Co-Op Missions like in Starcraft 2

Hello Warcraft Brothers!

Reforged is in development and im very excited to see it coming out in the future!

Since the dev´s said they want the reforge to be more than a simple remaster, why don´t introduce the Coop Mode from Starcraft 2 in this game?

It´s a Fresh experience, many guys want to Play Co-op with a friend against the Forces of the undead or the legion, that would be so cool!

another reason is they can add new races like the naga or subfactions into this mode so melee is untouched and competitive like before and many guys can Play their race they want to Play in Coop Missions with Friends, i think thats the best opportunity to introduce that mode after Reforged gets released!


Nice idea, but this causes some story problems. I think about… hmmm for example: Draenei and Forsaken… they never really met. :confused: so you should not be able to decide wich faction you want to play.

BUT, one solution could be, that the 2 playable factions are already set, maybe Tauren & Orc vs. the Centaurs,
Human & High Elves vs. the Amani Empire,
Gnomes & Dwarfs against an Trogg invasion :smiley:.
Or simply an lumber-war Orc & Orc vs. NE…

Or perhaps some sort of Hero level that will have no influence on the main stroy. For example 2 Goblin heroes who have to build a zeppelin, or they have to explore an old temple and have to find some treasures or something else.

I have 375673 ideas :smiley:, but I think that could seriously be possible.
That would makes me happy too :slight_smile:


Co-op is a must IMO.

Warcraft was always a social game first and a conpetive esport second. The more modes they can have to play with fiends the better IMO.


Hey thanks for your Idea and honest answer to my idea!

But i think of it completely different:

The Coop Missions you can Play have Nothing to do with the Story of Warcraft so they don´t touch the Lore of it.

for example your first sentence: we have the 4 Basic Races Right? every race has like lets say 3 commanders to start with: lets say the orc´s have Cairne, he has a Tauren army and unique Units that are Tauren´s like Subfactions.

same goes with Thrall or zuljin, each have their unique Units and Buildings, abilities and so on. thats what i would like to see.

for missions you battle against humans, orcs, night elves, undead or the legion with different objectives for each Mission, no matter what race and subfaction you Play you fight randomly against one of those Forces on a objective based map, that have Nothing to do with lore or has any effect on Story etc. but im not sure they can add the worgen or other races that got introduced in WoW. that are my words on it. :blush:

and i think as you said missions that have a faction you can´t choose but you Need to Play it will surely split the playerbase for this mode, everyone needs to choose his commander before a Mission because not everyone wants to Play as orc & orc or night elf & night elf :wink:

and sorry for my bad english, not my native language (german) :smiley:


Haha :smiley: also from germany and I understand what you mean.
And it‘s a nice idea with the subfactions, but I think there are again some problems that have to be solved.
For example:
Humans (or call it Alliance) splits into:

  1. Human
  2. High/Blood Elves
  3. Dwarfs
    (4. Perhaps Gnomes)
    (5. whats up with Stormwind?)

Orcs (or call it Horde) splits into:

  1. Orcs
  2. Trolls
  3. Tauren
    (4. Maybe Goblins, or from the old days Ogre)
    (5. other Trolls?

Here comes the problem
Undead splits into:…
… 1. Scourge
Maybe 2. Forsaken. But they hate each other to death
3. Burning Legion?
But they hate them too :smiley:

Night Elves:

  1. Night Elves
  2. Night Elves
  3. Night Elves
  4. Night Elves
  5. Night Elves
  6. Night Elves

Okay… you can pull some sort of faction out of imagination. Like a Kel‘Thuzad sub faction wich is necromancer based or Keeper of the Grove sub faction wich uses a shipload of dryads. But I think thats not enough for a faction…

Maybe an evil faction

  1. Fel Orcs
  2. Burning Legion
  3. Corrupted Night Elves

And Naga? Maybe an pre-illidari faction:

  1. Naga
  2. Blood Elves
  3. Fel Orcs

Yes. Okay. Could maybe be done. But the Night Elves and Undead causes problems…


Yes please! But please don’t introduce WoW characters until you run out of good WC3 ones.

Obviously the Tree of Eternity could be the first co-op map. There would be creeping unlike SC2 co-op. I don’t know what characters would specialize in wh

If you go down the unique roster rout. Frost Wyrms should definitly be an Arthas exclusive.

Starting Heroes:


??? IDK…

Jaina can summon like 3 Water Elementals at once.
Can build Water Elementals as units.


Wyvern Riders

Tidal Wave attack that heals and damages enemies.


Skeletal Archers
Meat Wagons
Frost Wyrms

Can raise unique slain creeps(Like ancient Dragons)
Necrotic Plague.
Army of the Dead.


Priestess of the Moon(Has healing)
Mountain Giant

Huntress Glaive bounces to up to 3 targets instead of 1.
Longer range Ballista.
New Healing abilities for Tyranda.

