Bugs in Warcraft 3 since 1.31 update

Come on!!! we need a patch for classic version! it’s really frustrating to play with these bugs!!

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It is already in beta for those who pre-ordered. It will go live at the end of the month, when Reforged launches.

In case people were not aware, Reforged is coming with the 1.32 patch for Warcraft III. Everyone will likely be migrated to 1.32 however only those why buy Reforged will have access to Reforged features such as Reforged graphics, Reforged only custom maps and the Reforged campaign (what ever is left of it).

Classic still works, but requires RoC (confirmed) and TFT (speculated) CD keys be attached to your BattleNet 2.0 account to login. Without these it generates a nonsense/not helpful error message which is what is confusing a lot of classic users.

Which is something most people have done a long time ago as all recent Blizzard games require it.

You do not download “Warcraft 3 Reforged” but rather Warcraft III version 1.32. This is nicknamed Reforged but includes both Classic and Reforged play.

They did not lie about this. One can login to 1.32 using ones existing RoC and TFT CD keys to play classic. This also works for World Editor as well. I can personally confirm this as I have had no issue continuing to use Warcraft III and have not purchased Reforged yet, since 1.32 went live.

SWAT Aftermath played fine, as well as several RPGs I tried. I do not deny that some custom maps will be broken, but “most” is a very strong word.

For some reason Warcraft III no longer supports custom campaigns in 1.32. Seeing how they were a core custom map content feature I suspect this might be temporary and will be restored in a future update.

I suggest posting what resolution you use. 1920x1080 does not suffer this issue.

Shadows do still function with classic graphics. I have provided screenshots many times in discord to non-believers. The main difference is that they are more subtle due to the better lighting logic.

Older versions of Warcraft III had a bug that the lighting calculations were being performed in the sRGB colour space which is not how the lighting mathematics work resulting in strange colour shift (ratio of emitted colours changing) as things got darker. 1.32 appears to have fixed this to some extent pointing towards lighting now being performed correctly in a more linear colour space with results being converted to sRGB or put through a HDR shader.

If shadows truly are missing then this might be a graphic driver bug. I am using a Nvidia GTX 760 with a driver from late last year.