Can't load saved game

While trying to load my latest save, nothing happens and I’m dropped back to the campaign menu. It’s like the game doesn’t even try to load anything, just closes the saves window.

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I got the same problem for 3 days, is there a fix?

Likely there will bo NO fix, since it’s not a bug, but instead an intended side effect of the latest patch, unfortunately. Saves made before patch do not work anymore. See discussion here:

You just gotta start over whatever mission you were on…

(And honestly, I’m afraid this could happen anytime in the future too, new updates killing all your existing savegames.)

I lost my straight campaign progress! Like I can’t even resume where I was in the campaign after this patch. I’m not even worried about the saves, but I’m worried about losing the campaign progress that I had made. I was up the second to last mission of the Undead campaign on hard difficulty (Blackrock and Roll, Too!) and now, since the patch, my progress has been reset to the beginning of the Human campaign. What gives? I can’t even restart the mission I was on nor can I resume the campaign I had been on a week ago

Damn, it wouldn’t have been too bad in any other mission but being hours into Rexxar campaign is just painful. I’m probably just going to cheat through it or something at this point since I can’t be arsed to replay the first several hours to get things running.


It’s happened to me twice in the past 2 weeks and there have been 2 more patches since your post… it seems that I can load a saved as long as I don’t exit the game… once I exit the game, none of my saves work so it seems like we’ll need to make sure we finish whatever mission we are on before we exit the game.

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This happened to me today (2 years after this was reported) with the new Patch 1.33. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this already.


If this is the same known bug from PTR, go into any game and load from the ingame load menu. The webUI load game menu is broken

The ISSUE continues. 3 days ago i lost all my saved campaings end custon games.

Happened to me too. This sucks

After the new patch new saved games will not load either.

I’m having a problem trying to load a custom game on echo isles (blizzard map) against the AI. when clicking on load the saved game the game instantly closes and the message “the program encountered an unexpected error” appears. it didn’t just happen once. happened countless times. In addition to a bizarre error when clicking on “missions” in the top tab, the game gives the same error.