Well done Blizzard, i couldn’t think that you would be able to ruin this game that much.

Unit Movement are locked to what? 20fps? 2020 and they move like clunky robots.
The Very same cutscenes as in classic.
No new campaigns.
No new interface.
Completely f’ed up localization. (Just try it in german and how many errors there are)
No new custom game lobby, honestly, it feels like the laziest custom game selection ever. Why not take the one from SC2?
No new reworked Story Elements.
You really charged money for models, and thats it. That is legit all there is.
This was really the very last game i will ever buy from Activsion or Blizzard, i do not know who was in charge of this. But you killed the very last bit of hope and trust i had for this company

Farewell fellow gamers

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says the guys with 2 posts to the guy whos actually right though, everything is unfinished lol


The Official gameplay trailer is totally fake.


Just uprezed and with slightly different angles. We knew that for a while.

They never said there were going to be.

They scrapped that quite a ways back. We knew that too.

Same. Scrapped. We knew that.

Good luck in your future quitting of things at the first sign of trouble!


oh you don’t? really? well, let me tell you!

all the guys who made WC3 left blizzard a few years ago, Activision runs everything now, and Reforged is nothing but a cash grab to sell skins

seriously? first sign? lol… yeah… the first sign was 2 years ago when they disabled host bots, then last year when the shutdown RoC with no warning or apology to the RoC players, and beta was the FINAL warning


Yeah I’m not paying full price for a game I already own just to get slightly higher graphics detail.


I am sorry but what? First sign of trouble? Blizzard doesn’t have a single game in their inventory that isn’t designed 100% lackluster for years now. I was just naive enough to really think that all the things (or just 1) they promised for Reforged would be added to the game.

Blizzard should really be embarassed of themself to let this happen.


Just watched it, and nah. It shows what we have now


Yes. the majority of what they said was well known for a while.

The rest is going to be like every game that is first released: optimization. They all go thought it.


Not to mention no new playable races: Demon, Naga, Corrupted Ancients for official Ladder games…

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@Leviathon - yea so just ignore all the cut content that was promised lol


Same. I refunded back when they announced that they were cutting most the campaign stuff.

I didn’t as pointed out above. But I did keep up with the development so that I would know what’s coming. That’s my point to the OP. The rest is normal MO for a newly released game.

Game feels and plays good. No stuttering and campaign is nice.


Can we do a Kickstarter to make a “true” Wc3 successor with modernized gameplay and quality of life updates? The way the TemTem game designers did for the Pokemon fans who got shafted. Obviously it won’t be WC3, but it can be something similar and inspired by it


@Leviathan you are the reason why this company went downhill, you are that type of gamer who let stuff like this happen and then defend it.


If you bought the game without researching or waiting, you’re just as bad.


Im trying to make a custom map with that intention, but I am not a actual game developer

I would love to help assemble a team and assist with balancing and what not :slight_smile:

If you are interested in my map concept, msg me on discord or on bnet


Jebus man. My pointing out that the OP’s complaints were well covered over the last few months is mutually exclusive with defending it. But I guess your kind will fabricate what ever you can to fit your narrative.

In fact, I didn’t defend it. I refunded within days of them announcing the scrapped plans. I didn’t support those decisions by buying it.


I don’t think he is defending it, he was just explaining why it was released on this state, if what he said about him refunding the game is truth, then he alredy did something better than OP, not giving blizzard money

Most Definitely: