Come down from your high horse of PRIDE, Blizzard

Jesus Lord. It’s just a video game.

No, that apologetic approach was what enabled all of this. Poor Blizzard, shareholders, investors, parent company, bobby etc.
No, let’s not blame activision, let’s blame blizzard FOR ONCE FOR THEIR GAMES.

If you want a more nuanced explanation of this - “your” blizzard has been replaced and some departments multiple times. Who’s going to manage wc3 reforged (or wc4 or whatever)? Metzen? Ah, right… Morhaime? Ah, yes… The diablo 2 team? Aw… The 800 fired guys?

There’s no Blizzard in the sense you’re implying there is. There is a company named Blizzard and they are making games. And we should criticize or praise that company for their games. Their policies and their merger under a parent company is part of their identity as well. Don’t throw the “we got wonderful wc2, lost vikings and sc from those guys” rhetoric in when it’s not appropriate.

Activision is a blight. So is Blizzard. So is Activision-Blizzard. I am not going to use Kotick or Activision or Activision-Blizzard or shareholders or investors or China or NetEase as some emotional scapegoats just because Blizzard once made really good games. Neither should you.

The product is below any standards. It’s a Blizzard product. One of many lately.


No that was done away with when Menzter left WOW…There is only Activision…

that you appear not to know where that is from makes me more sad than anything else :frowning:

My issue with this game is thus:

Blizzard promised one thing, but delivered another.

While they honored the letter of the contract, they knowingly did not honor the spirit of the contract, knowing full well how the community perceived this game and knowing full well how they were giving something completely different than advertised.

That is an unethical, immoral business practice. It’s up there with the charlatans and snake oil salesmen of old. Same tactic, different era and means.


Kotaku, Screenrant and IGN are already exposing the failure of Blizzard with Reforged. Metacritic user’s score is 1.4, worse than Fallout 76, which was a remarkable failure of a game from a big company.
Blizzard should deliver what they promised to us, customers. Don’t remaint silent and let’s demand what we paid for.
40 bucks for a reskin of nice (but not as it was offered) graphics is outrageous.

This is not the same company that we all know and love. It is infested with greed and treats us as consumers and not as players. Thing is, it will only get worse. Even the cutscenes are not reworked. It is just zoomed in with remodeled textures. Not what was promised. And getting the rights for any custom content is ridiculous. You are in way over you head and should be ashamed of yourselves blizz.

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worst reforged of all time!!
First a poor ending for Visions of Nzoth and now this… You guys just want money, and lying you are getting it…
WARCRAFT was a beautifull creation until all this…

Lol wow is like pg13 theme part.

There’s no Blizzard anymore. Blizzard is something we should keep in honor - metzen, broden, kaplan - and all those who put their blood into the first titles.

Sad that it ends like this. According to all latest blizz’ releases and annoucement they going downhill pretty fast. It hurts me somehow but man; its deserved because it simply isnt blizzard anymore. Something with the name, yes - but not what blizzard was used to be.

Ya me canse de estar defendiendo a blizzard también.

Activision did what activision does, no surprise there.

Blizzard, however: nice job pissing on your legacy.

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Its not really blizzards faul, its the investors fault,rich people pay money for shares and then they think they are entitiled to ruin things just to gain fast cash, then jump ship when it all sinks

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Despite the fact I am enjoying playing the game so far maybe cause ive been lacking a decent game to play but I am pretty mad that all the things they said they were going to do was canceled. I think the honest truth is that there isn’t enough popularity in the game, player base and or money to be made so they probably gave up dipping the resources in.

I have a feeling they wanted to just slap it out and start working on OW2, Diablo 4 where their is a way bigger amount of people wanting to actually play.

There is no loot boxes, cash grabs or anything to toss at us in WC3 for them to lure money in. Look at HoTS, pretty much a dying breed and why cause they aren’t making money on it.

Shame on Activision Blizzard This is unacceptable and a total SCAM, hope tons of demands about misleading advertising.

Since I was a boy I wished work on Blizzard. Their commitment and detail…There is no more…

No more Blizzard for me… :rat:

lel, i remember that i had the same dream in the age of 14 or somewhat.
now its more like a nightmare.