Bugs in Warcraft 3 since 1.31 update


The recent updates for Warcraft 3 broke the game. Please help notify the “Blizzard classic games developers” about the bugs:

  1. Thrall’s items can be seen dropped on ground in a cutscene with Medivh near human ships in prologue.

  2. When Medivh meets Arthas on the road in the cutscene Medivh flies away in raven form, but then Medivh flies back to his original postion at the road next to Arthas.

  3. Missing audio for Thrall in landing on Kalimdor first quest before he meets Cairne.

  4. Grom Hellscream can’t equip items before he drinks blood on the Cenarius map. In addition, the secret on top-mid of the map by the mushroom circle makes the “you found a secret sound” but nothing happens.

  5. Audio in the epic cinematic Grom Hellscream vs Pit lord is out of sync.

  6. Tyrande can’t equip items on mission when she needs to stealth past doom guards (second night elf mission).

  7. On the third night elf mission when you need to awaken Furion camera sometimes doesn’t reset properly.

  8. On third night elf mission the 3 cenarius ghosts drop their items (orbs) on the ground in the cutscene at the start of the mission. This allows you to get these items with your hero Tyrande and later pass it to Furion which is overpowered since one of the orbs is an orb of frost.

  9. The menu in top left of screen (Quests, Menu, Allies and Log UI): the text disappears from “Log” and the text moves to the right for “Menu” when you play but when you click one of them the text appears correctly on each of them and then when you continue to play the text goes back to broken (Resolution 1920x1080).

  10. Missing sound “In the raven’s name!” when you encounter druids of the claw first time during cutscene on the mission where Furion goes to awaken the druids of the claw.

  11. When you play as orc in the mission where you need to reach Medivh in the cave: Thrall says “he never saw any sheep in this land” and then the sheep turn into footmen, however many footmens become neutral and don’t attack (On Hard difficulty).

  12. Can we please get latest stats on units and heroes in both “Reign of chaos campaign” and “Frozen throne campaign” from latest multiplayer balances? Just because I’m playing campaign doesn’t mean I should be playing old version of the game especially now since Reign of chaos cannot be played online anymore (For instance “defend ability” for footmen doesn’t reflect piercing attacks (it’s been broken for years) and druid of the claw bear form has “heavy armor” which takes extra damage from piercing, but in frozen throne multiplayer “heavy armor” takes extra damage from magic attacks).

  13. When Illidan takes the skull of guldan and becomes a demon he can’t equip items anymore.

  14. Infernals don’t take damage when they hit buildings with spiked barricades on final orc mission in campaign when you need to save Grom (Infernals probably don’t take spiked barricade damage on any maps).

  15. Please replace most of the scrolls in “Reign of chaos campaign” with runes instead.

  16. With the new “widescreen” cutscenes become bad:
    a) In second night elf mission with Maiev when you finish the “optional orc quest” the camera shows doors to the tomb but on the sides there is nothing, it’s just a door with a skull but no walls or anything it’s just standing by itself on a random location.
    b) On third mission in night elf campaign inside the tomb of Sargeras in the first cutscene that shows the shamans run: all shamans run into a wall.
    c) On 4th map Night elf campaign you see the black end of the map on final cutscene when Night Elf Runner has made it.
    d) At the last cutscene when Tyrande chases Illidan on 5th Night Elf mission we can see Tyrande standing still on edge of screen near Illidan and his naga and then after a moment she runs after Illidan.

  17. Missing audio on 4th night elf mission where you need to protect the “Night Elf Runner”. When runner gets attacked in the first cutscene at the start there is missing audio of Maiev when she yells “Tor en…” something.

  18. On the mission with the “Night Elf Runner” (4th mission) in night elf campaign with Maiev health bars disappear. Hovering with mouse over items in inventory doesn’t display their tooltip either. Only on this mission this happens BECAUSE OF THE THUNDERSTRIKE SCREEN EFFECT, it bug and then debugs the health bars etc. when the thunderstrike screen effect happens.

