Give us back the old client

I don’t want your new sh*t I want my old client and custom campaigns.


It should be illegal for a different application to delete a game which I paid for with a free version which is totally different (and objectively worse).


by your logic it should be illegal for the original xbox game companies to close their servers.

Does that make sense to you ?


There is a difference between a server and a local installation, isn’t there? I don’t even play multiplayer.


What’s the issue then ? They closed the old bnet servers. There’s literally no point in playing campaign on the old client.

I understand that the classic UI for multiplayer was significantly better but that doesn’t mean Izsak is right in his nonsense.

I don’t think its that they closed the servers, its that with no warning and also no notice, this is more like your landlord changed how you have to pay rent to kick you out, with no notice and your stuff is just outside and wet and your homeless and pissed and I’m out here with him, why are my keys different and WHY IS MY STUFF OUTSIDE I PAYED FOR IT TO BE INSIDE. That is all.


For starters my laptop has not enough space for the new assets that are not even available to me because I didn’t buy Reforged and have no intention to. So it’s literally 24 Gb of garbage downloaded. Second, the “Classic” graphics in the new client is worse. I can also no longer run custom campaigns because the feature is no longer there. That’s to name a few issues.


They announced a while ago the old servers would shut down and merge into the reforged client… Grubby’s been talking about it for months lol.

It’s crazy how some people can complain while being so ignorant.

Where are you guys getting this free classic version? I owned WC3 classic for years and actually bought it twice, but currently have zero access to it or the reforged classic version on my BNET client without purchasing reforged first.

Not free. You could register your WC3 keys in Bnet and then you’d be able to download the installers from there. But not anymore.

Yes that’s fair, I never said there weren’t any issues with Reforged.

All I’m saying is calling it illegal is nonsense.

They have the right to close the old servers and merge clients if they want to. And this is coming from someone who loved the old client a lot more than the new one.

And for people who played custom campaigns? Can’t do that anymore. Sure graphics are nice but they are no replacement for features they removed. The new version is for me inferior. And I don’t even complain about animations that really look and feel out of place.


It probably is even in the EU. Because the game was forcibly “upgraded” for me. There was no “no thank you” option. I will try to install it from a CD later but I have a feeling that even if it works I won’t be able to update to 1.31 or even 1.29 anymore.


Wait! Don’t buy Reforged because question:

Have you linked the original game keys to your Battlenet account? That’s required to access Classic if you don’t buy Reforged.

Yes you can still download the old installers:

Besides, you don’t need the installers anymore. It’s in the launcher now.

EDIT: Not true anymore. An older version would need to be sought elsewhere.

Bro I work 2 jobs and play not that often and don’t go online often, but when its announced its expected they WOULD WORK. I cant get into the new servers. Again i was under the impression that moving something didn’t mean breaking it. Merged means there is function like traffic “merging” this a a car accident not merge into the client. You say ignorant but you use words like merge “merge” like how fleece Johnson “merge all up inside you” or “merge into this satbbing wound” or “hillary merging into the whitehouse2016” Call it what you want but for me its closed as in I cannot play, Im outside looking in and it looks bad. All I would like is that either they do as they say competently, or stop touching stuff.

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I have had them linked for years, since being able to put the codes online became available a long time ago. Yet I no longer have access to any sort of classic installer on the site itself or the launcher. Its very weird, considering from what I am reading on the forums other people didn’t have this problem.

Edit: Also there is no way I am buying reforged after all this garbage, but it would still be nice to have access to the classic reforged version considering I had my codes entered and bought the game twice in the past.

Are they here under “Classic Games” and “Apps” respectively?

EDIT: You mean the WC3 option isn’t on your launcher? If so, log out, close, wait for Agent.exe to close, reopen, relogin and see if that forced the launcher to update.

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This worked, thank you. I guess I didn’t dig far enough into the website. I didn’t go into the downloads section, just the games section which only lists reforged now. I also assumed it would just have a drop down in the BNET launcher like classic Wow did but there is no way to install the classic games from the launcher apparently. It only works from that download page.

Know that when you install the “old” Classic version from the site, the first time it connects to Battlenet, it will update to the current version, which will transfer game/patching control over to the launcher.

Thus why the ‘old’ Classic is not available on the launcher: there’s only the current version now.