You would fight random possessed races alongside various demons like Infernals and Doomguard.


i know what you mean sure!

like you said undead or night elves have not much Variety of Units for many “commanders” or call it subfaction to fit in, hmm Maybe add in new Units that are unique for this faction? a lot of them can be the same unit but they look different and have another Name and abilities, but i would say if they can do 3 subfactions for human, orc, that would be the easiest factions to create atleast, for undead and night elve you really Need to be creative :smiley:

I really like the idea of a variation of skins for units, but sadly you can not really call this a subfaction.
But I remember a custom campaign where you mainly control Maiev with a hunter and warden based faction. That could be one way and don‘t forget the draenei :wink:
Or a druid faction…
The Kirin Tor could also be an option. But they where at this point of story mainly dead :smiley: (thanks Arthas)
But there could be maybe a pre-Scarlet Crusade or Argentum faction

There are quiet many possibilities.
That could really be done! :slight_smile:


As someone who loved playing Warcraft 3 against Bots with my friends, an actual supported Co-op Mode would be an amazing Addition to this remaster. As it stands now I was never really a starcraft fan, but the Co-op mode in that has me playing with a friend almost daily still. I literally signed in for no other reason than to hope that this topic gains traction and becomes an addition to an already great announcement.


Starcraft II’s Co Op mode is the only thing that has me returning to that game. I would love to see WC3R do something similar. There are so many different possibilities for commanders for all 4 main factions, with the possibility of Naga, Draenei, or Burning Legion only sweetening the deal. Daelin Proudmoore with the Kul Tirans, Grom with Fel Orcs, Sylvanas with Forsaken, Maeiv with the Watchers, there are just so many fun possibilities for new and exciting play styles.


The largest barrier to this (aside from the game having enough popularity post-release) is that they’d need to redesign their AI, which is a vast undertaking. They would have to do more than just increase the AI’s max APM, because it’s fairly limited.

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Purely because the success of these killed SC2’s extra story packs, I’m 100% against this. I don’t want the potential of new campaigns for Wc3 being destroyed before they even start.

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Was that why they stopped doing the campaign pack? I just thought it was because the Nova campaign pack wasn’t well received (though I did buy and play through it myself). I suppose if co-op comes at the expense of potential new campaigns, I too would rather have new campaigns. Hopefully, they can do both concurrently. Co-op as a free addition, while the campaigns are DLC packs (and the campaigns will come with new character models/unique heroes that can be re-used in co-op).

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Nova wasn’t as well received as they wanted, but it also sold well. Unfortunately the co-op packs sold a lot more for a lot less dev cost, so they stopped working on the campaigns to make those. You’d think a company as rich as Blizzard could’ve worked on -both- to please SP and MP players, but apparently not.

That is unfortunate. I mean, I really did enjoy co-op and loved playing it with my friend, I just didn’t know that was why they stopped campaign packs. Hopefully Warcraft 3 will be more popular for campaign packs (which it might because ultimately, Warcraft as a franchise is more popular than Starcraft due to WoW’s overwhelming popularity and position in the gamer culture zeitgeist) and we can get a constant stream of those with co-op commanders. If not then yeah, I’d rather have campaigns with new assets, units and voice lines (even if they aren’t for melee).

Same. I’d love more stories, I just don’t want all the microtransaction crap. Add the new skins, etc. as part of new campaign packs and expansions.

Please Blizzard, add coop missions to WC3, that will be so awesome.


Yeah co op would be awesome. There’s imo more room for variety than sc2 if you consider it. Just off all the standard heroes alone without getting into names heroes -

Paladin - holy themed army with light magic and heavy human armour
Archmage - Caster themed army with buffs summons and debuffs
Mountain king - dwarf and machinery theme
Bloodmage - blood elf theme

Tauren chieftan - tauren duh
Shadow hunter - troll duh
Blademaster - elite orc army (similar nova sc2)
Far seer - heavy offensive magic theme

Death knight - undead construct and heavy air (gargs and frost wyrms)
Lich - necromany with debuffs for enemy to make skeletons fair better
Crypt lord - nerubian theme
Dreadlord - could mix weak undead fodder with elite demons

Keeper of the grove - trees dryads and druids
Priestess of the moon - core nelf units like archers hippo riders huntress.
Warden - stealth army good at hit and runs
Demon hunter - similar tychus sc2 but with elite demon hunters

Remember co op does include a lot of custom units that are made to fit the theme.


Co-op missions would be an absolutely legendary addition to the game. I’d also love if they added some way to play the campaign with two players, though I recognise that’s a lot to ask. However, custom campaigns with two people could be a great workaround for that - which would allow players to play the incredible two player campaign on the Hive Workshop more smoothly.

But back on topic, Co-op missions would be incredible and it’s very easy to break down the races into unique factions, along with some of the incredible level design the game has, levels that could be adapted to Co-op missions from the campaigns. And creeping, would be one of the biggest unique features of WC3’s Co-op missions compared to SC2’s.

I wholeheartedly support this idea!


Honestly, with Warcraft III’s reliance on hero units, it makes a lot more sense to have these Co Op Commander missions in WC3R than it did to have them in Starcraft. I don’t think the addition of Co Op would keep Blizzard from making additional story packs as long as the game is popular enough. The more money they get from the game, the more content they will be willing to create.