  19. Night elf transport ships have different maximum health in night elf missions with Maiev. For instance in the “Night Elf Runner mission” (4th mission) transports have 900 hp but in second mission the “night elf transport ships” have more health.

  20. On 6th night elf mission when you escort Kael with Maiev and Tyrande the worker on second checkpoint freezes and doesn’t repair the wagons and the worker doesn’t go back inside a house.

  21. On 6th night elf mission Kael casts flamestrike on his own wagons.

  22. On the night elf mission where you have Furion and Illidan: The tree closest to your Temple of Tides in naga base has unlimited wood.

  23. In blood elf campaign on second mission in the cutscene when you win it shows 3 knights in red color (as if I they were mine), but they should be light blue (as if owned by Garithos). Same thing with Jailor Kassan he appears red rather than light blue color in the cutscene at the end.

  24. In the blood elf campaign on 3rd mission in the cutscene at the start Lady Vashj arrow is invisible when she fires it to free Kael from prison.

  25. In the blood elf mission when you need to close portals with Illidan in outland at the start in the first cutscene Illidan is in demon form but speaks with his normal voice, why did he even morph to a demon in that cutscene, seems bugged.

  26. In the blood elf mission when you need to close portals with Illidan: when you select your buildings during closing of the first portal they have an exp bar like heroes.

  27. In the final blood elf mission when you need to kill Magtheridon all infernals are bugged (they are not immune to magic!).

  28. In the final blood elf mission when you need to kill Magtheridon: “Farms” give 10 food rather than default, and “Corbal Beds” gives 10 food instead of 15 food.

  29. In the final blood elf mission you kill Magtheridon, but then in the final cutscene Magtheridon and Illidan talk even though you killed Magtheridon (Better make Magtheridon survive with 1 hp instead of being able to fully kill him).

  30. In the cutscene in “Reign of chaos campaign” when Tichondrius steps on a rat and kills it in a lava dungeon: the 2 other dreadlords and their units don’t appear to have a meeting. Tichondrius talks to himself since we don’t see who he is talking to. I think the 2 other dreadlords are supposed to teleport or something in this cutscene but it’s bugged.

  31. In the first undead mission in “Frozen throne campaign” you can’t buy “Sacrificial Skull” item because it says I need to build a graveyard but in this map you’re not supposed to build a graveyard.

  32. Cutscenes instantly end duration of summoned units and instantly finish units being trained:
    a) I am training Arthas because he died in first scourge mission in “Frozen throne campaign”, then there is a cutscene and suddently he revives instantly after cutscene from the altar.
    b) My summoned units (force of nature treants) disappear after cutscene with furbolgs in the night elf mission where you rescue Illidan.

  33. Some cages cannot be broken which others can. For instance in undead campaign with Sylvanas vs Varimathras in the ogre base there are 2 cages which cannot be broken while in the gnoll base there is 1 cage which can be broken which has a manual of health and there is 1 cage in the bandit base which cannot be broken.

  34. In the undead mission when you need to kill the last dreadlord Balnazzar and when you control Garithos: The buttons on several buildings are bugged. When you want to upgrade to a castle the icon becomes upkeep information and you can’t upgrade because of the bug swaps the information/function. Same when you want to buy an “orb of fire” from “Arcane Vault”, it shows information about upkeep and you can’t buy the orb of fire. Same when you try to research “Defend” ability for footmen.

  35. The subtitles in the cinematics are slightly out of sync. For instance in last cinematic with Arthas: “Now we are one!” appears like 2-3 seconds before it’s said. I also noticed other subtitles in cinematics appear too early, it all needs to be synced.

  36. In the credits map in “Frozen throne” which appears when you beat the game the shaman that says “Storm, earth and fire heed my call!” his name is displayed “(null)” rather than “Shaman”.

