Don't blame the devs for this shoddy launch

I would have waited at least another 9 months for the Classic Team to make Reforged as high quality as they promised at Blizzcon 2018…

There are so many features missing from Reforged that were present in Bnet 1.0

We need to get our profiles, auto tournies, 3d backgrounds, etc back…

From a launch standpoint the devs I’m sure are embarrased atr the quality of work they put out. The worst part is that their resumes are now tainted with this shoddy launch.

Hopefully they can improve upon Reforged like the D3 team did. Seeing D3 at launch vs Reforged I can definitely see the similarities.

Hopefully they’ll see our displeasure and work to improve the game.

I blame the management who I’m sure demanded the game be released. It happens everywhere.

Hang in there devs and do this game a better service. Fix it and build back your credibility.


So many people crawling out of the woodwork with nary a single post to their name…
looks suspicious.

But still you’re right.
Getting pissed at the devs won’t help.
Blame corporate.


No I’m legit, played WC3 since 2003 and took some breaks here and there. Lost my original account from 1.0 due to inactivity. I love WC3 and am bummed to see the state that Reforged is in, I had very high hopes for Reforged and was so excited when they announced that they were doing it… Such a shame, I truly hope they fix it in patches over the next few months


Legit or not, I share the sentiment friend.
It’s sad to it like this y’know?

“don’t bame the devs for this” stopped reading there


This has Activision written all over it. The last retail WOW patch rolled out with issues recently too.

I bet a lot of people would gladly take back the old Blizzard “Soon ™” line, with polished releases vs now premature releases due to pressure from bean counters at Activision.


If you order a steak and get a cold hamburger with hair in it, do you not blame the chef?

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No, you blame the manager who gave the chef a budget half of what was needed to purchase all the things on the menu, who wouldn’t pay for hair nets, or additional kitchen staff, while demanding that they maintain the same profit margin.


You blame restaurant, company, whatever… call inspection and rest of ,official services". You get your refund or what, and officials determine who is guilty it is not your problem. That is why this is different case from Blizzard’s reforged.

While i agree, you gotta blame the devs for not having the integrity to step up and say this sucks. Atleast leak some behind the scenes fiasco to make the brass look bad. But they decided to be complicit instead.

Some of us aren’t forum mains.

What if while they were cooking it the manager took it off the grill themselves and told the chef to work on the next order?

I’m not blaming devs. I blame the top company management (Activision) which most likely is repsonsible for this garbage… Also I’m not blaming them for the bugs, bugs happends and can be fixed… I blame them for scrapping all promised things and making just an expensive skin pack. And even worst, that skin pack is not made that well either…

I was so exited about Reforged. WC3 was my childhood game and they ruined it like this. Not sure if they will patch some promised things later due to the s*itstorm of refunds… I can just hope and mourn for the wasted oportunity :frowning:

These guys are working in a highly competitive industry, who are trying to pay off student loans, pay for their kids daycare, and otherwise make ends meet.

Which one of the people complaining here, or on reddit will pay these guys bills when they get fired for airing dirty laundry and speaking out against their corporate leadership?

I think it’s fair to be critical of the product delivered, but I think it’s important for people to understand that application development & deployment doesn’t just involve a team of developers. In most cases, they are having to deliver as much as they can based on the resources & time given to them by the people responsible for managing the company & keeping it profitable.

What people are seeing is the product of a major change in priorities from Blizzard & Activision-Blizzard.

Blizzard started out as a small development house that prioritized game quality over other measures of success. They delivered incredible games that earned them a lot of credibility among their customer base that gave them the flexibility to miss delivery deadlines. Blizzard basically coined the term Soon ™

Enter Activision, a large gaming corporation that is invested in many generes of gaming. Because of their size, and money at stake, corporations are required to be more process and financially driven.

I don’t know the exact relationship between Activision & Blizzard leadership, but my assumption is that Activision has changed the culture of Blizzard’s game development, and has put pressure on them to change the way they deliver games.



The devs looked to have big plans for the game and seemed excited and optimistic in the beginning.

Most likely, the “higher ups” decided to keep cutting corners (“more profits in the upcoming quarter at ANY cost!!! :japanese_goblin:”) and the devs were left with too little time and money to complete their vision.

Just look at the inclusion of the new models, for example.

In the beginning, we got so many unique ones, even for units that were just barely seen in the campaigns (Gazlowe, Snarlmane, Nazgrel, the various Paladins etc.).

As they went down the list, though, it looks like they ran out of steam, and the unique models stopped coming (as of right now, Baine Bloodhoof is still a basic spirit walker unit in the Rexxar campaign!).

On top of that, a bunch of animations are missing— many are simply copy-pasted to compensate for this (see this thread).

Hopefully, the dev team will at least get some funding they can use to patch the game throughout the year.

Even with the cut content, there’s still lots of potential since the original game is so damn good.

In summary, this is most likely the fault of K***** and his ilk.

I highly doubt that the devs deserve most of this heat.


Dude im sure if it was up to Reforged team, they would have like to have MUCH more time/resources to properly remaster this game, but its clear that they were not given either. As Symbane said this has Activision-Blizzard/Bobby Kotick written all over it, they get to decide when the game is launched/how much game can be delayd.

For sure Reforged team can be blamed for completely underestimating the amount of work it would have required for them to do what they originally had planned back in 2018, but the matter of fact is that ultimately the responsibility of quality control and adding in more resources/development time lies at the hands of the management and Activision-Blizzard ultimately gets to make these decisions.