[Compilation] ALL we know so far!

Okay, cool, I’ll add that. Don’t know how I missed that :roll_eyes:

Also, I think that’s a bit over-reading: he just says there’s going to be variety between units. I don’t think that actually equals to skins, per se. Or at least, how I see it, variety between units mean different (facial) hair, skin color and maybe a bit different equipment, but a different skin would be basically a new unit, which just has the same stats (i.e. Jaina as an Archmage). In an other interview he even specified that individual units will look different from each other - a unit skin, in my opinion at least, would be something that applies to all units.

Though, as this is all, yes, a bit confusing, and since there is no official definition for a unit skin, that’s why I put that “unit skins are hinted and a likely possibility”, but how I see it, is that they are not actually confirmed, as Blizzard has never used the word skin regarding units.

Anyway, thanks for the contribution. :slight_smile:


Source on the vice versa? I’ve only heard about the male-to-female (and that’s also the only one listed on the website.)

“Along with all the art updates, Warcraft III: Reforged now features female versions of male heroes and female versions of zombies.”

No mention of the opposite way around.


At 7:16
Back2Warcraft: “Also, female version[s] of previously male heroes…”
Pete Stilwell: “Yep.”
Back2Warcraft: “…and vice versa.”
Pete Stilwell: “Yep.”

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Thanks. Looks like they’ve updated two of their previous posts that only stated one way as well.

Where was it confirmed that stats will be kept? I don’t like that. Id like more and new stats.

Well, can always make new account I guess.

I dont want to instantly receive chat icons and what have you for x amount of wins

Very nice.

  • “12 unit control group is staying” booo… a bit dumb, especially drops the number of scenarios that will be created with custom maps to. I understand it is due to original and reforged client, but there should be a better way…

  • otherwise change collision and pathing is a “cautious possibility” makes little sense. But yes hopefully no lag or delay for sure though.

  • world editor , bigger map : sounds very cool. That is something that will help greatly with my map. Hopefully updated terrain tools etc are good. Will start work in feb when comes out.

  • bigger inventory for heroes in custom, again fantastic. But also bigger limit to heroe abilities !! And have such custom skills “level required” actually work. At the moment make a “lvl 7 required” skill. Can pick it straight off the bat… lvl 1. And when try add skills to heroe, can only add 1 extra atm without delete other abilities… and need some hot key freedom for those skills. Especially with heroe being only thing to control for some player.

  • “balance tweaks starting to take effect already” yea I hope they keep tweaking cause human vs NE Kotg and giants/transition chimera is very imba for human.

  • all campaign cinematica remastered. Nice. Thought people say only intro was gonna be.

  • world editor, more possibilities on unit upgrades to… and way to group pre-placed mobs on map would be good. Etc.


In the QA panel at BlizzCon. What they exactly said was something like that your progress, wins and losses, will be transferable to Refroged. I can watch it again and confirm the details, when I have the time.

Edit: Yes, Pete Stilwell says that you will be able to transfer “your wins and your history” to Reforged and that “we, gamers, are gatherers. We don’t want to lose all those.” So that’s a pretty solid confirmation that all your stats from current Warcraft 3 Battle net account will carry over to Reforged.

Only the introduction cinematic was remade from the ground up. Rest of the in-game cinematics will be remastered and upscaled to 4K.

Oh ok thanks, I think it still should be very good… can’t complain.

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Oh yeah you are right. They said that they will look just a bit different in terms of portrait and little details.
I just assumed that because if the gender of heroes is gonna be random, maybe they count as a skin and so do the different units (since they will be random to add more variety in the battlefield, I suppose). I dont know…
But anyway, you are welcome, and thanks for putting all the info in one post :+1:


Is there a chance theyl just Make harder so by doing another level l of difficult like easy normal insane nightmare?

I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about? You can make level required skills that you need to hit a base level for before picking. Like an Ultimate with several levels attached to it for instance.

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I think they mentioned in some interview, that’s it’s possible that they either make the current insane AI harder or make new difficulties. Whatever the case, it is likely, that they will look into the AI difficulty.

Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop for 29.99, i am in! :stuck_out_tongue: its not going to happen, what did you hear or read to interpret it like that?

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It was mentioned in the BlizzCon QA Panel, that they are giving us the same tools they use. To what extent exactly, is unknown, but I’d guess we’re at least getting some kind of modelling and texture-making tools.

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Reading comprehension over 9000. I literally said I made a skill ‘require’ a higher base level, but it didn’t matter and you could pick it up at base lvl 1. Hopefully they fix.

I’m literally just confused, because I was literally working on a map with locked level skills when I replied here, and it worked totally fine for me. So I’m just assuming that you were doing it wrong somehow, or had some other error in the skill creation. Because the functionality still works fine.

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As long as pathing, collision, 100 supply limit and upkeep remain the same, it would be pointless to remove the 12 unit control group. Remember this is W3, not SC2. In most matches you won’t reach 80 supply and you won’t have a standing army more than 20 units, including the heroes. 2 groups are enough for that. I understand your complaint about the negative impact of this on custom games, but that’s not BLZ’s concern.

Can we compare the order in which these comments were said? At some stage they indicated they were thinking about splitting players into two pools, 12-group/classic and UUS/altered. I’m not sure if we’ve had the final word yet.


Yes, initially in the first interviews they said it was possible, that they’d make two separate ladders, the traditional one, and a progressive one. It was revealed in a later interview, where they said the 12-unit selection limit would not be removed. However, even though this interview was released later, it was still done in BlizzCon (same time as the others), so it may not necessarily be their final standing on the subject.


That’s pretty dumb. Of course it’s Blizzard’s concern. Customs is where the majority of players are from. Casual players almost always are playing mostly customs. If you took that community away Wc3 would actually be dead. They give customs the ability to change the UI and take away/add parts in, but they cant change selection sizes, the main feature everyone actually wants for it? Cool.