  37. Missing audio when you beat the secret level in “blood elf campaign” and the panda art appears on the screen.

  38. Rexxar campaign bugs (see list below):
    a) Thunder lizards have broken respawn on the map “Thunder Ridge” when you gather 6 shimmerweed, the thunder lizards respawn when you are clearing. They should not respawn when your heroes are inside “thunder ridge” map, when you exit thunder ridge and enter again only the mobs BELOW lvl 6 should respawn, this is how it was before the recent updates broke it.
    b) Bloodfeather boss on “Nazgrel quest” has wrong name when you select the unit. Bloodfeather has the name “You are not paying me at all, litte goblin” which is very weird lol.
    c) After discovering the human lumber mill in thunder ridge you can see the text “(null)” on the hud above remaining thunder lizards that you need to kill.
    d) After human lumber mill cutscene with Drekthar: Rexxars head becomes stuck looking in a direction and his head spins in a very unnatural way until you exit thunder ridge map.
    e) When buying tomes from the “Voodoo Lounge” in Orgrimmar the tomes appear at the location of your hero and the tomes become very small instead of disappearing.
    f) Rexxar’s stash has the name “P” when you select it. Same when you select the tents at Bloodbeak boss. Bovan Windtotem also has the name “P”. Baine Bloodhoof has “P” text next to his level when you select him. Khan Gragtor which has the key to release the orcs in the optional quest also has the name “P”. In addition, some of the yellow zeppelins are named “P”. The bosses in the “Outland arena” also get the name “P”.
    g) The explosive items which Samuro starts with has the name “Centaur Marauder”.
    h) After you rescue Cairne’s son and return to Voljin, then north there are thunder lizards lvl 6, but their attack damage is 11-18 which is bugged.
    i) Why is the cooldown on items in shops so long in Rexxar campaign? If I want to buy 2 tomes of strength or 2 masks of death I have to wait too long. Better make it so you can maximum buy 1 of each item from all shops or reduce cooldown on items in shops.
    j) When fighting Kor’gall: Rexxars stats (Strength, Agility and Intelligence) on the hud moves to the right on the sreen (1920x1080 resolution).
    k) After you defeat Kor’gall: during the cutscene orb items appear where the runes were in the ogre arena.
    l) In “Outland arena” there is a bug where 2 tomes appear when you start the waves rather than after you kill all the units.
    m) On the part when Rexxar receives “Orgrimmar Battle Standard” and when you need to destroy Proudmoore’s Castle you can’t train “Wind Rider” from “Beastiary”, says you need “Orgrimmar Fortress”.
    n) When you need to destroy Proudmoore’s Castle: “Stonemaul Ogre” unit from “Barracks” take too much food for being such a weak unit, “Stonemaul Ogre” units costs 5 food each but they are much weaker compared to “Tauren” unit which also costs 5 food.
    o) After you destroy Proudmoore’s Castle: in the cutscene after Thrall is blue color (as if he was a unit owned by me) rather than being red color.
    p) The “Human transport ships” on the mission on the island when you reach the “Goblin Shipyard” have 1800 hp but they should have 1500 hp.
    q) Shockwave spell of Cairne Bloodhoof on critters is bugged. Shockwave only kills if you directly click shockwave on a critter, but if you cast shockwave near the critter on the ground the critters don’t die eventhough the shockwave hits them.

I have been playing this for at least 10 years and the recent updates is not “blizzard quality” since there are so many bugs. Blizzard obviously did not test the campaigns before releasing updates.

As I’ve said, please help notify the “Blizzard classic games developers” about these bugs! I spent about 20 hours finding all these bugs and issues.



Wow. Well done. Really nice job, dude!


You have put yourArthas out of business. A glorious list!


that is some serious amount of bugs.


You are great man! Blizzard needs see this post.


