Bugs in Warcraft 3 since 1.31 update


Thanks for the effort but you mention some wishes and not only bugs. I only checked a few but I stopped when I saw the wishes. Has nothing to do with bugs.


1.31 is a piece of crap , in custom games it broke how damage works ( ffe rpg )
Desync happens too much at launch , to avoid desync we have to restart w3 if we played other mod before , same server (eu , us etc…) for everyone avoids desync too


I’m wondering if with the campaign revamp they are able to address these changes and simply make new campaign-specific spells to address this. It would make it easier to balance the multiplayer game without affecting the campaign changes, like if they ever wanted to revisit how Ancestral works on the Spiritwalker.


In Dreadlord’s Fall, Garithos’ inventory can only be seen when he’s in Avatar. Weird.


Has Blizz done anything about the bugs since this thread came out?


They are probably already fixing it but it takes time to find what they broke, etc. For example if they play the campaigns to spot mistakes they can miss plenty of subtle changes.


It’s been almost 2 months since this thread came out. Anything fixed since then?


I got some other bugs too. Seems like there is no more hero level limit in campaigns since I’m playing now the second map of the humans campaign with Arthas level 6. I was really looking forward to play the campaign again with the new updates. Not anymore though. So many bugs.

EDIT: Well, there is level limit after all, however Arthas is leveling up too fast and too soon. I got level 10 in the 6th map, although I should hit max level only at the 9th (last) map.


Bug: In Undeadx03, ‘The Dark Lady’, the ability to take over the Bandit Lords and Ogres by possessing their leaders with banshees breaks once the player loads the mission from a saved game. The bug seems consistently reproduceable.

If the player loaded a mission save before possessing them, the only fix is to restart the mission.


Just wanted to make a note that a number of these issues listed in the first post by Dani (incredible list, thanks Dani!) are still an issue. These have been known issues for over 3 months. Can we please get at least some of these patched? Currently, it doesn’t look like Reforged is coming out this year, and I still want to play RoC and tFT without it being a pain.


I’m really curious to know if Reforged will have any of the bugs that Dani listed in this amazing thread.


1.32 (Reforged) will fix a lot of bugs.


i hope that it fixes at least the ingame lag. i have not encountered any other bugs.


Yep I can definitely confirm this bug. On hard mode saving is a god send.


I noticed that in the end credits for Reign of Chaos, the grunt in the zeppelin camera cinematic is replaced with a bandit. I have no idea how this could have happened by accident, but it definitely ruins the classic homage to the Warcraft II cinematic with the footman killing a grunt and then using the catapult to fell a zeppelin.