CALL TO ARMS - Fix Warcraft 3: Reforged

you think that “visuals” is all what i care about?

how old r u? xD 10? 15? xD

xD :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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downgraded the visuals.*

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Guys. Go back to the Frozen Throne client. Find one of Custom Battlenet servers. Reforged is dead on arrival, Get your friends on the Frozen Throne Clients! Reforged is near 100% unsalvageable they would have to revert pretty much all UI changes. People Want 1.30 Features. They Have 1.32 Features. Codebasewise they HAVE split it up there is no crossplay wich makes this a merge. They split the codebase and now if they want to fix it they have to merge the codebase or rewrite pretty much all of the user interface not to mention Activion-Blizzard has shown they care more about money then fans. We have seen the wolf in the clothes why should we EVER go back? . Acti-Blizz is EVIL That’s not Tinfoil hat speak. Look “Evil” up in a dictionary judge all Blizzards actions… And tell me… Is it Tinfoil speak to call them Evil?


It’s why Reforged was made, to update the visuals. It’s like ordering a beer and complaining that you can only taste beer.

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Well. yeah boycotting would work if it was something bigger. The only reason that’s the hearthstone boycott worked was because even people who didn’t play the game supported them. To the point where major news networks even got involved. This probably won’t get that big. I believe the game will be fixed but when? I have no idea. So I would suggest holding out on buying reforged still they fix the issues.

I also stopped buying WOW game time for a while. I played WC3 since i was 10 years old and to see it be ruined like this hurts. I mean if they just fix all the problems and maybe give us a better Editor Agreement maybe the modding community can fix the campaign but as a modder myself i won’t help making a better campaign if Blizz gets all the credit for it

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It wasn’t just that lol.

We have a troll here, ladies and gentlemen. Move along.

This is delusioning, tin foil hat speak and a worrying state of denial. Typical hate thread to gather incels for the “fight against the evil gaming industry”. Annoying and pathetic.

WoW time can be bought, Classic is quite decent.

Honestly the worst thing about modding now is that there is much less of a chance of having your maps played when Reforged has a stained reputation, and even the upcoming fixes aren’t likely to bring very many people back into the community. D3 had this very problem where it was fixed in ROS but by then people had associated it with being a bad game that it just lingered on with a mediocre fanbase.

You know. Sometimes Tinfoil hat speak is NOT tinfoil hat speak. sometimes it’s the TRUTH!

Oh snap he is right, let’s call him a troll and ignore him :slight_smile:

you better accept reforged went down the drain and they dont care and wont put much work into reforged. if everyone in these forums wanting to change something were to cancel their wow prescriptions it would probably cost blizzard something like $500 a month.

they screwed up the launch so hard, only the very hardcore playerbase is still around, and for every wc3 player still remaining there are like 100.000 chinese mobile players to reap.

in the greater scheme of things wc3 really doesnt matter at all to blizzard, and they demonstrated they dont give a flying multiple times now.

spend ur time in a different game. reforged isnt going anywhere.

They may start fixing this faster now that because of the fact that reforged was released half “made” it "botched a Tournament

its very sad what happened to the player in that video. So if some players depend on these Tournament’s for there lively hood than now blizzard is interfering in that too, seems like the it was rigged.