Very good post, Dani. Those are pretty much the reasons why I refuse to play WC3 on the new patches. I personally don’t play multiplayer, and I care mostly about the single-player mode and campaign. Both of these have been largely affected with bugs since the classic team has started patching the game after 1.27. And they just seem to not care at all about all the posts that talk about these glitches/bugs.

All these bugs will likely be gone by the time the Reforged is launched. If such bugs will persist even in the Reforged, it would be such a shame on Blizzard’s part tbh.


One will likely see this for Reforged as all missions are being remade or updated. However it is unlikely to happen for the current campaign. They have to decouple melee balance from the campaign otherwise melee balance changes could potentially break the campaign.

This is intentional? I thought spiked barricade did spell damage and since Infernals are magic immune they cannot be dealt spell damage. It is like they are also not effected by Thorns Aura or Spiked Carapace which reflect damage back as spell damage.

This is a major balance change. Runes are consume on pickup while scrolls can be saved and used when required.

This is why I keep suggesting that traditional cinematic mode reverts to 4:3 pillar boxing. For new maps one should be able to specify the aspect ratio with a new cinematic mode function.

This will not be a problem for the Reforged campaign since all maps are being remade or overhauled. It is likely the cinematics will be designed for 16:9 or wider.

Sounds like the fullscreen filter is not removed/disabled. While a fullscreen filter is active all tooltips including world health bars are disabled.


DrSuperGood, just out of curiosity, why are you always defending Blizzard even when they’ve clearly done something wrong? I remember you from the old forums, literally every time someone comes along who makes a post about bugs related to the patches you come and defend Blizzard and make it seem like it’s the poster that’s doing something wrong, or that it’s related to the poster’s PC or something, when it’s clearly Blizzard’s responsibility for the existence of such bugs.


How is he defending Blizzard? I don’t see it in that post, at least.


Agreed with Adunai.
Elaborating on the nature and origin of the bugs is not the same as defending Blizzard.
If any thing this post makes it even easier for Blizzard to possibly fix as somebody is giving any potential dev reading this a chance to maybe get a starting clue of where to look if they hadn’t come up with it themselves yet.
So even less excuses for not fixing it in a timely manner.


Sorry, I was a little carried away with so many quotations, it almost seemed as if he was disagreeing with OP, now I’ve re-read his response and it sounded spot on, but somehow I remember him defending Blizzard in some of his old posts months back when other people were complaining about bugs in the campaign.


good post, surely the developers will see it

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There’s also a weird bug that freezes the game after trying to save (the save works, however).


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  • Centaurs near Orgrimmar are classified as “Tauren” which is clearly incorrect.
  • In one of the cutscenes while you have Pandaren hero in your party, he dies during it and appears to be fine after the cutscene.
  • Various stats of the units are clearly wrong, causing weird issues like Proudmoore’s army pushing orcs back and destroying structures (in this campaign player is not be supposed to be able to lose, bases are supposed to be near immune to enemy forces.)

I really think they shouldn’t try to force WC3 classic to be compatible with the reforged version. It just causes bunch of problems with old content while reforged version will be way more bug free and tested.


The centaurs flagged as Tauren is correct because it marks them as rezzable.
The centaur casters have a spell that rezzes Tauren you normally find on Spirit Walkers in melee.
If you remove their Tauren flag this breaks the campaign mechanics of the Centaur mobs.


The point of that mission is to kill Proudmoore before a certain time limit.

Because if you keep waiting the Kul Tiras forxes destroy 1 base after another.

Its also because the human defense towers are made OP in tht mission.

U need to kill towers and barracks so orc armies can amass; then attack Proudmoore with the wave.


loading during multiplayer(on battle.net) is broken.

Custom games are broken. It shows games that don’t exist and you get error when trying to join them.

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joining games is kind of bugged yes.

Has the Butcher in the last Blood Elven mission always followed you to your base if you aggroed him?

Has the Naga Royal Guard always been able to cast his Storm Bolt spell at buildings? Wtf?