21:9 Resolutions not supported

Hi there !
As many mentioned there is no way to have a 21:9 resolution for the moment, the customer support asked us to continu this thread in the bug report section as it was supposed to support that type of ratio.
My native resolution is 3440x1440 and the closest I get is 2560x1440 that is a 16:9 ratio. Even in fullscreen bordeless it seems stretch. I also tried to edit the War3Preferences.txt but it set back the 16:9 resolution. Nothing in the regedit to force the resolution either …
I hope we will have a fix for all the people using 21:9 aspect ratio !

PS : the thread where the customer support responded Game doesn't work on 3440x1440

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Yes I also am in a similar situation. My native res is 3440x1440, however I am currently stuck at 1920x1200 (not even 2560x1440). I’m not sure why.

I was expecting ultrawide support in 2020. Hopefully it’s just a bug.

Same issue here. I can only achieve my native 3440x1440p in windowed mode, which in turn tanks the fps and removes subtitles from ingame dialogue. Cant even see the names of the characters speaking.

+1 to op and thx for the blue poster link

from what I read it seems that the windowed mode still stretch the image

issue confirmed.
3440x1440 px is not selectable. - It was in the beta though.

Please fix this.

Same hier with 3440x1440, only 1080p selectable, at least 144hz is there…

This is really a joke :frowning:

Still the same issue after the 1.32.1 patch released the 02/06/2020

I am experiencing this issue as well. 3440x1440 resolution is only available in windowed mode which seems to be stretching the UI.

Try switching to 1920x1080 / 1920x1200 until the black bars on the side show. Then switch to full screen windowed and see if that allows the game to run 21:9 properly. (Don’t forget to test if in-game actually runs at 21:9 either.)

Yea in Fullscreen windowed i get 1900x1200 upscaled picture.
Would be nice if blizzard fix that ridiculous issue…
I just want to play the campaign without workarounds in full resolution.

There’s a newer post that seems the decision is not too support it.

Yea but would be nice to get at least the 16:9 res on a 21:9 monitor.
I think the current state no one expects a general 21:9 “fov” support.

The War3Prefrences.txt is no workarround, the input gets just ignored like:


Good news with today’s patch!

finally but :grinning: but took them quite a while :no_mouth:
Its working, but black squares next to the menu (left&right) on the bottom, so again some wait till that is fixed…

Just tried to launch the game after the patch and yes indeed it’s fixed !!
I’ll be able to play and rediscover warcraft again =)