Fel orcs in reforged

I love the new chaos orcs models. The only problem i have is the skin colour. It looks kinda brownish. I think they should be more red, like the reforged blackrock blademaster model. The red skin was really iconical IMO. What do you guys think?


I didn’t look at those leaked models yet but in general I would be inclined to agree about the iconicism of the red color.


Yeah, at first glance they look like uncorrupted orcs until you take note of the spikes coming out of their bodies. They should be red.


I hope they become officially playable in Ladder games, for I am still working on the race - painfully. Just need a small fix for my ideas to be completely be done.


That would be badass. Blizzard should consider doing that, like the warchests un Starcraft.

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Dude they do chaos damage, chaos. They can’t be brought to ladder unless just as skins.

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Theoratically, I think they can be in Ladder games and become officially playable… I made sure of that with the ideas that I presented (so far).

And I know that Chaos damage isn’t the best attack type there is, as it does moderate damage against every other armor type (including Divine armor, lol).

I like more brownish colors, but they should make 2 versions for people that like the models now and the version with red skin color or something like that.

And with better lighting in official release colors will probably look better.

I feel like it should be a deep dark green with red eyes considering it’s the exact same pit lord that gave it to them in the first place.

The last thing I expected was for them to look like mag’har again. Kinda strange.

It definitely is odd that the Grunt and Hellscream are more brown than red, while the Blademaster is really red.

Also they need to change Hellscream’s animations to be 2H…


Can’t explain how I hate that new Hellscream enough… And yeah they should be more red, to be honest I wished them to make 1)Chaos Orcs for RoC and 2) TBC Fel Orcs for TFT it would make alot of sense and could be a nice change since chaos orcs and fel orcs are not the same, they chose a weird way of… combining tbc and chaos orcs and with a really weird colour scheme…

I think they should be more red, but not as red as the original.
They should look distinct from the likes of Doomguard and kiljaeden/eredar etc.
Not true demons but tainted orcs.
Somewhere in between what they have now.(Yeah, the chaos blademaster looks about right.
I also think their in game models should have much more glowing eyes, remember how bright Gul’dan’s eyes glowed in WoD cinematic? Or Grom’s in the War3 cinematic? Like that, but even more since they’re more tainted than them.

Even in world of Warcraft the fel orcs are deep red.

Eredar are tainted as well they are not “true demons” the OG eredar are drenaie. Even their leader, Sargeras is just a corrupted titan.

While i don’t have problems with brownish color model, i can see the issue that people have with that.

And i agree that they shouldn’t be as red as the original, nor as red as new version of this Blademaster, it should be a more toned down, deep red.

But maybe there’s a reason they did it, because it’s odd that only Blademaster have this red version but not the others and there are quite a few units.

About glowing eyes i think many in game effects might be missing but maybe not, personally i probably won’t even notice. :smiley:

I agree. Brown orcs in Warcraft lore are uncorrupted orcs… Fel orcs are either red or grey with hints of green fel (Warlord of Draenor fel orcs)

Yes even in WoW fel orcs are red, I do Not know Why would you make them this brown but Please blizzard more red

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Fel orcs should be red not brown. I hope they will change that.

Aren’t they chaos orcs? Maybe they just haven’t marinated enough to be as red as the fel orcs. They happen to be brownish by consequence of the pigment change…not because they are native Mag’har orcs.

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Yeah not only is it not the original color but it is also confusing because these orcs literally look to me like they are just Mag’ har with some bigger fangs and spikes.