Co-op mission like in SC2

Anybody would like to see this happen? Because I really enjoy SC2 co-op and I think that WC3 co-op mode with hero progression could be very exciting.


Definitely. Would be nice missions against Scourge and Legion


I’d totally support this. Giving people new interesting ways to play are always fun. Currently it could already be done via anyone making a custom map, but having Blizzard make some would be totally awesome.


I don’t think they are too worried about it now but it is definitely a feature I would love in the future!

Hell, I will be trying to make the mode myself while no official version comes. The World Editor put me into the dev life, it’s only fair I try to give it something back now that I can actually code something!


Yes please Id like to redo the campaigns with friends or even my girlfriend!


I’m in ^^
With noth compaign and SC like missions in War3

I would love to see coop in WC3 as well, its been a dream of mine to be honest. Coop has been the only thing to get me to play SC2 other than campaign as I don’t care much for multiplayer, so yes, if it were in WC3 as well I don’t know if I would play other game ever.


Literally came here to say this, you beat me to it. Blizzard, if you’re listening, this is my favorite feature from any of your games. A love letter to casual RTS gamers who love RTS but can’t really keep up anymore. I would buy all of the coop commanders. Please make this a thing, Warcraft III with its focus on heroes and 4 races to choose from is just made for this type of play.


definitely one of the best ideas on the forums, though it might be a lot to ask, and i would like to see the basis complete first, War3 Co-op would be great.


Hell Yeah!!!
I would like to see coop in war 3 reforged!
play as blackhand with heavy armored orcs of the blackrock clan.
play as gul’dan with the shadow counciles elite warlocks!
OMG it would be awesome!!!


+1 Would LOVE this feature


I think that this would add a lot to the game, since this allows two people to geek out over the discoveries they are making, both in terms of lore and in terms of gameplay.

Big thumbs up!


This will indeed be a nice feature to have. +1

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I would love to see coop missions like SC 2 too ! Would be awesome and a nice content they can add and update in time.


If they ad coop missions I just hope they ad a AI controlled allies.

A pretty awesome idea, but it depends if some extra op subfactions are made that have their specializations, youd have some grinding to do, something people like. And those randomchests when u win. Haha :stuck_out_tongue: I dont mean throwing more money ofc.

Yep - same things came into my mind, when i saw WC3: Reforged ) Would be really cool!


+1 it would be awesome , one of the best features to add in this game imo…

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Since this seems to be the main thread for it, I’ll put my ideas on here:


  • Kael’Thas: Blood Elven units like in The Frozen Throne campaign, with archers instead of riflemen & ballista instead of steamtanks, maybe some other Blood Elf stuff like Arcane Golems or Hawkstriker riding knights
  • Muradin: Dwarven units, could replace footmen with dwarves warriors armed with hammers or axes, stuff like that
  • Jaina/Antonidas: Kirin Tor, units have protection against magic and there are some more spellcasting units
  • Admiral Proudmoore: Kul Tiras, with Hydromancers & Chaplains like when they appeared in Frozen Throne, could rename them Tidesages to match with new lore

Night Elves:

  • Illidan: Could replace Druids with Highborne sorcerers or something similar
  • Maiev: The Watchers, shadowy & mysterious
  • Tyrande: Sentinels, less nature, more Elune
  • Malfurion: More nature, less Elune


  • Fel Grom: Uses the Fel Orc version with Warlocks and stuff
  • Blackrock Orc Leader: Old Horde with Forest Trolls, Ogres, & Red Drakes


  • Sylvanas: Forsaken, replace Necromancers with Shadow Priests or something, replace ghouls with better but more expensive Dreadguard
  • Kel’Thuzad: No Banshees, focus on necromancy & abomination-like constructs

There are likely a ton of other possibilities, but I can’t think of them right now. Co-Op could also include options that don’t specifically fit into the main 4 factions, like a Lady Vashj commander leading Naga or a Mannoroth commander leading Burning Legion demons. If they wanted to, they could even add a Chen Stormstout commander leading Pandaren and use the units they had when they “announced” Pandaren as an April Fools joke back when Warcraft III was in development. I think the Co-Op missions would be really fun if they implemented them into WC3R and would allow players to have access to more playable factions without ruining the cross-compatibility of Reforged and Original in competitive play.


Yes please! to Play with a friend in a coop Mission and choosing your commander that has a unique playstyle against the Forces of Warcraft that would be a Dream come true.