Blizzard should have left RoC players on older patch


non-trivial connection issues with the unified game client

Of course. Let me doubt this one (the only argument they had to remove RoC).


I hope RoC Ladder will be back with Reforged release …


A more unified community than there would be if it WAS separate.


The last balance patch of BW was 1.08 from May 2001; the game had been released in 1998.

Whereas WC3 is different. WC3 had balance tweaks throughout the entirety of its eSports bloom in 2004-2011. Once every few years, admittedly, but that’s the 2000s.



Alright so it was a lot longer since Brood War got a balance patch. But still no changes since 2011 for WC3 is a pretty long time and I liked how it didn’t get changed that often, especially Reign of Chaos which was changed even less. Now there won’t even be an (official) RoC unless they eventually plan to bring it back.

I get what you’re saying about the community being more unified through a single ladder, but I think two ladders would be fine, even if one had a lot more players than the other one. I mean that’s how it was with RoC and TFT; even with much less players than TFT, RoC continued to have it’s own ladder until it was finally shut down. Agree to disagree I guess.


RoC is objectively inferior. Like coal, or home phone lines. Welcome to 2019.


Just because TFT is the expansion doesn’t mean the original was not enjoyed.

Personally RoC has something that TFT lacks in my eyes.

The fact that creeping is much more important in RoC and if you were able to reach level 6 faster if you knew when to creep where and how.
Map knowledge was very important in that respect, knowing how many units you needed to take down specific creeps etc, was very interesting for me at least :slight_smile: