Give us back the old client

It’s just too bad that this isn’t the old client but just a link to the new installer for Reforged. Yes I can play the Reforged version in classic graphics but what about the removed features… if you know where I can download the old client if you don’t have the CDs anymore :confused:

I actually haven’t heard this. What is the issue with the classic graphics at the moment?

Unfortunately you’ll probably have to rely on google for that one. I don’t think anybody would be able to link a site that is hosting the old installer.

You always had the option before of LAN and using a virtual LAN program to play online with others. That is how you keep going without ye olde

Man the problem is that. They should tell you first you upgrade not update the game. When i press the button update he upgrade my game not update.
I just want the old w3 back. tell me now how to see old replays? How to play custom game offline? there is big difference between upgrade and update. When i press update he start upgrading the game not update.


I agree on all points.

Where to get the older installers, they’re out there. Starcraft has them, Warcraft will too. I grabbed and saved the old installer off the website a while back before it was updated.

I checked and there are 1.31 installers on the net, but i can’t test it without more work.

basically As is the patch updater defaults to the reforged installation, so it assumes all updates are completed. You’d probably need regedits to redirect it to wc3 (or just uninstall reforged)

Same. I’ve played a bit of the Classic version and it looks the same.

EDIT: I just took a few side-by side screen shots in different areas. They are essentially identical with some slight camera angle adjustments (like they mentioned).

The problem with that is the moment 1.31 is installed, it immediately starts to download Reforged, which I don’t have installed. It’s not even asking me if I want to or not, it just “welp, here I go to download 25 gb of stuff you can’t use”.

You mean you dont like free 32 GB of unusable disk space?


Hmm…did you have the Launcher open while you installed this by chance?

Just trying to think of how it would even know there was another patch without clicking the button.

Yes, I did. Think it hijacks the installation?

Oh yes definitely. launcher has folder-scanning built in.

It probably looks for version 1.31 specifically when looking for versions that need to be updated.

It will also attempt to search for Blizzard games if you ever reinstall the launcher in fact (without uninstalling the blizzard games, of course)

Well. That’s not fun, I’d rather not uninstall BattleNet launcher, I still play D3 sometimes. I just don’t understand why they even do that, what’s the point of forcing Refoged client if I didn’t purchase it?

Honestly they probably didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. Devs don’t usually think about low-end users. A lot of modern computers have terabytes of hard drive space and even low-end by todays standards (not wc3’s standards) could run reforged.

They probably wanted to just make it easy for anyone who was considering upgrading by combining their current wc3.

I have The only thing is does upon opening is tell me there’s an update and asks if I want to install it:

So it’s definitely connecting to Battlenet to check, but it’s allowing me to choose.

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With 1.31 it doesn’t open the game when you click on the .exe, it launches the updater instead. I’ll try 1.30

If you do go the 1.30 route, 1.30 has two exe’s: “Warcraft III.exe” and “Warcraft III Launcher.exe”. ONLY use Warcraft III.exe. The other will try to update.

If you want to try 1.31 again, try making a shortcut and add “-launch” (without the quotes) to the end of the command line.

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Interesting. It is good that 1.30 doesn’t seem to be able to do it automatically.

It seems like 1.31 may be an important patch though, as it seems to fix some desync issues with some games. But there’s probably some way to block the updater still.

If the desyncs is referring to online play, there won’t be any of that anyway because (I assume) as soon as one connects to Bnet, it will force update. I’ll try it with a copy of 1.30.

EDIT: If I click on “Battlenet” it just throws the update message at me again, so I can’t get in without clicking “Yes”

It’s not impossible but it can’t be discussed on these forums.