Game doesn't work on 3440x1440

All you can do is stretch the max res of 2560x1440.
Wasn’t ultrawide said to be supported? This isn’t support if it’s just stretched, and you have to be in windowed mode for it to even do that.


Same here. Game only supports 16:9 aspect ratio.

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This amazes me tbh. How does nobody tested the game in a ultrawide monitor?
I refuse to play the game stretched. I was under the impression ultrawide support was confirmed by blizzard when I purchased this.

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u can try a (windowed fullscreen mode) its work. but it takes some fps…


it was supported during beta and removed afterward… which is simply false advertisment… i want a refund… or make it ultrawide


The fps impact of windowed fullscreen is negligible.

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I am also unhappy about this. It’s fine for online game play to be restricted to 16:9. However single player and non-ranked should support 21:9. All menus should support 21:9.

Also STRETCHING the game to 21:9 is not acceptable. It needs black bars on the sides so the content looks normal.

Additionally in my case I do not have any options above 1920x1200. I can’t even choose 2560x1440.

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Our developers are currently looking into 3440 x 1440 (Ultra wide) resolution not showing up and it’s currently under investigation. I don’t have much more data than that. I would recommend to continue this thread on the Bug Report forums.

Thank you.