking to the community and just go about their day. Even good criticism (not flaming) gets tossed out the window.

Face it: Bli$$ard doesn’t care about you anymore. All they care about is money. Which is ironic since they just piss in the faces of their players (read: customers [read: cash cows]) with stuff like the state of Reforged.

It’s disgusting.


They said there bringing all of that. We just don’t know when. These posts are kinda annoying. Because no one knows what’s happening. You can either stop playing if this is a problem for you or just have to wait. You decide

Hello, did you not read their statement that they are currently working on fixing the issues in their Developer Update post?

Do you need them to tell you every day what they have been doing that day and in which case - don’t you think said time could be better spend than constantly talking with a Community Manager’s boss so that said boss can relegate that information to the community manager so that they can relegate said information to the community?

Meh, they are hard at work fixing the game. Some things in the software world takes longer to fix, because it is not as easy to reproduce or find the cause of the malfunction when reproduced and that’s not including implementing a fix that will not break more than it actually fix.

You don’t need to check the forum every day.

Basically, the point is: Bli$$ard wants to make games “for them”, and damn anyone who disagrees with that. If you disagree with their “vision”, your opinion doesn’t matter. It gets ignored. They stop talking to the community and just go about their day. Even good criticism (not flaming) gets tossed out the window.

So like, how its always been? They’ve never made games for you, you just happened to like the games they made. They’ve always made games to make money - not to please your needs.

Quite often your opinion is biased and even though you think your opinion is the gospel of whatever God you believe in - does not mean it is an opinion which will suit the game. Take any game, take the amount of suggestions which are regularly posted to “fix” various aspects and you will see that the vast majority gets discarded as it wouldn’t fix anything.
Constructive criticism or suggestions does not mean that they agree, it’s their product - not yours. They get to decide - not you. It’s always been like this even in Blizzard. They fix and change stuff around according to what they believe will work - not what you believe will work, because unlike them you do not have the necessary expertise to see the multitude of possible conflicts that would arise nor do you know if it is within the scope of the engine/language used for development.

See, I totally agree that mistakes were made and that they should have spend more time in beta testing. I agree that there are huge issues with the current iteration (desync, lack of original features etc). However, I also realize that they are just humans and that they make mistakes too on a regular basis. I mean ffs look at the world right now and how much up in flames it is then tell me that we didn’t make mistakes in the way we handled the initial outbreak leading up to the current pandemic?

FYI I work in a currently self quarantined country (Denmark, yay). All public stuff - shut down. Most companies - shut down workplace (a lot work from home).
I also happen to work for a software developer. You know what the best part is? I only turn up at work once a week, because as a Developer - I do not need to sit in the office to program lines of code. I don’t need to be in the office to take a new “project” (read: aspect of the software), because we have video meetings in which we (funny story) update the various apps we use with the upcoming/next weeks work projects (ie. aspect of the software we are currently working on) and when I decide which one I want to do - I simply click it and it will check me as doing that one and when I am done with the programming and initial testing to see that it works - I merge it in to the master and/or alpha/beta branch (somewhat like the github, though it’s not public it’s private) depending on stability.
See, betcha that you can do the same in a multi-billion company as Blizzard is.

They can’t hear you right now. They’re all ‘working’ from home.


Careful, i got temp banned for suggesting that blizzard isn’t living up to their promise of communicating with us. Somehow that’s easier for them than just engaging the community.


Actual answer found in this thread;

Custom campaign functionality is available in the PTR client.