Game is stuttering again like the AMD Issue last year

Hello. Since one week I have issues during my laddering. Occasionally the game is stuttering / i get microfreezes for some seconds. During the freeezes the mouse pointer is not reacting directly and will jump onscreen and not move fluently in a line. After some secs when I managed to hit the pause button issue will disappear after unpausing the game again. These stuttering is so extreme, that it is impossible to do anything during this time. Neo from back2warcraft having same issue since some days. Im am using an AMD processor (Ryzen 3600). Seems pretty much a trouble causing patch was rolled out like the one effected huge performance issues on processors last years. Plz forward to the devs. Thank you.

There never was an “AMD issue.” There was a performance bug with the game that was and is affecting everyone. It hasn’t changed in any way, so the game isn’t stuttering “again,” it’s been that way for you always. You speak like the problem went away at some point, but it never did. Performance has been basically exactly the same for years.

Also, you are on a low end CPU, so of course you’re going to see the performance issues more. That’s nothing to do with it being an AMD CPU and everything to do with it being a low cost CPU. Use a cheap Intel chip and you’ll have the same problems, because it has nothing to do with chip manufacturer.

I’ll say it again, since it bears repeating:

it has nothing to do with the chip manufacturer.

Your problem is the game is performing poorly because you are on a low end CPU combined with the game just being poorly optimized in general. Which definitely should be fixed, but won’t be.

Also the game isn’t being updated, there are no devs. Anyone that was left was probably fired in the last round of layoffs at the Activision Blizzard offices.

yes ,amd question
If not, it’s a problem with version 1.36. In version 1.35, my AMD CPU runs well

However, Intel CPU performance at 1.36 is also much lower than version 1.35

Overall analysis shows that the issue of low fps caused by the 1.36 update

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You’re 100% correct. low FPS was in fact caused by the update- Not by an AMD issue. Glad we cleared that up! All people with all CPUs are experiencing compromised performance. I just happen to have a good enough one to where it doesn’t really matter.

Knowing blizzard they will just increase the minimum system requirements rather than actually do anything though :slight_smile:

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